1995 Summer Universiade

The 1995 Summer Universiade, also known as the XVIII Summer Universiade, took place in Fukuoka, Japan.

XVIII Summer Universiade
Slogan : スポーツはかるく国境を越える (Sports slightly go across border)
Nations participating162
Athletes participating3,949
Events12 sports
Opening ceremonyAugust 23
Closing ceremonySeptember 3
Officially opened byEmperor Akihito
Main venueFukuoka Dome


The symbol mark is a motif of "U", expressing passion and energy in the flickering flames of a burning torch. In the flames one sees both the profile of a youth and an "F", the first letter of Fukuoka.


The mascot character for the Fukuoka Games, "Kapapoo", is a motif of a unicorn, a mythical European creature. A horse-like animal with a single horn growing from its forehead, it is said to be invincible and unrivaled for its energy. The unicorn symbolizes courage, dignity, wisdom, nobility, justice and represents the sun and heroes.




Medal table

  *   Host nation (Japan)
1 United States (USA)24271869
2 Japan (JPN)*24162464
3 Russia (RUS)15122350
4 China (CHN)13101639
5 South Korea (KOR)1071027
6 Hungary (HUN)84214
7 Germany (GER)66820
8 Bulgaria (BUL)54211
9 Ukraine (UKR)45615
10 Romania (ROM)45211
11 Cuba (CUB)43310
12 Italy (ITA)371121
13 South Africa (RSA)3104
14 France (FRA)26715
15 Brazil (BRA)2529
16 Belarus (BLR)2338
17 Mexico (MEX)2125
18 Yugoslavia (FR Yugoslavia)2103
19 Australia (AUS)1236
20 Netherlands (NED)1225
21 Kenya (KEN)1203
22 Chinese Taipei (TPE)1124
 Nigeria (NGR)1124
24 Czech Republic (CZE)1113
 Slovakia (SVK)1113
26 Belgium (BEL)1012
27 Croatia (CRO)1001
 Madagascar (MAD)1001
 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (VIN)1001
30 Great Britain (GBR)03710
31 Poland (POL)0347
32 Spain (ESP)0213
33 Kazakhstan (KAZ)0202
34 Canada (CAN)0123
35 Greece (GRE)0112
 Morocco (MAR)0112
37 Armenia (ARM)0101
 Austria (AUT)0101
 Barbados (BAR)0101
40 Algeria (ALG)0011
 Finland (FIN)0011
 Portugal (POR)0011
 Slovenia (SLO)0011
  Switzerland (SUI)0011
Totals (44 nations)144149172465
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