1993 AFL draft

The 1993 AFL draft consisted of a mid-season draft, a national draft at the end of the season and a pre-season draft, held before the 1994 AFL season.[1]

The AFL draft is the annual draft of new unsigned players by Australian rules football teams that participate in the main competition of that sport, the Australian Football League.

Clubs receive picks based on the position in which they finish on the ladder during the season, although these picks can be swapped around by teams for trading players.

This was the final season during which a mid-season draft was conducted.

The 1993 National Draft was held on Friday, 29 October 1993, and was the first draft to be broadcast live on television.[2]

1993 mid-season draft

PickPlayerRecruited fromRecruited by
1 Matthew Ahmat Norwood Sydney
2 James Thiessen Richmond Richmond
3 Anthony Harvey Frankston St Kilda
4 Damian Bourke Geelong Brisbane Bears
5 Brett Evans Springvale Melbourne
6 Tony Lynn Central District Carlton
7 Alan Thorpe Oakleigh Footscray
8 Tim Perkins North Adelaide Adelaide
9 John Cunningham Port Melbourne Geelong
10 Danny Dickfos North Brisbane Fitzroy
11 Dale Kickett St Kilda Essendon
12 Terry Keays Frankston Collingwood
13 Passed - West Coast
14 Simon Luhrs Central District Hawthorn
15 Andrew Krakouer Sandringham North Melbourne
16 Aldo Dipetta Ainslie Sydney
17 Brad Fox Essendon Richmond
18 Damian Ryan Port Adelaide Brisbane Bears
19 Haami Williams South Barwon Carlton
20 Russell Evans Coburg Footscray
21 Cristian O'Brien Norwood Geelong
22 Tom Kavanagh Castlemaine Fitzroy
23 Danny Morgan Preston Knights Essendon
24 Kane Batzloff Chelsea Collingwood
25 James Little Sydney Sydney
26 Brad Read East Fremantle Richmond
27 Stephan Cochrane Richmond Geelong
28 Anthony McGregor Prahran Fitzroy
29 Jamie Grant Daylesford Sydney
30 Dallas Normington Werribee Fitzroy
31 Phil Rowston Sydney Sydney
32 Brad Hardie South Fremantle Sydney

