1990 Slovenian presidential election

Presidential elections were held in Slovenia on 8 April 1990, with a second round on 22 April.[1] Voters elected the four members of the presidency and the President of the presidency.[1] Ciril Zlobec, Ivan Oman, Matjaž Kmecl and Dušan Plut were elected to the presidency, whilst Milan Kučan was elected President in the second round.[2]

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Electoral system

The four members of the presidency were elected by plurality-at-large voting, with voters able to vote for four candidates. The four candidates with the most votes were elected.



Candidate Party First round Second round
Votes % Votes %
Milan KučanParty of Democratic Renewal-Socialist Alliance of Slovenia538,27844.4657,19658.6
Jože PučnikDemocratic Opposition of Slovenia322,70626.6464,43541.4
Ivan Kramberger224,16218.5
Marko Demšar126,42410.4
Invalid/blank votes25,97523,354
Registered voters/turnout1,490,13683.01,489,82276.9
Source: Nohlen & Stöver


Candidate Votes %
Ciril Zlobec637,51753.6
Ivan Oman550,52946.3
Matjaž Kmecl454,63338.2
Dušan Plut453,62638.1
Slavoj Žižek431,20636.3
Dimitrij Rupel408,86834.4
Jože Lindič342,34128.8
Miroslava Gež Korošek292,46624.6
Boštjan Zupančič239,73720.2
Fran Miklavčič236,66319.9
Peter Novak212,18217.8
Bogdan Oblak194,68916.4
Valid votes1,189,20596.3
Invalid/blank votes46,2633.7
Registered voters/turnout1,490,13682.9
Source: Nohlen & Stöver


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