1980 NCAA Division I Men's Lacrosse Championship

The 1980 NCAA Division I Men's Lacrosse Tournament was the 10th annual Division I NCAA Men's Lacrosse Championship tournament. Eight NCAA Division I college men's lacrosse teams met after having played their way through a regular season, and for some, a conference tournament.

1980 NCAA Division I Men's
Lacrosse Championship
DatesMay 1980
Finals siteCornell University
ChampionsJohns Hopkins (4th title)
MOPJim Bidne, Attack, Johns Hopkins
Attendance[1]7,557 finals
23,046 total
NCAA Division I Men's Championships
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Tournament overview

The championship game was hosted by Cornell University, and was played in front of 7,557 fans. The game saw the Johns Hopkins University defeat University of Virginia by the score of 98 in double-overtime.

Hopkins battled back from an 8-6 deficit with nine minutes to play, when attackman Jeff Harris took a pass from Jim Bidne in front of the Virginia goal and rifled a shot over the left shoulder of the Cavalier's goalie with 0:48 to play in the second overtime to give Hopkins the team's third straight national title. Virginia had defeated the Blue Jays earlier in the year 12 to 9, ending Hopkins 25 game win streak.

Following the tournament, National lacrosse champ Johns Hopkins dominated the Division I All American squad with eight total selections. Goalie Mike Federico, defenseman Mark Greenberg and midfielder Brendan Schneck repeated as first team choices, while Jeff Cook made the second team attack squad.

Virginia was notable in this tournament for playing overtime games in all three of their contests, including the two overtime game against Hopkins in the finals.[2][3][4]

Tournament results

First Round
May 21
May 24
May 31
2 Johns Hopkins 16
7 Harvard 12
2 Johns Hopkins 18
3 Syracuse 11
3 Syracuse 12
6 Washington and Lee 4
2 Johns Hopkins 9(ii)
1 Virginia 8
5 North Carolina 18
4 Navy 11
5 North Carolina 10
1 Virginia 11(i)
1 Virginia 9(i)
8 Cornell 8
(i) one overtime
(ii) two overtimes

Tournament boxscores

Tournament Finals

Johns Hopkins4022019
  • Johns Hopkins scoring – Jim Bidne 3, Brendan Schneck 2, Henry Ciccarone, Jim Zaffuto, Jeff Harris, Wayne Davis
  • Virginia scoring – John Driscoll 2, Sonny Esposito, Mike Caravana, Matt Rainis, Lou Ruland, Randy Natoli, Rich Riccardi
  • Shots: Virginia 35, Johns Hopkins 25

Tournament Semi-Finals

Johns Hopkins535518
  • Syracuse scoring – Tom Donahue 2, Doug Sedgwick 2, Marty Whipple 2, Larry Collins, Ralph Spinola, Brad Short, Scott Frost, Jim Trowbridge
  • Johns Hopkins scoring – Brendan Schneck 4, Jim Zaffuto 3, Jeff Harris 2, Henry Ciccarone 2, Jim Bidne 2, Rich Wilkens 2, Gary Benninghoff 2, Howard Offit
  • Shots: Johns Hopkins 54, Syracuse 28
North Carolina2512010
  • North Carolina scoring – Mike Burnett 3, Monty Hill 3, Terry Martinello 2, Kevin Griswold 2
  • Virginia scoring – Randy Natoli 3, John Driscoll 2, Ray Giusto, Matt Rainis, Tim O’Shea, Sonny Esposito, Lou Ruland, Rick Giusto
  • Shots: Virginia 41, North Carolina 35

Tournament First Round

Johns Hopkins154616
  • Johns Hopkins scoring – Brendan Schneck 3, Jim Zaffuto 3, Wayne Davis 3, Jim Bidne 2, Jeff Cook, Joe Ciletti, Jeff Harris, Henry Ciccarone, Rich Wilkens
  • Harvard scoring – Brendan Meagher 4, Mike Davis 3, David Wigglesworth 2, Mike Rainaldi 2, Gary Pedroni
  • Shots: Johns Hopkins 44, Harvard 41
Wash. & Lee11024
  • Syracuse scoring – Brad Short 4, Tim O’Hara 3, Doug Sedgwick 2, Ralph Spinola 2, Pat O’Hara
  • Wash. & Lee scoring – Mike Pressler 2, Jay Foster, George Santos
  • Shots: Syracuse 33, Wash. & Lee 30
North Carolina345618
  • North Carolina scoring – Monty Hill 3, Kevin Griswold 3, Terry Martinello 3, Mike Burnett 2, John Basil 2, John Schipper, Bob Volker, Jeff Homire, Peter Voelkel, Doug Hall
  • Navy scoring – Syd Abernethy 4, Mike Buzzell 3, Rich Wehman 2, Ed Mapes, William Anderson
  • Shots: Navy 45, North Carolina 36
  • Virginia scoring – Randy Natoli 3, John Driscoll 3, Mike Caravana, Matt Rainis, Steve Kraus
  • Cornell scoring – Charlie Wood 3, Joe Taylor, Paul Roland, Bruce Reitenbach, Norman Engelke, Matt Crowley
  • Shots: Virginia 41, Cornell 29

Tournament outstanding players

  • Jim Bidne, Attack, Johns Hopkins, tournament Most Outstanding Player
Leading Scorers
Brendan Schneck, Johns Hopkins39716
Tim O’Hara, Syracuse23811
Jim Bidne, Johns Hopkins37310
Jim Zaffuto, Johns Hopkins37310
Mike Burnett, North Carolina25510
Dave Huntley, Johns Hopkins29110
Ron Martinello, Maryland38210
John Lamon, Maryland27310
Ned Radebaugh, Johns Hopkins3549
Mike Chanenchuk, Navy2369
Jeff Harris, Johns Hopkins3459


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