1989 Quebec municipal elections

Several municipalities in the Canadian province of Quebec held municipal elections to elect mayors and councillors on November 5, 1989. One of the most closely watched contests was in Quebec City, where Jean-Paul L'Allier of the Rassemblement populaire party ended the twenty-five year rule of the Civic Progress Party. L'Allier defeated Civic Progress candidate Jean-Francois Bertrand by a fairly significant margin.[1]

Results (incomplete)


Former Liberal Party of Canada Member of Parliament (MP) Raymond Savard was elected to his second term as mayor in the on-island Montreal suburb of Verdun, easily defeating opponents Jean-Marie Demers and Robert Mailhot.[2] Most elected councillors were from Savard's Regroupement des citoyens de Verdun party.

Party colours in the results listed below have been randomly chosen and do not indicate affiliation with or resemblance to any municipal, provincial, or federal party.

Electoral District Position Total valid votes Candidates
  Regroupement des citoyens de Verdun   Independents
Mayor 12,831   Raymond Savard (incumbent)
7,482 (58.31%)
  Jean-Marie Demers
4,290 (33.43%)

Robert Mailhot
1,059 (8.25%)
District 1 City councillor     Arthur Benarroch (incumbent)

Danielle D. Hébert
District 2 City councillor     Marvin Reisler

Jacques Dagenais
District 3 City councillor   Jacques Lauzon (incumbent)
  Normand Vinette
District 4 City councillor   Bruno Fortin Joyeu   Robert Filiatraut (incumbent)

Roland Casés
District 5 City councillor   Jocelyn Beauvais (incumbent)
  Richard Patry
District 6 City councillor   France Lecocq
  Marcel Henley

Aimé Pinette

Charles Sylvestre
District 7 City councillor   Laurent Dugas (incumbent)
  Spiros Lazaratos
District 8 City councillor   Claude Ravary (incumbent)
  Michel Éthier
District 9 City councillor   Elliott Goldsborough (incumbent)   Nicole Petit
District 10 City councillor   Olivette Thérèse Dionne
  André Martin
District 11 City councillor   Maurice Couturier (incumbent)
  Gabriel Dorion
District 12 City councillor   Suzanne Dunne (incumbent)
  Jacques Desnoyers
District 13 City councillor   John Gallagher (incumbent)
  Claude Lecompte

Sources: "La liste des candidats," La Presse, 5 November 1989, A7; Florian Bernard, "Verdun: Savard reporté au pouvoir; Pierrefonds: Morin élu," La Presse, 6 November 1989, B5; Élus de Verdun de 1875 à 2005, City of Montreal. (The first two sources erroneously list Savard's mayoral opponent Demers as the leader of the Regroupement des citoyens de Verdun. This is contradicted by other sources, and, indeed, the second La Presse article indicates that Savard's party won a majority on council.)


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