1996 AFL draft

The 1996 AFL draft was held at the conclusion of the 1996 Australian Football League (AFL) season. The inaugural rookie draft was held with the 1997 pre-season draft.

The AFL draft is the annual draft of new unsigned players by Australian rules football teams that participate in the main competition of that sport, the Australian Football League.

Clubs receive picks based on the position in which they finish on the ladder during the season, although these picks can be swapped around by teams for trading players.

Trades: club by club






North Melbourne


Port Adelaide


St Kilda


West Coast

Western Bulldogs

1996 national draft

PickPlayerRecruited fromClub
1 Michael Gardiner Claremont (WAFL) West Coast
2 Chris Heffernan Geelong (U18) Essendon
3 Rory Hilton Murray (U18) Brisbane Lions
4 Mark Kinnear Calder (U18) Sydney
5 Daniel McAlister Tasmania (U18) Essendon
6 John Rombotis Fitzroy Port Adelaide
7 Bowen Lockwood Geelong (U18) Port Adelaide
8 Leigh Brockman Tasmania (U18) Geelong
9 Mark Harwood Tasmania (U18) Port Adelaide
10 Nathan Brown Bendigo (U18) Western Bulldogs
11 Brent Grgic Geelong (U18) Melbourne
12 Heath Black Oakleigh Chargers Fremantle
13 Tom Gilligan Southern (U18) Adelaide
14 Brett O'Farrell Prahran Dragons Sydney
15 Max Hudghton West Brisbane (AFLQ) St Kilda
16 Pat Steinfort Oakleigh Chargers Richmond
17 Rowan Warfe Fitzroy (U18) Sydney
18 Gerrard Bennett Tasmania (U18) Geelong
19 Brent Tuckey Ballarat (U18) Collingwood
20 Matthew Dent Fitzroy Western Bulldogs
21 Tim Williams East Perth (WAFL) Essendon
22 Alistair Nicholson Claremont Melbourne
23 Evan Hewitt Subiaco (WAFL) North Melbourne
24 Josh Wooden NSW-ACT (U18) West Coast
25 Andrew Bomford Sydney Essendon
26 Tim Notting Ballarat (U18) Brisbane Lions
27 Troy Cook Perth (WAFL) Sydney
28 Jason Johnson Calder (U18) Essendon
29 Nathan Turvey South Fremantle (WAFL) Hawthorn
30 Hayden Lamaro Murray (U18) Melbourne
31 Jess Sinclair Eastern (U18) Fremantle
32 Jim Plunkett Northern (U18) Western Bulldogs
33 Will Sangster Prahran Dragons Sydney
34 Shannon Corcoran Brisbane Sydney
35 Mark Chaffey Caulfield Grammar Richmond
36 Jonathan Hay East Fremantle (WAFL) Hawthorn
37 Adam Kingsley Essendon Port Adelaide
38 Sam Smart Norwood (SANFL) Carlton
39 Nick Stone Claremont (WAFL) West Coast
40 Forfeited due to violation of salary cap regulations - Essendon
41 Matthew Manfield Fitzroy Richmond
42 Martin Pike Fitzroy North Melbourne
43 Paul Corrigan Melbourne Geelong
44 Jacob Rhodes Geelong (U18) Western Bulldogs
45 Clayton Gardiner Claremont (WAFL) Melbourne
46 Mathew Clucas East Fremantle (WAFL) Fremantle
47 Brett Montgomery Footscray Western Bulldogs
48 Marty Warry Fitzroy Collingwood
49 Jason Heatley West Coast St Kilda
50 Luke McCormick NSW-ACT (U18) North Melbourne
51 Robert McMahon Fitzroy Hawthorn
52 Damien Lock Bendigo (U18) Carlton
53 Michael Braun Bendigo (U18) West Coast
54 Mathew Watson Essendon Essendon
55 Steven McKee Myrtelford (VCFL) Richmond
56 Cameron Mooney NSW-ACT (U18) North Melbourne
57 Trent Cummings Fitzroy West Coast
58 Paul Dooley Williamstown (VFL) Western Bulldogs
59 Anthony McDonald Melbourne Melbourne
60 Andrew Eccles Northern (U18) Adelaide
61 Stephen Powell Melbourne Western Bulldogs
62 Andrew Thompson St Kilda St Kilda
63 Jason Baldwin Fitzroy Richmond
64 Darren Collins Port Adelaide Hawthorn
65 Brad Cassidy Fitzroy Collingwood
66 Paul Hills Essendon Essendon
67 Byron Pickett Port Adelaide North Melbourne
68 Russell Robertson Tasmania (U18) Melbourne
69 Chad Rintoul East Fremantle Adelaide
70 Adam Hay East Perth North Melbourne
71 Brett Knowles Gippsland (U18) St Kilda
72 Brent Frewen Fitzroy Richmond
73 Brett Howman NSW-ACT (U18) Hawthorn
74 Chris Jackson NSW-ACT (U18) Carlton
75 Mark Winterton Southern (U18) Melbourne
76 Greg Dempsey West Adelaide Adelaide
77 Marcus Barham Calder (U18) Collingwood
78 Lucas Fleming Northern (U18) St Kilda
79 Daniel Donati Old Xavs (VAFA) Richmond
80 Chris Holcombe Southern (U18) Hawthorn
81 Anthony Franchina Carlton Carlton
82 Duncan O'Toole Devonport Melbourne
83 Ashley Gehling Melbourne Melbourne
84 Josh Mahoney Williamstown (VFL) Collingwood
85 Brad Scott Hawthorn Hawthorn
86 Ben Parker Murray (U18) Adelaide
87 Brad Fuller NSW-ACT (U18) Collingwood
88 Phil Smith West Perth Hawthorn
89 Dwayne Griffin Swan Districts Collingwood
90 Leigh Singline Sth Launceston Collingwood

