1978 NHL Amateur Draft

The 1978 NHL Amateur Draft occurred at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal, Quebec on June 15, 1978. It was the last draft to be called the "Amateur Draft" before the process was renamed to the NHL Entry Draft in 1979. Players were drafted at 20 years of age in 1978.

1978 NHL Amateur Draft
General information
Date(s)June 15, 1978
LocationMontreal, Quebec
First selection Bobby Smith
Selected by: Minnesota North Stars

Selections by round

Below are listed the selections in the 1978 NHL Amateur Draft. The Washington Capitals chose to take an extra pick in the first round instead of participating in the Dispersal Draft (Tim Coulis), and were allowed to pick in Cleveland's position in the second round to complete the Bob Girard/Walt McKechnie trade.[1] The New York Islanders had traded their fourth round selection to Cleveland, so that pick was forfeited.[2]

= NHL All-Star[3] = NHL All-Star[3] and NHL All-Star Team = Hall of Famers

Club teams are located in North America unless otherwise noted.

Round one

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
1Bobby SmithCentre CanadaMinnesota North StarsOttawa 67's (OHL)
2Ryan WalterCentre CanadaWashington CapitalsSeattle Breakers (WCHL)
3Wayne BabychRight Wing CanadaSt. Louis BluesPortland Winterhawks (WCHL)
4Bill DerlagoCentre CanadaVancouver CanucksBrandon Wheat Kings (WCHL)
5Mike GillisLeft Wing CanadaColorado RockiesKingston Canadians (OMJHL)
6Behn WilsonDefence CanadaPhiladelphia FlyersKingston Canadians (OMJHL)
7Ken LinsemanCentre CanadaPhiladelphia FlyersBirmingham Bulls (WHA)
8Dan GeoffrionRight Wing CanadaMontreal CanadiensCornwall Royals (QMJHL)
9Willie HuberDefence CanadaDetroit Red WingsHamilton Fincups (OMJHL)
10Tim HigginsRight Wing CanadaChicago Black HawksOttawa 67's (OMJHL)
11Brad MarshDefence CanadaAtlanta FlamesLondon Knights (OMJHL)
12Brent PetersonCentre CanadaDetroit Red WingsPortland Winterhawks (WCHL)
13Larry PlayfairDefence CanadaBuffalo SabresPortland Winterhawks (WCHL)
14Danny LucasRight Wing CanadaPhiladelphia FlyersSault-Ste.-Marie Greyhounds (OMJHL)
15Steve TambelliniCentre CanadaNew York IslandersLethbridge Broncos (WCHL)
16Al SecordLeft Wing CanadaBoston BruinsHamilton Fincups (OMJHL)
17Dave HunterLeft Wing CanadaMontreal CanadiensSudbury Wolves (OMJHL)
18Tim CoulisLeft Wing CanadaWashington CapitalsHamilton Fincups (OMJHL)
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Round two

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
19Steve PayneLeft Wing CanadaMinnesota North StarsOttawa 67's (OMJHL)
20Paul MulveyLeft Wing CanadaWashington CapitalsPortland Winterhawks (WCHL)
21Joel QuennevilleDefence CanadaToronto Maple LeafsWindsor Spitfires (OMJHL)
22Curt FraserLeft Wing Canada/
 United States
Vancouver CanucksVictoria Cougars (WCHL)
23Paul MacKinnonDefence CanadaWashington CapitalsPeterborough Petes (OMJHL)
24Steve ChristoffCentre United StatesMinnesota North StarsUniversity of Minnesota (WCHA)
25Mike MeekerCentre CanadaPittsburgh PenguinsPeterborough Petes (OMJHL)
26Don MaloneyLeft Wing CanadaNew York RangersKitchener Rangers (OMJHL)
27Merlin MalinowskiCentre CanadaColorado RockiesMedicine Hat Tigers (WCHL)
28Glenn HicksLeft Wing CanadaDetroit Red WingsFlin-Flon Bombers (WCHL)
29Doug LecuyerLeft Wing CanadaChicago Black HawksPortland Winterhawks (WCHL)
30Dale YakiwchukCentre CanadaMontreal CanadiensPortland Winterhawks (WCHL)
31Al JensenGoaltender CanadaDetroit Red WingsHamilton Fincups (OMJHL)
32Tony McKegneyLeft Wing CanadaBuffalo SabresKingston Canadians (OMJHL)
33Mike SimurdaRight Wing CanadaPhiladelphia FlyersKingston Canadians (OMJHL)
34Randy JohnstonDefence CanadaNew York IslandersPeterborough Petes (OMJHL)
35Graeme NicolsonDefence CanadaBoston BruinsCornwall Royals (QMJHL)
36Ron CarterRight Wing CanadaMontreal CanadiensSherbrooke Castors (QMJHL)
Reference: "1978 NHL Amateur Draft hockeydraftcentral.com". Retrieved 11 January 2009.

