1993 Turkish presidential election

The 1993 Turkish presidential election refers the election to choose the country's ninth president, to succeed Turgut Özal who had recently died. The candidate of DYP was Süleyman Demirel who was also supported by SHP. In the first and second rounds, the ruling party DYP was unsuccessful in electing its candidate, Süleyman Demirel. Finally, in the third round, Süleyman Demirel was elected as the ninth President of Turkey.

1993 Turkish presidential election

May 16, 1993 (1993-05-16)
(Third round)

All 450 Members of Parliament voting in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey
226 votes needed to win
Turnout91.56% 28.23 pp
Nominee Süleyman Demirel Kamran İnan Lütfi Doğan
Party DYP ANAP Welfare
MP votes 244 94 47
Percentage 59.2% 22.8% 11.4%

Nominee İsmail Cem
Party CHP
MP votes 27
Percentage 6.6%

President before election

Turgut Özal
Motherland Party

Elected President

Süleyman Demirel
True Path Party


The presidential vote is held in parliament by secret ballot. A candidate requires a two-thirds majority - or 300 votes - to be elected in the first two rounds. If there is no clear winner before the third round, the winning threshold is dropped to a simple majority, or 226 votes. If there is still no winner, the two candidates with the most votes from the third round progress to a runoff election, where the simply majority rule still applies. In the event of no clear winner among the two, the Turkish constitution states that a snap general election must be called to overcome the parliamentary deadlock.


Name 1st round votes
(May 8, 1993)
2nd round votes
(May 12, 1993)
3rd round votes
(May 16, 1993)
Political Party
Süleyman Demirel234235244DYP
Kamran İnan959594ANAP
Lütfi Doğan464947RP
İsmail Cem252527CHP
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