1993 Games of the Small States of Europe

The V Games of the Small States of Europe were held in 1993 by the Republic of Malta.

V Games of the Small States of Europe
Country Malta
Nations participating8
Athletes participating690
Opening ceremony25 May
Closing ceremony29 May
Officially opened byĊensu Tabone
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Medals count

  *   Host nation (Malta)

1 Iceland (ISL)36171568
2 Cyprus (CYP)26232271
3 Luxembourg (LUX)8141032
4 Monaco (MON)7131030
5 Malta (MLT)*472132
6 Liechtenstein (LIE)42713
7 San Marino (SMR)26513
8 Andorra (AND)051015
Totals (8 nations)8787100274


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