Round three

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
37Gord SaltRight Wing CanadaPhiladelphia FlyersMichigan Technological University (WCHA)
38Glen CurrieCentre CanadaWashington CapitalsLaval National (QMJHL)
39Steve HarrisonDefence CanadaSt. Louis BluesToronto Marlboros (OMJHL)
40Stan SmylRight Wing CanadaVancouver CanucksNew Westminster Bruins (WCHL)
41Paul MessierCentre CanadaColorado RockiesUniversity of Denver (WCHA)
42Richard DavidLeft Wing CanadaMontreal CanadiensTrois-Rivières Draveurs (QMJHL)
43Ray MarkhamCentre CanadaNew York RangersFlin Flon Bombers (WCHL)
44Dean TurnerDefence United StatesNew York RangersUniversity of Michigan (WCHA)
45Jay JohnstonDefence CanadaWashington CapitalsHamilton Fincups (OMJHL)
46Rick PatersonCentre CanadaChicago Black HawksCornwall Royals (QMJHL)
47Tim BernhardtGoaltender CanadaAtlanta FlamesCornwall Royals (QMJHL)
48Mark KirtonCentre CanadaToronto Maple LeafsPeterborough Petes (OMJHL)
49Rob McClanahanCentre United StatesBuffalo SabresUniversity of Minnesota (WCHA)
50Glen CochraneDefence CanadaPhiladelphia FlyersVictoria Cougars (WCHL)
51Dwayne LowdermilkDefence CanadaNew York IslandersSeattle Breakers (WCHL)
52Brad KnelsonDefence CanadaBoston BruinsLethbridge Broncos (WCHL)
53Doug DerksonCentre CanadaDetroit Red WingsNew Westminster Bruins (WCHL)
Reference: "1978 NHL Amateur Draft hockeydraftcentral.com". Retrieved 11 January 2009.

Round four

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
54Curt GilesDefence CanadaMinnesota North StarsUniversity of Minnesota-Duluth (WCHA)
55Bengt GustafssonRight Wing SwedenWashington CapitalsFärjestad BK Karlstad (SEL)
56Harald LucknerCentre SwedenVancouver CanucksFärjestad BK Karlstad (SEL)
57Brad SmithRight Wing CanadaVancouver CanucksSudbury Wolves (OMJHL)
58Dave WatsonLeft Wing CanadaColorado RockiesSault-Ste.-Marie Greyhounds (OMJHL)
59Dave SilkRight Wing United StatesNew York RangersBoston University (ECAC)
60Andre DoreDefence CanadaNew York RangersQuebec Remparts (QMJHL)
61Shane PearsallLeft Wing CanadaPittsburgh PenguinsOttawa 67's (OMJHL)
62Bjorn SkaareCentre NorwayDetroit Red WingsOttawa 67's (OMJHL)
63Brian YoungDefence CanadaChicago Black HawksNew Westminster Bruins (WCHL)
64Jim MacRaeLeft Wing CanadaAtlanta FlamesLondon Knights (OMJHL)
65Bob ParentGoaltender CanadaToronto Maple LeafsKitchener Rangers (OMJHL)
66Mike GazdicDefence CanadaBuffalo SabresSudbury Wolves (OMJHL)
67Russ WildermanCentre CanadaPhiladelphia FlyersSeattle Breakers (WCHL)
68George BuatRight Wing CanadaBoston BruinsSeattle Breakers (WCHL)
69Kevin ReevesCentre CanadaMontreal CanadiensMontreal Juniors (QMJHL)
Reference: "1978 NHL Amateur Draft hockeydraftcentral.com". Retrieved 11 January 2009.

