1995 Malaysian general election

A general election was held between Monday, 24 April and Tuesday, 25 April 1995 for members of the 9th Parliament of Malaysia. Voting took place in all 192 parliamentary constituencies of Malaysia, each electing one Member of Parliament to the Dewan Rakyat, the dominant house of Parliament. State elections also took place in 394 state constituencies in 11 out of 13 states of Malaysia (except Sabah and Sarawak) on the same day.

1995 Malaysian general election

24 April 1995 (1995-04-24) - 25 April 1995 (1995-04-25)

All 192 seats to the Dewan Rakyat
97 seats needed for a majority
Turnout6,152,809 (68.3%)
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Mahathir Mohamad Lim Kit Siang Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah
Party BN DAP Semangat 46
Leader since 28 June 1981 1 October 1969 1989
Leader's seat Kubang Pasu Tanjong Gua Musang
Last election 127 seats, 53.4% 20 seats, 17.1% 8 seats, 14.8%
Seats won 162 9 6
Seat change 35 11 2
Popular vote 3,881,214 712,175 616,589
Percentage 65.2% 12.0% 10.4%
Swing 11.8% 5.1% 4.4%

  Fourth party Fifth party
Leader Fadzil Noor Joseph Pairin Kitingan
Leader since 1989 5 March 1985
Leader's seat No seat Keningau
Last election 7 seats, 7.0% 14 seats, 2.3%
Seats won 7 8
Seat change 6
Popular vote 430,098 198,594
Percentage 7.2% 3.3%
Swing 0.2% 1.0%

Prime Minister before election

Mahathir Mohamad

Prime Minister-designate

Mahathir Mohamad

The result was a victory for the UMNO-led Barisan Nasional, which won 162 of the 192 seats. Voter turnout was 68.3%.[1]


Dewan Rakyat

 Summary of the 24 – 25 April 1995 Malaysian Dewan Rakyat election results
Party Vote Seats
Votes % Won % +/–
National Front[lower-alpha 1]BN3,881,21465.1616284.38+35
United Malays National OrganisationUMNO8946.35+18
Malaysian Chinese AssociationMCA3015.63+12
United Traditional Bumiputera PartyPBB42,210105.210
Sarawak United People's PartySUPP116,40373.65+3
Malaysian Indian CongressMIC73.65+1
Malaysian People's Movement PartyGerakan73.65+2
Sarawak Native People's PartyPBDS29,76852.60+1
Sarawak National PartySNAP44,18531.560
Sabah Progressive PartySAPP21.04New
Liberal Democratic PartyLDP10.52New
Barisan Nasional Direct Candidate10.52
Sabah Democratic PartyPDS00.00New
People's Progressive PartyPPP00.000
People's Justice FrontAKAR00.000
United Sabah People's PartyPBRS00.00New
Parties in the informal coalition, Muslims Unity MovementAPU1,046,68717.57136.77-2
Parties in the informal coalition, People's ConceptGR910,76915.29178.85-17
Democratic Action Party[lower-alpha 2]DAP712,17511.9694.69-11
Semangat 46[lower-alpha 3]S46616,58910.3563.13-2
Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party[lower-alpha 3]PAS430,0987.2273.650
United Sabah Party[lower-alpha 2]PBS198,5943.3384.17-6
Malaysian People's PartyPRM00.000
Malaysian People's Justice FrontAKIM00.00New
Independents and other parties118,0251.9800.00-4
Valid votes5,956,695
Invalid/blank votes196,114
Total (turnout: 68.3%)6,152,809100.00192100.00+12
Did not vote2,859,561
Registered voters9,012,370
Voting age population (aged 21 years and above)10,175,010
Malaysian population19,951,000
Source: Nohlen et al.
  1. Contested using dacing election symbol on the ballot papers.
  2. Parties in the informal coalition, People's Concept (Gagasan Rakyat). Contested using separate election symbol on the ballot papers.
  3. Parties in the informal coalition, Muslims Unity Movement (Angkatan Perpaduan Ummah). Contested using separate election symbol on the ballot papers.

Results by state

State Assemblies


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