1983 NCAA Division I Men's Ice Hockey Tournament

The 1983 NCAA Division I Men's Ice Hockey Tournament was the culmination of the 1982–83 NCAA Division I men's ice hockey season, the 36th such tournament in NCAA history. It was held between March 18 and 26, 1983, and concluded with Wisconsin defeating Harvard 6-2. All Quarterfinals matchups were held at home team venues while all succeeding games were played at the Winter Sports Center in Grand Forks, North Dakota.

1983 NCAA Men's Division I
Ice Hockey Tournament
Finals site
ChampionsWisconsin Badgers (4th title)
Runner-upHarvard Crimson (1st title game)
Winning coachJeff Sauer (1st title)
MOPMarc Behrend Wisconsin

The Badgers' goal differential (+16) is a record for an NCAA tournament, equaling the record set by Colorado College in 1950 and matched by Michigan in 1953.

Qualifying teams[1]

The NCAA permitted 8 teams to qualify for the tournament and divided its qualifiers into two regions (East and West). Each of the tournament champions from the three Division I conferences (CCHA, ECAC and WCHA) received automatic invitations into the tournament with At-large bids making up the remaining 5 teams, an additional 2 western and 3 eastern schools.

East West
Seed School Conference Record Berth type Appearance Last bid Seed School Conference Record Berth type Appearance Last bid
1 Harvard ECAC Hockey 21–8–1 Tournament champion 9th 1982 1 Wisconsin WCHA 29–10–4 Tournament champion 8th 1982
2 Providence ECAC Hockey 30–9–0 At-large bid 4th 1981 2 Minnesota WCHA 31–10–1 At-large bid 11th 1981
3 New Hampshire ECAC Hockey 22–9–2 At-large bid 4th 1982 3 Minnesota–Duluth WCHA 28–14–1 At-large bid 1st Never
4 St. Lawrence ECAC Hockey 23–10–1 At-large bid 8th 1962 4 Michigan State CCHA 30–10–0 Tournament champion 5th 1982


The tournament featured three rounds of play. The two odd-number ranked teams from one region were placed into a bracket with the two even-number ranked teams of the other region. The teams were then seeded according to their ranking. In the Quarterfinals the first and fourth seeds and the second and third seeds played two-game aggregate series to determine which school advanced to the Semifinals. Beginning with the Semifinals all games were played at the Winter Sports Center and all series became Single-game eliminations. The winning teams in the semifinals advanced to the National Championship Game with the losers playing in a Third Place game.

Tournament bracket[2]

March 18–20
March 24–25
National Championship
March 26
E1 Harvard 6 3 9  
W4 Michigan State 5 3 8  
  E1 Harvard 5  
  W2 Minnesota 3  
W2 Minnesota 9 7 16
E3 New Hampshire 6 2 8  
  E1 Harvard 2
  W1 Wisconsin 6
W1 Wisconsin 6 7 13  
E4 St. Lawrence 2 1 3  
  W1 Wisconsin 2 Third Place Game
  E2 Providence 0  
E2 Providence 7 3 10 W2 Minnesota 3
W3 Minnesota–Duluth 3 2 5   E2 Providence 4

Note: * denotes overtime period(s)


(E1) Harvard vs. (W4) Michigan State

Harvard won series 9–8

(E2) Providence vs. (W3) Minnesota–Duluth

Providence won series 10–5

(W1) Wisconsin vs. (E4) St. Lawrence

Wisconsin won series 13–3

(W2) Minnesota vs. (E3) New Hampshire

Minnesota won series 16–8


(W1) Wisconsin vs. (E2) Providence

(E1) Harvard vs. (W2) Minnesota

Third Place Game

(E2) Providence vs. (W2) Minnesota

National Championship

(E1) Harvard vs. (W1) Wisconsin

Scoring summary
Period Team Goal Assist(s) Time Score
1st WIS Patrick FlatleyPP Houck and Driver 7:03 1–0 WIS
2nd WIS Patrick Flatley Houston and Maley 36:09 2–0 WIS
3rd WIS Paul HoustonGW Maley and Flatley 43:00 3–0 WIS
HAR Scott Fusco Sheehy and Kukulowicz 48:54 3–1 WIS
WIS Bruce Driver Sabo and Wiitala 51:35 4–1 WIS
HAR Shayne Kukulowicz Sheehy 52:22 4–2 WIS
WIS Paul HoustonPP Driver and Maley 58:39 5–2 WIS
WIS John JohannsonSH EN Behrend 59:21 6–2 WIS
Penalty summary
Period Team Player Penalty Time PIM
1st HAR Dave Connors Tripping 6:29 2:00
WIS Paul Houck Tripping 11:01 2:00
WIS Marty Wiitala Holding 17:38 2:00
HAR Shayne Kukulowicz High Sticking 18:19 2:00
2nd HAR Mark Fusco Roughing 30:12 2:00
WIS Jim Johannson Roughing 30:12 2:00
HAR Scott Fusco Hooking 30:53 2:00
WIS Jan–Ake Danielson High Sticking 36:50 2:00
HAR Phil Falcone Hooking 40:00 2:00
3rd HAR Grant Blair Slashing 43:42 2:00
HAR Shayne Kukulowicz Slashing 58:12 2:00
WIS Tim Sager Hooking 59:01 2:00

All-Tournament Team[5]

* Most Outstanding Player(s)[6]


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