Round five

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
70Roy KerlingLeft Wing CanadaMinnesota North StarsCornell University (ECAC)
71Lou FranceschettiLeft Wing CanadaWashington CapitalsNiagara Falls Flyers (OMJHL)
72Kevin WillisonDefence CanadaSt. Louis BluesBillings Bighorns (WCHL)
73Tim ThomlisonGoaltender CanadaColorado RockiesBillings Bighorns (WCHL)
74Rod GuimontRight Wing CanadaColorado RockiesLethbridge Broncos (WCHL)
75Rob GarnerCentre CanadaPittsburgh PenguinsToronto Marlboros (OMJHL)
76Mike McDougalRight Wing United StatesNew York RangersPort Huron Flags (IHL)
77Paul ManciniLeft Wing CanadaLos Angeles KingsSault Ste. Marie Greyhounds (OMJHL)
78Ted NolanCentre CanadaDetroit Red WingsToronto Marlboros (OMJHL)
79Mark MurphyLeft Wing CanadaChicago Black HawksSault Ste. Marie Greyhounds (OMJHL)
80Gord WappelDefence CanadaAtlanta FlamesRegina Pats (WCHL)
81Jordy DouglasLeft Wing CanadaToronto Maple LeafsFlin Flon Bombers (WCHL)
82Randy IrelandGoaltender CanadaBuffalo SabresFlint Generals (IHL)
83Brad TamblynDefence CanadaPhiladelphia FlyersUniversity of Toronto (CIAU)
84Greg HayLeft Wing United StatesNew York IslandersPortland Winterhawks (WCHL)
85Daryl MacLeodLeft Wing United StatesBoston BruinsBoston University (ECAC)
86Mike BoydDefence CanadaMontreal CanadiensSault Ste. Marie Greyhounds (OMJHL)
Reference: "1978 NHL Amateur Draft hockeydraftcentral.com". Retrieved 11 January 2009.

Round six

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
87Bob BergloffDefence United StatesMinnesota North StarsUniversity of Minnesota (WCHA)
88Vince MagnanLeft Wing CanadaWashington CapitalsUniversity of Denver (WCHA)
89Jim NillRight Wing CanadaSt. Louis BluesMedicine Hat Tigers (WCHL)
90Gerry MinorCentre CanadaVancouver CanucksRegina Pats (WCHL)
91John HynesGoaltender United StatesColorado RockiesHarvard University (ECAC)
92Mel HewittDefence CanadaToronto Maple LeafsCalgary Wranglers (WCHL)
93Tom LaidlawDefence CanadaNew York RangersNorthern Michigan University (CCHA)
94Doug KeansGoaltender CanadaLos Angeles KingsOshawa Generals (OMJHL)
95Sylvain LocasCentre CanadaDetroit Red WingsSherbrooke Castors (QMJHL)
96Dave FeamsterDefence United StatesChicago Black HawksColorado College (WCHA)
97Greg MeredithRight Wing CanadaAtlanta FlamesUniversity of Notre Dame (WCHA)
98Norm LefebvreRight Wing CanadaToronto Maple LeafsTrois-Rivières Draveurs (QMJHL)
99Cam MacGregorLeft Wing CanadaBuffalo SabresCornwall Royals (QMJHL)
100Mark TaylorCentre CanadaPhiladelphia FlyersUniversity of North Dakota (WCHA)
101Kelly DavisDefence CanadaNew York IslandersFlin Flon Bombers (WCHL)
102Jeff BrubakerLeft Wing United StatesBoston BruinsPeterborough Petes (OMJHL)
103Keith ActonCentre CanadaMontreal CanadiensPeterborough Petes (OMJHL)
Reference: "1978 NHL Amateur Draft hockeydraftcentral.com". Retrieved 11 January 2009.

