1987 Cannes Film Festival

The 40th Cannes Film Festival was held from 7 to 19 May 1987. The Palme d'Or went to the Sous le soleil de Satan by Maurice Pialat, a choice which was considered "highly controversial" and the prize was given under the jeers of the public. Pialat is quoted to have retorted "You don’t like me? Well, let me tell you that I don’t like you either!"[4][5][6][7]

1987 Cannes Film Festival
Official poster of the 40th Cannes Film Festival, featuring an original illustration by Henri Cueco.[1]
Opening filmUn homme amoureux
Closing filmAria
LocationCannes, France
AwardsPalme d'Or (Sous le soleil de Satan)[2]
No. of films20 (In Competition)[3]
21 (Un Certain Regard)
28 (Out of Competition)
11 (Short Film)
Festival date7 May 1987 (1987-05-07) – 19 May 1987 (1987-05-19)

The festival opened with Un homme amoureux, directed by Diane Kurys and closed with Aria, directed by Robert Altman, Bruce Beresford, Bill Bryden, Jean-Luc Godard, Derek Jarman, Franc Roddam, Nicolas Roeg, Ken Russell, Charles Sturridge and Julien Temple.[8] The 1987 Festival also paid tribute to Federico Fellini.[9]


Main competition

The following people were appointed as the Jury of the 1987 feature film competition:[10]

Camera d'Or

The following people were appointed as the Jury of the 1987 Camera d'Or:

  • Maurice Leroux (composer) President
  • Bernard Jubard
  • Claude Weisz (director)
  • Emmanuel Carriau (cinephile)
  • Freddy Buache (journalist)
  • M. Hidalgo (journalist)
  • Michael Kutza (cinephile)
  • Michel Ciment (critic)

Official selection

In competition - Feature film

The following feature films competed for the Palme d'Or:[3]

Un Certain Regard

The following films were selected for the competition of Un Certain Regard:[3]

Films out of competition

The following films were selected to be screened out of competition:[3]

Short film competition

The following short films competed for the Short Film Palme d'Or:[3]

Parallel sections

International Critics' Week

The following feature films were screened for the 26th International Critics' Week (26e Semaine de la Critique):[11]

Directors' Fortnight

The following films were screened for the 1987 Directors' Fortnight (Quinzaine des Réalizateurs):[12]


Official awards

The following films and people received the 1987 Official selection awards:[2][13]

Golden Camera

Short films

  • Short Film Palme d'Or: Palisade by Laurie McInnes
  • Second Prize: Academy Leader Variations by David Ehrlich
  • Third Prize: La Mort Soudaine et Prématurée du Colonel K.K. (Iznenadna i prerana smrt pukovnika K.K) by Milos Radovic

Independent awards

FIPRESCI Prizes[14]

Commission Supérieure Technique

Ecumenical Jury[15]

Award of the Youth[16]


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