1994 Brownlow Medal

The 1994 Brownlow Medal was the 67th year the award was presented to the player adjudged the fairest and best player during the Australian Football League (AFL) home and away season.[1] Greg Williams of the Carlton Football Club won the medal by polling thirty votes during the 1994 AFL season.[2]

1994 Brownlow Medal
WinnerGreg Williams (Carlton)
30 votes
Television/radio coverage
NetworkSeven Network

Leading votegetters

1stGreg Williams (Carlton)30
2ndPeter Matera (West Coast)28
3rdGarry Hocking (Geelong)20
4thWayne Schwass (North Melbourne)19
5thDamian Monkhorst (Collingwood)17
6thTony Liberatore (Footscray)16
=7thDavid Schwarz (Melbourne)15
Chris Grant (Footscray)
Wayne Carey (North Melbourne)*15
9thJohn Platten (Hawthorn)14
=10thLeon Cameron (Footscray)13
Shaun Rehn (Adelaide)

* The player was ineligible to win the medal due to suspension by the AFL Tribunal during the year.


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