1992 United States Olympic Trials (swimming)

The 1992 United States Olympic Trials for swimming events was held from March 1–7 in Indianapolis, Indiana. It was the qualifying meet for American swimmers who hoped to compete at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona.

1992 United States Olympic Trials (swimming)
Host cityIndianapolis, Indiana, U.S.
Date(s)March 1 – March 7
Events28 (men: 14; women: 14) The men's 800-meter and women's 1500-meter freestyle were contested, but the winners were not selected on the Olympic team as the events were not swam at the 1992 Olympics.


Key:  Highlighted swimmers achieved the qualification conditions to be included in the Olympic team in that respective event.

Men's events

Event Gold Silver Bronze
50 m freestyle Matt Biondi22.12 Tom Jager22.17 Steve Crocker22.49
100 m freestyle Matt Biondi49.31 Jon Olsen49.42 Joe Hudepohl49.52
200 m freestyle Joe Hudepohl1:48.73 Doug Gjertsen1:48.89 Melvin Stewart1:49.05
400 m freestyle Dan Jorgensen3:49.14 Sean Killion3:51.47 Lawrence Frostad3:52.95
1500 m freestyle Sean Killion15:07.21 Lawrence Frostad15:09.93 Carlton Bruner15:11.24
100 m backstroke Jeff Rouse54.07 David Berkoff54.65 Andy Gill55.53
200 m backstroke Royce Sharp1:58.66 Tripp Schwenk1:58.97 Jeff Rouse1:59.37
100 m breaststroke Nelson Diebel1:01.40 NR Hans Dersch1:02.14 Eric Wunderlich1:02.47
200 m breaststroke Roque Santos2:13.50 Mike Barrowman2:13.54 Eric Wunderlich2:15.87
100 m butterfly Pablo Morales54.05 Melvin Stewart54.06 Seth Pepper54.37
200 m butterfly Melvin Stewart1:55.72 Dave Wharton1:59.66 Mike Merrell1:59.68
200 m IM Ron Karnaugh2:01.56 Greg Burgess2:01.71 Mike Barrowman2:01.79
400 m IM Eric Namesnik4:15.60 Dave Wharton4:17.58 Ray Looze4:21.51

Women's events

Event Gold Silver Bronze
50 m freestyle Jenny Thompson25.20 NR Angel Martino25.46 Leigh Ann Fetter25.55
100 m freestyle Jenny Thompson54.63 Nicole Haislett55.15 Ashley Tappin55.47
200 m freestyle Nicole Haislett1:58.65 Jenny Thompson1:59.98 Whitney Hedgepeth2:00.86
400 m freestyle Janet Evans4:09.47 Erika Hansen4:11.30 Kim Small4:12.11
800 m freestyle Janet Evans8:27.24 Erika Hansen8:30.05 Kim Small8:35.48
100 m backstroke Janie Wagstaff1:00.84 NR Lea Loveless1:01.17 Trina Thames1:02.41
200 m backstroke Janie Wagstaff2:09.43 Lea Loveless2:10.68 Whitney Hedgepeth2:13.09
100 m breaststroke Anita Nall1:09.29 Megan Kleine1:10.08 Kelli King-Bednar1:10.20
200 m breaststroke Anita Nall2:25.35 WR Jill Johnson2:28.52 Kristine Quance2:29.89
100 m butterfly Crissy Ahmann-Leighton58.61 Summer Sanders59.67 Jenny Thompson59.88
200 m butterfly Summer Sanders2:08.86 Angie Wester-Krieg2:12.13 Julia Gorman2:12.50
200 m IM Summer Sanders2:13.10 Nicole Haislett2:14.49 Janel Jorgensen2:16.85
400 m IM Summer Sanders4:40.79 Erika Hansen4:41.06 Janet Evans4:45.55

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