1983 NCAA Division I Men's Lacrosse Championship

The 1983 Division I NCAA Men's Lacrosse Championship game was played at Rutgers University in front of 15,672 fans.

1983 NCAA Division I Men's
Lacrosse Championship
DatesMay-June, 1983
Finals siteRutgers University
ChampionsSyracuse (1st title)
Runner-upJohns Hopkins
MOPBrad Kotz
Attendance[1]15,672 finals
35,163 total
NCAA Division I Men's Championships
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Tournament overview

In one of the more significant NCAA lacrosse finals, Syracuse capped off a 14 and 1 season with its first NCAA championship and fifth overall lacrosse title as they defeated Johns Hopkins, 17 to 16. The Orange, led by Brad Kotz and Tim Nelson, scored eight straight goals in less than nine minutes in the second half to clinch the title after Hopkins had gone up 12 to 5 midway through the third quarter.

Syracuse was seeded second and hosted the first round and semifinal games. The Orange beat Penn, the seventh-seed, 11-8 at Coyne Field. In the semis at the Carrier Dome, the Orange beat Maryland 12-5 behind Randy Lundblad’s one goal and four assists, and Travis Solomon’s 22 saves.

In the finals, The Blue Jays had a 12-5 lead with less than seven minutes to play in the third period when the Orange rallied. Syracuse outscored the Blue Jays 4 to 1 to close out the third period and then added six straight goals in the fourth to go up 15-13. Hopkins knotted the score at 15, but goals by Brad Kotz and Lundblad gave the Orange a two-goal cushion with Del Dressell scoring the final Hopkins goal. Tim Nelson had two goals and six assists in the finals, to finish as the tournament’s leading scorer with 15 points. Kotz scored five goals, all in the second half and was named Most Outstanding Player. Travis Solomon made 18 saves for the Orange.

Late in the third quarter, team captain and defenseman Darren Lawlor scored a key goal left-handed which provided a spark for the Orangemen. Overcoming a seven goal deficit against a Hopkins team participating in its seventh straight title game, Lawlor and the other Orange seniors provided the spark. But the offensive punch came primarily from sophomores, including midfielder Brad Kotz of West Genesee and Tim Nelson the transfer from North Carolina State. Nelson's pass to Randy Lundblad for an open-net goal with 1:09 left locked up the title for the Orange.

For Hopkins, Del Dressel was outstanding exhibiting one on one skills on par with the Orange's most athletic players, finishing with three goals and one assist in the finals.

Syracuse and Johns Hopkins would go on to meet in the NCAA finals five more times, the last time in 2008. This was Hopkins' seventh straight NCAA final.

Tournament results

First Round
May 18
May 21
May 28
1 Johns Hopkins 7
8 Cornell 6
1 Johns Hopkins 12
5 North Carolina 9
5 North Carolina 12
4 Army 6
1 Johns Hopkins 16
2 Syracuse 17
2 Syracuse 11
7 Penn 8
2 Syracuse 12
6 Maryland 5
6 Maryland 13
3 Virginia 4

Tournament boxscores

Tournament Finals

Johns Hopkins445316
  • Syracuse scoring – Brad Kotz 5, Randy Lundblad 3, Dave Desko 2, Tim Nelson 2, Art Lux 2, Darren Lawlor, Mike Powers, Tom Korrie
  • Johns Hopkins scoring – Del Dressel 3, Peter Scott 3, John Krumenacker 2, Bill Cantelli 2, Willy Odenthal 2, Kirk Baugher, Brent Ciccarone, Lee Davidson, Henry Ciccarone Jr.
  • Shots: Johns Hopkins 50, Syracuse 48
  • Saves: Johns Hopkins 22, Syracuse 18

Tournament Semi-finals

  • Syracuse scoring – Art Lux 3, Mike Powers 2, Dave Desko 2, Randy Lundblad, John Schimoler, Brad Kotz, Jeff McCormick, Wayne Roemer
  • Maryland scoring – Jim Wilkerson 2, Tim Worstell, Tony Olmert, Mike Hubbard
  • Shots: Syracuse 37, Maryland 37
  • Saves: Syracuse 23, Maryland 13
Johns Hopkins252312
North Carolina13329
  • Johns Hopkins scoring – Peter Scott 3, Del Dressel 3, Henry Ciccarone Jr. 2, Bill Cantelli 2, John Krumenacker, Willy Odenthal
  • North Carolina scoring – Peter Voelkel 2, Bill Ness 2, David Wingate, Joe Seivold, Mike Burnett, Mac Ford, Terry Martinello
  • Shots: Johns Hopkins 45, North Carolina 35
  • Saves: North Carolina 17, Johns Hopkins 15

Tournament First Round

Johns Hopkins21227
  • Johns Hopkins scoring – Del Dressel 4, Brent Ciccarone 2, Richard Glancy
  • Cornell scoring – Kevin Cook 2, Nick Lantuh 2, Ken Entenmann, Matt Crowley
  • Shots: Johns Hopkins 33, Cornell 26
  • Saves: Johns Hopkins 13, Cornell 11
North Carolina222612
  • North Carolina scoring – David Wingate 4, Peter Voelkel 2, Joe Seivold, Steve Martel, Mike Burnett, Brian Rice, Jeff Homire, Brent Voelkel
  • Army scoring – Frank Giordano 3, Pete Short, Eric Korvin, P.J. O’Sullivan
  • Shots: Army 53, North Carolina 48
  • Saves: North Carolina 23, Army 12
  • Syracuse scoring – Randy Lundblad 3, John Schimoler 2, Dave Desko 2, Tim Nelson, Bob Seebold, Art Lux, Wayne Roemer
  • Pennsylvania scoring – Michael Braver 2, Bill Morrill 2, Bob Papenfuss 2, Leo Paytas, Matt McAnaney
  • Shots: Syracuse 31, Pennsylvania 28
  • Saves: Syracuse 13, Pennsylvania 11
  • Maryland scoring – Mike Hubbard 3, Kevin Sullivan 2, Tony Olmert 2, Mike Hart 2, Jack Francis, Mike Ruppert, Alan McGuckian, Tim Worstell
  • Virginia scoring – Bill Wyker 2, Paul French 2
  • Shots: Virginia 42, Maryland 40
  • Saves: Maryland 20, Virginia 13

Tournament outstanding players

  • Brad Kotz, Syracuse (Named the tournament's Most Outstanding Player)
Leading ScorersGPGAPts
Tim Nelson, Syracuse331215
Del Dressel, Johns Hopkins310212
Randy Lundblad, Syracuse37512
Brad Kotz, Syracuse36410
Art Lux, Syracuse3828
Dave Desko, Syracuse3628
Peter Scott, Johns Hopkins3617
John Krumenacker, Johns Hopkins3347
Henry Ciccarone Jr., Johns Hopkins3347
Dave Wingate, North Carolina2516


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