1989 Turkish presidential election

The 1989 Turkish presidential election refers the election to choose the country's eighth president, to succeed Kenan Evren. The candidate of the governing Motherland Party (ANAP) was its leader and Prime Minister Turgut Özal. In the first and second rounds, the ruling party ANAP was unsuccessful in electing its candidate. Finally, in the third round, Turgut Özal was elected as the eighth President of Turkey. He is the second civil president in Turkish history.

1989 Turkish presidential election

October 31, 1989 (1989-10-31)
(Third round)

All 450 Members of Parliament voting in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey
226 votes needed to win
Nominee Turgut Özal Fethi Çelikbaş
MP votes 263 14
Percentage 95.0% 5.0%

President before election

Kenan Evren

Elected President

Turgut Özal
Motherland Party

The parliamentary opposition, formed by the True Path Party (DYP) and the Social Democratic People's Party (SHP) claimed that the loss of popular support for ANAP in the March 1989 local elections did not give the party the democratic legitimacy to elect one of its politicians as President. Since ANAP commanded a parliamentary majority, its candidate was effectively certain to win the third round, where only a simple majority of the vote is required to win. The opposition thus boycotted the election. Fethi Çelikbaş, an ANAP Member of Parliament who stood against Özal, was the only other candidate. There were eight blank votes in the third round, which was held on October 31.

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