1997 pre-season draft

PickPlayerRecruited fromClub
1 Stephen Paxman Fitzroy Port Adelaide
2 Paul Hudson Hawthorn Western Bulldogs
3 Leigh Newton Albury Melbourne
4 Jason Taylor Hawthorn Collingwood
5 Brett Cook Fitzroy St Kilda
6 Brett Evans Springvale Richmond
7 Jon Hassall Collingwood Hawthorn
8 Darren Hulme Southern Stingrays Carlton
9 Matthew Banks Eastern Ranges Essendon
10 John Stevens Old Ivanhoe Grammarians Sydney
11 Brett Chandler Fitzroy North Melbourne
12 Steven Pitt Collingwood Western Bulldogs
13 Robert Pyman Collingwood Melbourne
14 Robert Schaefer Central District Collingwood
15 Brad Campbell Port Melbourne St Kilda
16 Todd Ridley Fremantle Hawthorn
17 Anthony Mellington Fitzroy North Melbourne
18 Shane Woewodin East Fremantle Melbourne
19 Michael R. Gardiner Subiaco Collingwood
20 Nigel Credin Fitzroy Hawthorn

1997 rookie draft

The first AFL rookie draft was held on 25 February 1997. Only players aged between 18 and 23 were eligible to be drafted. Whilst each club could draft up to six players onto their Rookie Lists, only Collingwood, Melbourne and Essendon selected a full complement, whilst Brisbane Lions and St Kilda declined to take part.[1]

