1980 Canadian Ladies Curling Association Championship

The 1980 Canadian Ladies Curling Association Championship, nicknamed "The Lassie", was the 20th edition of the Canadian women's national curling championship. It was held at Northlands Gardens in Edmonton, Alberta February 23-March 1.[1][2]

Saskatchewan's Marj Mitchell won the event, defeating a 20-year-old Colleen Jones in the final, 6-5. Attendance for the entire week was just 4,538, with about 700 witnessing the final.[3]


Alberta British Columbia Manitoba
Lethbridge CC, Lethbridge

Skip: Barbara Davis
Third: Gayle Pilling
Second: Jane Rempel
Lead: Lyn Harker

Royal City Ladies CC, New Westminster

Skip: Joan Dexter
Third: Louise Logan
Second: Nancy Turney
Lead: Lynne Axford

East St. Paul Business Girls CC, East St. Paul

Skip: Donna Brownridge
Third: Patti Vande
Second: Carolyn Hall
Lead: Connie Laliberte

New Brunswick Newfoundland Nova Scotia
Beausejour CC, Moncton

Skip: Denise Lavigne
Third: Marie-Anne Vautour
Second: Bonnie Anne Rayworth
Lead: Susan Goulet

Carol CC, Labrador City

Skip: Sue Anne Bartlett
Third: Patricia Dwyer
Second: Beverley Whitten
Lead: Mavis Pike

CFB Halifax CC, Halifax

Skip: Colleen Jones
Third: Sally Jane Saunders
Second: Margaret Knickle
Lead: Barbara Jones

Ontario Prince Edward Island Quebec
St. Catharines G&YC, St. Catharines

Skip: Christine Bodogh
Third: Marilyn Darte
Second: Norma Quesnell
Lead: Mary Gellard

Crapaud Community CC, Crapaud

Skip: Elayne Thomson
Third: Ruth Cutcliffe
Second: Louise Thomson
Lead: Julie Robinson

Mount Bruno CC, Saint-Bruno

Skip: Dorothy Crowe
Third: Nicole Marcotte
Second: Joan Johnston
Lead: Carolyn LeCraw

Saskatchewan Northwest Territories/Yukon
Caledonian Ladies CC, Regina

Skip: Marj Mitchell
Third: Nancy Kerr
Second: Shirley McKendry
Lead: Wendy Leach

Yellowknife CC, Yellowknife

Skip: Cathy Shaw
Third: Donna Alexander
Second: Lee Brooks
Lead: Marilyn Paradis



Teams to Playoffs
Teams to Tie-Breakers
Locale Skip W L
 Nova Scotia Colleen Jones 91
 Ontario Christine Bodogh 64
 Saskatchewan Marj Mitchell 64
 Alberta Barbara Davis 64
 British Columbia Joan Dexter 64
 Northwest Territories/ Yukon Cathy Shaw 55
 Manitoba Donna Brownridge 46
Newfoundland Sue Anne Bartlett 46
 Quebec Dorothy Crowe 46
 New Brunswick Denise Lavigne 46
 Prince Edward Island Elayne Thomson 19



  Semifinal     Final
    1  Nova Scotia 5
  2  Ontario 7     3  Saskatchewan 6
  3  Saskatchewan 8  


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