1989 NCAA Division I Women's Tennis Championships

The 1989 NCAA Division I Women's Tennis Championships were the eighth annual championships to determine the national champions of NCAA Division I women's singles, doubles, and team collegiate tennis in the United States.

1989 NCAA Division I Women's Tennis Championships
DateJune 1989
Location Gainesville, Florida
Venue Linder Stadium
University of Florida
Women's Singles
Sandra Birch
Women's Doubles
Jackie Holden / Claire Pollard
(Mississippi State)

Stanford defeated UCLA, 5–0, to win their fourth consecutive and sixth overall national title.

Host sites

The tournaments were hosted at Linder Stadium at Ring Tennis Complex at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida.[1] The men's and women's tournaments would not be held at the same site until 2006.

Team tournament

  First round Second round Quarterfinals Semifinals Championship
  Stanford 9  
    San Diego State 0  
San Diego State 6
William & Mary 3  
  Stanford 5  
  Oklahoma State 1  
  Oklahoma State 7
    BYU 2  
  Stanford 6  
  Georgia 0  
  Georgia 5
    Texas 1  
Texas 5
Kentucky 4  
  Georgia 5
  California 4  
  California 6
    Indiana 3  
  Stanford 5
  UCLA 0
Arizona 5
Texas A&M 1  
  UCLA 5  
  USC 4  
  USC 6
    Arizona State 3  
  UCLA 5
  Florida 2  
  Florida 6
    San Diego 1  
San Diego 7
Tennessee 2  
  Florida 5
  Pepperdine 4  
  Pepperdine 5
    Miami (FL) 4  

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