Round seven

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
104Kim SpencerDefence CanadaMinnesota North StarsVictoria Cougars (WCHL)
105Mats HallinLeft Wing SwedenWashington CapitalsSödertälje SK (Sweden)
106Steve StockmanCentre CanadaSt. Louis BluesCornwall Royals (QMJHL)
107Dave RossLeft Wing CanadaVancouver CanucksPortland Winterhawks (WCHL)
108Andy ClarkDefence CanadaColorado RockiesLake Superior State University (CCHA)
109Paul MacLeanRight Wing CanadaSt. Louis BluesHull Olympiques (QMJHL)
110Dan ClarkDefence CanadaNew York RangersMilwaukee Admirals (IHL)
111Don WaddellDefence United StatesLos Angeles KingsNorthern Michigan University (CCHA)
112Wes GeorgeLeft Wing CanadaDetroit Red WingsSaskatoon Blades (WCHL)
113Dave MancusoDefence CanadaChicago Black HawksWindsor Spitfires (OMJHL)
114Dave HindmarchRight Wing CanadaAtlanta FlamesUniversity of Alberta (CIAU)
115John ScammellDefence CanadaToronto Maple LeafsLethbridge Broncos (WCHL)
116Dan EastmanCentre CanadaBuffalo SabresPeterborough Petes (OMJHL)
117Mike EwanouskiRight Wing United StatesPhiladelphia FlyersBoston College (ECAC)
118Richard PepinLeft Wing CanadaNew York IslandersLaval National (QMJHL)
119Murray SkinnerGoaltender CanadaBoston BruinsLake Superior State University (CCHA)
120Jim LawsonRight Wing CanadaMontreal CanadiensBrown University (ECAC)
Reference:"1978 NHL Amateur Draft hockeydraftcentral.com". Retrieved 11 January 2009.

Round eight

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
121Mike CotterDefence CanadaMinnesota North StarsBowling Green University (CCHA)
122Rich SiroisGoaltender CanadaWashington CapitalsMilwaukee Admirals (IHL)
123Denis HouleRight Wing CanadaSt. Louis BluesHamilton Fincups (OMJHL)
124Steve O'NeillLeft Wing United StatesVancouver CanucksProvidence College (ECAC))
125John OlverRight Wing CanadaColorado RockiesUniversity of Michigan (WCHA)
126Jerry PriceGoaltender CanadaPhiladelphia FlyersPortland Winterhawks (WCHL)
127Greg KostenkoDefence CanadaNew York RangersOhio State University (CCHA)
128Rob MierkalnsCentre CanadaLos Angeles KingsHamilton Fincups (OMJHL)
129John BarrettDefence CanadaDetroit Red WingsWindsor Spitfires (OMJHL)
130Sandy RossDefence CanadaChicago Black HawksColgate University (ECAC)
131Dave MorrisonRight Wing CanadaAtlanta FlamesCalgary Wranglers (WCHL)
132Kevin ReinhartDefence CanadaToronto Maple LeafsKitchener Rangers (OMJHL)
133Eric StrobelCentre United StatesBuffalo SabresUniversity of Minnesota (WCHA)
134Darre SwitzerCentre CanadaPhiladelphia FlyersMedicine Hat Tigers (WCHL)
135Dave CameronCentre CanadaNew York IslandersUniversity of Prince Edward Island (CIAU)
136Bobby HehirCentre United StatesBoston BruinsBoston College (ECAC)
137Larry LandonRight Wing CanadaMontreal CanadiensRensselaer Polytechnic Institute (ECAC)
Reference: "1978 NHL Amateur Draft hockeydraftcentral.com". Retrieved 11 January 2009.

