1987 NCAA Division I Women's Lacrosse Championship

The 1987 NCAA Division I Women's Lacrosse Championship was the sixth annual single-elimination tournament to determine the national championship for Division I National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) women's college lacrosse. The championship game was played at Byrd Stadium in College Park, Maryland during May 1987.

1987 NCAA Division I Women's
Lacrosse Championship
DatesMay 1987
Finals siteByrd Stadium
College Park, MD
ChampionsPenn State (1st title)
Runner-upTemple (2nd title game)
Attendance1,169 finals
NCAA Division I Women's Championships
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Penn State defeated Temple, 7–6, in the final to win their first championship.

The leading scorers for the tournament, both with 9 goals, were Karen Geromini, from New Hampshire, and Tami Worley, from Penn State. The Most Outstanding Player trophy was not awarded this year.


All NCAA Division I women's lacrosse programs were eligible for this championship. In the end, 6 teams contested this tournament, an increase of two from the previous year.

Team Appearance Previous Record
Maryland 5th 1986 13-4
New Hampshire 4th 1986 12-3
Northwestern 4th 1986 11-3
Penn State 5th 1986 15-2
Temple 5th 1986 15-0
Virginia 2nd 1986 12-2

Tournament bracket

  First Round     Semifinals     Finals
Byrd Stadium
College Park, MD
        Temple 9  
  New Hampshire 11     New Hampshire 8    
  Northwestern 9         Temple 6
      Penn State 7
        Penn State 14    
  Virginia 10     Virginia 9  
  Maryland 5  

Tournament outstanding players

  • Beth Stokes, Penn State
  • Chris Vitale, Penn State
  • Mandee Moore, Temple

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