1979 in Australian television

This article is a summary of 1979 in Australian television.

List of years in Australian television



Program Network Debut date
60 Minutes Nine Network 11 February
Doctor Down Under Seven Network 12 February
Prisoner The 0-10 Network 27 February
The Oracle ABC 12 March
Golden Soak ABC 13 March
Bailey's Bird Seven Network 25 March
ARVO ABC 2 April
Patrol Boat ABC 28 June
Carrots Seven Network 2 July
Skyways Seven Network 9 July
Ride on Stranger ABC 15 July
Top Mates ABC 16 July
Earthwatch ABC 13 August
Simon Townsend's Wonder World The 0-10 Network 3 September
Shirl's Neighbourhood Seven Network 1979
Wombat BTQ-7 1979
The World Around Us Seven Network 1979

New International Programming

Television shows




Ending this year

12 January Cuckoo in the Nest Seven Network 22 December 1978
18 February Chopper Squad The 0-10 Network 5 November 1976
24 February Glenview High Seven Network 27 September 1977
1979 ARVO ABC 2 April 1979
1979 Super Flying Fun Show Nine Network 1970

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