Round nine

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
138Brent GogolRight Wing CanadaMinnesota North StarsBillings Bighorns (WCHL)
139Denis PomerleauRight Wing CanadaWashington CapitalsTrois-Rivières Draveurs (QMJHL)
140Tony MeagherRight Wing CanadaSt. Louis BluesBoston University (ECAC)
141Charlie AntetomasoDefence United StatesVancouver CanucksBoston College (ECAC)
142Kevin KrookDefence CanadaColorado RockiesRegina Pats (WCHL)
143Rick SimpsonRight Wing CanadaSt. Louis BluesMedicine Hat Tigers (WCHL)
144Brian McDavidDefence CanadaNew York RangersKitchener Rangers (OMJHL)
145Rick ScullyLeft Wing CanadaLos Angeles KingsBrown University (ECAC)
146Jim MalazdrewiczLeft Wing CanadaDetroit Red WingsSt. Boniface Saints (MJHL)
147Mark LockenGoaltender CanadaChicago Black HawksNiagara Falls Flyers (OMJHL)
148Doug ToddRight Wing CanadaAtlanta FlamesUniversity of Michigan (WCHA)
149Mike WaghorneDefence United StatesToronto Maple LeafsUniversity of New Hampshire (ECAC)
150Eugene O'SullivanCentre CanadaBuffalo SabresCalgary Wranglers (WCHL)
151Greg FrancisDefence CanadaPhiladelphia FlyersSt. Lawrence University (ECAC)
152Paul JoswiakGoaltender United StatesNew York IslandersUniversity of Minnesota (WCHA)
153Craig MacTavishCentre CanadaBoston BruinsUniversity of Massachusetts Lowell (ECAC)
154Kevin ConstantineGoaltender United StatesMontreal CanadiensRensselaer Polytechnic Institute (ECAC)
Reference: "1978 NHL Amateur Draft hockeydraftcentral.com". Retrieved 11 January 2009.

Round ten

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
155Mike SeideLeft Wing United StatesMinnesota North StarsBloomington Junior Stars (USHL)
156Barry HeardGoaltender CanadaWashington CapitalsLondon Knights (OMJHL)
157Jim LockhurstGoaltender CanadaSt. Louis BluesKingston Canadians (OMJHL)
158Richard MartensGoaltender CanadaVancouver CanucksNew Westminster Bruins (WCHL)
159Jeff JensenLeft Wing United StatesColorado RockiesLake Superior State University (CCHA)
160Bob FroeseGoaltender CanadaSt. Louis BluesNiagara Falls Flyers (OMJHL)
161Mark RodriguesGoaltender United StatesNew York RangersYale University (ECAC)
162Brad ThiessenCentre CanadaLos Angeles KingsToronto Marlboros (OMJHL)
163Geoff ShawRight Wing CanadaDetroit Red WingsHamilton Fincups (OMJHL)
164Glenn VanDefence United StatesChicago Black HawksColorado College (WCHA)
165Mark GreenCentre United StatesAtlanta FlamesSherbrooke Castors (QMJHL)
166Laurie CuvelierDefence CanadaToronto Maple LeafsSt. Francis Xavier University (CIAU)
167Rick BerardDefence CanadaPhiladelphia FlyersSt. Mary's University (CIAU)
168Don LuciaDefence United StatesPhiladelphia FlyersUniversity of Notre Dame (WCHA)
169Scott CameronDefence CanadaNew York IslandersUniversity of Notre Dame (WCHA)
170Dan LergCentre United StatesSt. Louis BluesUniversity of Michigan (WCHA)
171John SwanCentre CanadaMontreal CanadiensMcGill University (CIAU)
Reference: "1978 NHL Amateur Draft hockeydraftcentral.com". Retrieved 11 January 2009.