1993 national draft

PickPlayerRecruited fromRecruited by
1 Darren Gaspar South Fremantle Sydney
2 Nigel Lappin Chiltern Brisbane Bears
3 Justin Murphy Centrals Dragons Richmond
4 Glenn Gorman Geelong Falcons Sydney
5 Adam Heuskes Norwood Sydney
6 Trent Cummings Central District (SANFL) Fitzroy
7 Chris Johnson Northern Knights Fitzroy
8 Michael Frost Footscray St Kilda
9 Rowan Warfe Bendigo U18 Fitzroy
10 Trent Ormond-Allen Port Adelaide Magpies Melbourne
11 Brad Johnson Western U18s Footscray
12 Chris Scott Eastern Ranges Brisbane Bears
13 David Ugrinic Woodville West-Torrens Eagles Geelong
14 Adam Simpson Northern Knights North Melbourne
15 Luke McCabe Central District (SANFL) Hawthorn
16 Fraser Gehrig Murray Bushrangers West Coast
17 Angelo Lekkas Northern Knights Hawthorn
18 Simon Beaumont Centrals Dragons Carlton
19 Robert Stevenson Western U18 Essendon
20 Wade Chapman North Shore (GFL) Sydney
21 Shane Hodges North Adelaide Brisbane Bears
22 Dion Myles Baulkham Hills Sydney
23 Shannon Gibson Northern Knights Hawthorn
24 Cameron Bennett North Adelaide Brisbane Bears
25 Clinton Shaw Southern U18 St Kilda
26 Stephen Jurica South Fremantle Richmond
27 Brad Hall Assumption Melbourne
28 Daryl Griffin Western (U18) Sydney
29 Scott Mollard Centrals Dragons Essendon
30 Paul Lewis Murray Bushrangers Geelong
31 Mark Stevens Gippsland Power North Melbourne
32 Paul Barnard East Perth Hawthorn
33 Ben Robbins Gippsland Power West Coast
34 Stephen Patterson Norwood Collingwood
35 Aaron James Western (U18) Collingwood
36 Julian Kirzner Centrals Dragons Essendon
37 Ashley Thompson Nyah-Nyah West Utd Sydney
38 David Innella Western U18 Geelong
39 Jason Wild Collingulie Collingwood
40 Matthew Lappin Chiltern St Kilda
41 Kieran Sporn Essendon Fitzroy
42 Michael Prentice Southern (U18) Melbourne
43 Jason Heatley Subiaco West Coast
44 Eugene Warrior Port Adelaide Adelaide
45 Trent Bartlett Deloraine (Tas) Brisbane Bears
46 David King Port Melbourne North Melbourne
47 Chris Palmer West Adelaide Hawthorn
48 Matt Hopkins West Adelaide Carlton
49 Simon Garlick Centrals Dragons Sydney
50 Mark Merenda West Perth Richmond
51 Kristian Pascoe Northern (U18) St Kilda
52 Matthew Dent Sturt Football Club Fitzroy
53 Justin Mallon Northern Knights Collingwood
54 Sedat Sir Centrals Dragons Footscray
55 Grant Tanner Norwood Geelong
56 Rayden Tallis Eastern Ranges Hawthorn
57 Mark Hepburn West Coast Sydney
58 Jeff Bruce Corowa-Rutherglen Fitzroy
59 Craig Biddiscombe Gippsland Power Geelong
60 Troy Polak Perth North Melbourne
61 Shayne Smith Southern (U18) Sydney
62 Graeme Wood Mildura Fitzroy
63 Gareth John Sydney North Melbourne
64 Shane Hamilton Brisbane Brisbane Bears
65 Paul Mullarvey Box Hill Fitzroy
66 Andrew Schauble Xavier(APS) Collingwood

1994 pre-season draft

PickPlayerRecruited fromRecruited by
1 Dermott Brereton Hawthorn Sydney Swans
2 Andrew Bews Geelong Brisbane Bears
3 Jamie Elliott Fitzroy Richmond
4 David Strooper Sydney Swans St Kilda
5 Steven Stretch Melbourne Fitzroy
6 Peter Filandia Essendon Sydney Swans
7 Haydn Robins Melbourne Richmond
8 Craig Lambert Richmond Brisbane Bears
9 Rod Keogh Melbourne St Kilda
10 Matthew Mansfield Footscray Fitzroy
11 Dean Irving West Coast Eagles Melbourne
12 Jason Watts Werribee Footscray
13 Jon Ballantyne Footscray Collingwood
14 Cain Liddle Western U18 Geelong
15 Trent Nichols West Coast Eagles North Melbourne
16 Simon Lethlean Camberwell Grammar Football Club Hawthorn
17 Scott Thompson Subiaco Football Club West Coast Eagles
18 Shane Tongerie Central District Football Club Adelaide Crows
19 Dean Rice St Kilda Carlton
20 Barry Young Richmond Essendon
21 Derek Kickett Essendon Sydney Swans
22 Andrew Bomford North Shore Australian Football Club Sydney Swans
23 Adam Slater Richmond Richmond
24 Adrian Burns Essendon St Kilda
25 Peter Doyle Carlton Fitzroy
26 John Carroll St Bedes Football Club Melbourne
27 Daniel Hargraves Eastern U18 Footscray
28 Trent Hotton Preston Football Club Collingwood
29 David Muir Claremont Football Club North Melbourne
30 Shayne Stevenson Fitzroy Hawthorn
31 Matthew Kluzek Woodville-West Torrens Adelaide Crows
32 Brad Pearce Brisbane Bears Carlton
33 Doug Bailey Old Xaverians St Kilda
34 Stephen Ryan Richmond Collingwood
35 Peter Green Sydney Swans Carlton
36 Kristian Bardsley North Melbourne St Kilda
37 Justin Staritski North Melbourne Collingwood
38 Daniel McCarthy Frankston Football Club St Kilda
39 Alister Carr Essendon St Kilda


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