PickPlayerRecruited fromAFL club
1Jason DylanPort AdelaidePort Adelaide
2Adam ContessaNorth Melbourne reservesWestern Bulldogs
3Nathan BassettNorwoodMelbourne
4Cameron VenablesSubiacoFremantle
5Ben MarshWest AdelaideAdelaide
6Mal MichaelCollingwood reservesCollingwood
7Justin PlappBurnieRichmond
8Brad L. CampbellKyabramHawthorn
9Michael BrownFitzroy reservesGeelong
10Mark PorterCoburgCarlton
11Paul BlairSubiacoWest Coast
12Mark JohnsonCalder U18Essendon
14Nathan TresizeMurray U18Sydney
15Julian KirznerCarlton reservesNorth Melbourne
16Luke OttensGlenelgPort Adelaide
17Jason LappinWestern Bulldogs reservesWestern Bulldogs
18Daniel WardFitzroy reservesMelbourne
19Matthew RichterClaremontFremantle
20Steven CoghillWest AdelaideAdelaide
21Andrew PugsleyEastern U18Collingwood
22Jason RamsayFitzroyRichmond
24Shawn LewfattEssendonGeelong
26Ryan WebbWest PerthWest Coast
27Gary MoorcroftEssendon reservesEssendon
30Bryan BeinkePort AdelaideNorth Melbourne
31PassPort Adelaide
32PassWestern Bulldogs
33Matthew BishopBox Hill HawksMelbourne
34Rupert BetherasEast PerthFremantle
36Michael PolleyMelbourneCollingwood
41Trent SimpsonSubiacoWest Coast
42Andrew RamsdenOld TrinityEssendon
45PassNorth Melbourne
46PassPort Adelaide
47PassWestern Bulldogs
48Russell RobertsonMelbourneMelbourne
49Scott GoochFremantleFremantle
51Brett WarburtonCarlton reservesCollingwood
56Todd NenerEast PerthWest Coast
57Luke TrewWestern BulldogsEssendon
59Steven MaharBelconnenSydney
60PassNorth Melbourne
61PassPort Adelaide
62PassWestern Bulldogs
63Duncan O'TooleMelbourneMelbourne
64Gavin MilentisClaremontFremantle
66Peter O'BrienOld MelburniansCollingwood
71PassWest Coast
72Andrew HendersonUniversity BluesEssendon
74Leigh MarshallSydneySydney
75PassNorth Melbourne
76PassPort Adelaide
77PassWestern Bulldogs
78James McDonaldOld XaveriansMelbourne
81Mark OxleyCastlemaineCollingwood
86PassWest Coast
87Damien FrankenDonvaleEssendon
89Adam RyderBelconnenSydney
90PassNorth Melbourne

Port Adelaide zone selections

As part of Port Adelaide's entry to the AFL they were entitled to recruit some uncontracted players from other AFL clubs and players from the SANFL prior to the national draft. Clubs that lost players were entitled to compensation selections before both the first and second rounds of the 1996 national draft.

Uncontracted player selection

Zone selections

PlayerRecruited from
Nathan EagletonWest Adelaide
Tom HarleyNorwood
Peter BurgoynePort Adelaide
Stuart DewCentral District
Fabian FrancisPort Adelaide
Josh FrancouNorth Adelaide
Roger JamesNorwood
Brendon LadeSouth Adelaide
Darren MeadPort Adelaide
Nathan SteinbernerCentral District
Warren TredreaPort Adelaide
Michael WilsonPort Adelaide
Stephen DanielsNorwood
Donald DickieNorwood
Paul EvansPort Adelaide
Scott BassettNorwood
Rhett BiglandsWoodville-West Torrens
Tom CarrPort Adelaide
Stephen CarterPort Adelaide
Mark ConwayCentral District
Jarrod CottonCentral District
Nigel FiegertPort Adelaide
Scott FreebornWoodville-West Torrens
Jake LynchWoodville-West Torrens
Scott MathewsWoodville-West Torrens
Andrew OsbornSouth Adelaide
Darryl PoolePort Adelaide
Damian SquireNorth Adelaide
Jonathon YerburyNorwood

Brisbane Lions pre-draft selections

As part of the conditions of the merger between Brisbane Bears and the Fitzroy Football Club, Brisbane was able to recruit up to eight players from Fitzroy into the newly created Brisbane Lions.


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