Round eleven

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
172Mark ToffoloDefence United StatesWashington CapitalsPort Huron Flags (IHL)
173Risto SiltanenDefence FinlandSt. Louis BluesIlves (Finland)
174Bo EricsonDefence SwedenColorado RockiesAIK (Sweden)
175Dan HermanssonLeft Wing SwedenSt. Louis BluesKarlskoga (Sweden)
176Steve WeeksGoaltender CanadaNew York RangersNorthern Michigan University (CCHA)
177Jim ArmstrongLeft Wing United StatesLos Angeles KingsClarkson University (ECAC)
178Carl Van HarrewynDefence CanadaDetroit Red WingsNew Westminster Bruins (WCHL)
179Darryl SutterLeft Wing CanadaChicago Black HawksLethbridge Broncos (WCHL)
180Bob SullivanLeft Wing CanadaAtlanta FlamesToledo Goaldiggers (IHL)
181Jean-Francois BoutinLeft Wing CanadaSt. Louis BluesVerdun Eperviers (QMJHL)
182Mark BergeDefence United StatesPhiladelphia FlyersUniversity of North Dakota (WCHA)
183Ken MooreGoaltender United StatesPhiladelphia FlyersClarkson University (ECAC)
184Christer LowdahlCentre SwedenNew York IslandersÖrebro (Sweden)
185John SullivanRight Wing United StatesSt. Louis BluesProvidence College (ECAC)
186Daniel MetivierRight Wing CanadaMontreal CanadiensHull Olympiques (QMJHL)
Reference: "1978 NHL Amateur Draft hockeydraftcentral.com". Retrieved 11 January 2009.

Round twelve

Ladislav Svozil was the first Czechoslovakian player drafted in the history of the NHL Draft. The Red Wings selected Svozil in the 12th round.[4] Bernhardt Engelbrecht was the first German player drafted in the history of the NHL Draft. The Flames selected him in the 12th round.[4]

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
187Paul HoganLeft Wing CanadaWashington CapitalsRegina Pats (WCHL)
188Serge MenardRight Wing CanadaSt. Louis BluesMontreal Juniors (QMJHL)
189Steve BargerRight Wing United StatesWashington CapitalsBoston College (ECAC)
190Jari ViitalaCentre FinlandColorado RockiesIlves (Finland)
191Don BoydDefence CanadaSt. Louis BluesRensselaer Polytechnic Institute (ECAC)
192Pierre DaigneaultLeft Wing CanadaNew York RangersCégep de Saint-Laurent (CIAU)
193Claude LarochelleCentre CanadaLos Angeles KingsHull Olympiques (QMJHL)
194Ladislav SvozilLeft Wing CzechoslovakiaDetroit Red WingsHC Vitkovice (Czechoslovakia)
195Jim OlsonCentre United StatesPhiladelphia FlyersSt. Paul Vulcans (USHL)
196Bernhard EngelbrechtGoaltender West GermanyAtlanta FlamesEV Landshut (West Germany)
197Paul StasiukLeft Wing CanadaSt. Louis BluesProvidence College (ECAC)
198Anton StastnyLeft Wing CzechoslovakiaPhiladelphia FlyersHC Bratislava (Czechoslovakia)
199Gunnar PerssonDefence SwedenNew York IslandersBrynäs IF Gävle (Sweden)
200Gerd TruntschkaCentre West GermanySt. Louis BluesEV Cologne (West Germany)
201Viacheslav FetisovDefence Soviet UnionMontreal CanadiensCSKA Moscow (Russia)
Reference: "1978 NHL Amateur Draft hockeydraftcentral.com". Retrieved 11 January 2009.

Round thirteen

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
202Rod PacholzukDefence CanadaWashington CapitalsUniversity of Michigan (WCHA)
203Viktor ShkurdyukRight Wing Soviet UnionSt. Louis BluesLeningrad (USSR)
204Ulf ZetterstromLeft Wing SwedenColorado RockiesKiruna (Sweden)
205Carl BloombergGoaltender United StatesSt. Louis BluesSt. Louis University (CCHA)
206Chris McLaughlinDefence United StatesNew York RangersDartmouth College (ECAC)
207Terry KitchingLeft Wing CanadaSt. Louis BluesSt. Louis University (CCHA)
208Tom BaileyRight Wing CanadaDetroit Red WingsKingston Canadians (OMJHL)
209Brian O'ConnorDefence United StatesSt. Louis BluesBoston University (ECAC)
210Brian CrombeenDefence CanadaSt. Louis BluesKingston Canadians (OMJHL)
211Mike PidgeonCentre CanadaSt. Louis BluesOshawa Generals (OMJHL)
212Jeff MarsRight Wing United StatesMontreal CanadiensUniversity of Michigan (WCHA)
Reference: "1978 NHL Amateur Draft hockeydraftcentral.com". Retrieved 11 January 2009.

Round fourteen

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
213Wes JarvisCentre CanadaWashington CapitalsWindsor Spitfires (OMJHL)
214John CochraneRight Wing United StatesSt. Louis BluesHarvard University (ECAC)
215Ray IrwinDefence CanadaWashington CapitalsOshawa Generals (OMJHL)
216Joe CaseyDefence United StatesSt. Louis BluesBoston College (ECAC)
217Todd JohnsonCentre United StatesNew York RangersBoston University (ECAC)
218Jim FarrellCentre United StatesSt. Louis BluesPrinceton University (ECAC)
219Larry LozinskiGoaltender CanadaDetroit Red WingsFlin-Flon Bombers (WCHL)
220Frank JohnsonDefence United StatesSt. Louis BluesProvidence College (ECAC)
221Blair WheelerDefence CanadaSt. Louis BluesYale University (ECAC)
222Greg TignanelliLeft Wing United StatesMontreal CanadiensNorthern Michigan University (CCHA)
Reference: "1978 NHL Amateur Draft hockeydraftcentral.com". Retrieved 11 January 2009.

Round fifteen

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
223Dan McCarthyCentre CanadaNew York RangersSudbury Wolves (OMJHA)
224Randy BettyLeft Wing CanadaDetroit Red WingsNew Westminster Bruins (WCHL)
225George GoulakosLeft Wing CanadaMontreal CanadiensSt. Lawrence University (ECAC)
Reference: "1978 NHL Amateur Draft hockeydraftcentral.com". Retrieved 11 January 2009.

Round sixteen

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
226Brian CrawleyDefence CanadaDetroit Red WingsSt. Lawrence University (ECAC)
227Ken MoodieRight Wing CanadaMontreal CanadiensColgate University (ECAC)
Reference: "1978 NHL Amateur Draft hockeydraftcentral.com". Retrieved 11 January 2009.

Round seventeen

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
228Doug FeasbyCentre CanadaDetroit Red WingsToronto Marlboros (OMJHL)
229Serge LeBlancDefence CanadaMontreal CanadiensUniversity of Vermont (ECAC)
Reference: "1978 NHL Amateur Draft hockeydraftcentral.com". Retrieved 11 January 2009.

Round eighteen

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
230Bob MagnusonCentre United StatesMontreal CanadiensMerrimack College (ECAC)
Reference: "1978 NHL Amateur Draft hockeydraftcentral.com". Retrieved 11 January 2009.

Round nineteen

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
231Chris NilanRight Wing United StatesMontreal CanadiensNortheastern University (ECAC)
Reference: "1978 NHL Amateur Draft hockeydraftcentral.com". Retrieved 11 January 2009.

Round twenty

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
232Rick WilsonGoaltender CanadaMontreal CanadiensSt. Lawrence University (ECAC)
Reference: "1978 NHL Amateur Draft hockeydraftcentral.com". Retrieved 11 January 2009.

Round twenty one

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
233Louis SleigherRight Wing CanadaMontreal CanadiensChicoutimi Saguenéens (QMJHL)
Reference: "1978 NHL Amateur Draft hockeydraftcentral.com". Retrieved 11 January 2009.

Round twenty two

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
234Douglas RobbRight Wing CanadaMontreal CanadiensBillings Bighorns (WCHL)
Reference: "1978 NHL Amateur Draft hockeydraftcentral.com". Retrieved 11 January 2009.
= NHL All-Star[3] = Hall of Famers

Draftees based on nationality

Rank Country Amount
North America217
1 Canada170
2 United States47
3 Sweden8
4 Czechoslovakia2
 Soviet Union2
 West Germany2
5 Norway1


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