1978 Macdonald Lassies Championship

The 1978 Macdonald Lassies Championship, the Canadian women's curling championship was held February 26-March 2, 1978, at the Memorial Gardens in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.[1][2]

The 1978 event was the last women's championship to not have a playoff. The team with the best record after the round robin would win the championship. It was also the last event before the creation of a Women's World Curling Championship.


Alberta British Columbia Manitoba
Edmonton Thistle CC, Edmonton

Skip: Betty Cole
Third: Liz Gemmell
Second: Anne McGarvey
Lead: Shirley Fisk

Richmond CC, Richmond

Skip: Heather Haywood
Third: Bernice McCallan
Second: Shirley Snihur
Lead: Una Goodyear

Stony Mountain CC, Stony Mountain

Skip: Cathy Pidzarko
Third: Chris Pidzarko
Second: Iris Armstrong
Lead: Patti Vanderkerckhove

New Brunswick Newfoundland Nova Scotia
Bathurst Curling Club, Bathurst

Skip: Karen McDermott
Third: Gisele Shaw
Second: Ilona Schnarr
Lead: Lillian Lavigne

Carol CC, Labrador City[3]

Skip: Sue Anne Bartlett
Third: Patricia Dwyer
Second: Joyce Butt
Lead: Mavis Pike

Dartmouth CC, Dartmouth

Skip: Penny LaRocque
Third: Brenda Shutt
Second: Charmaine Murray
Lead: Wendy Conrad

Ontario Prince Edward Island Quebec
Forest City CC, London

Skip: Sheila Seltzer
Third: Louise Davison
Second: Jane Chalmers
Lead: Marlene Linton

Charlottetown CC, Charlottetown

Skip: Gloria Basha
Third: Marilyn Sutherland
Second: Wilma McLure
Lead: Marion Basha

Montreal Caledonia CC, Westmount

Skip: Carole Topp
Third: Nicole Labelle
Second: Katherine Randall
Lead: Ann Delage

Saskatchewan Northwest Territories/Yukon
Hub City CC, Saskatoon

Skip: Charlene Goodwin
Third: Holly Webster
Second: Nancy Bint
Lead: Betty Fairweather

Yellowknife CC, Yellowknife

Skip: Donna Alexander
Third: Doris Sekulich
Second: Cecille Ward
Lead: Dora Delmage


Final round robin standings[4]

Locale Skip W L
 Manitoba Cathy Pidzarko 73
 Nova Scotia Penny LaRocque 64
 Alberta Betty Cole 64
 British Columbia Heather Haywood 64
Newfoundland Sue Anne Bartlett 55
 Prince Edward Island Gloria Basha 55
 New Brunswick Karen McDermott 55
 Ontario Sheila Seltzer 55
 Saskatchewan Charlene Goodwin 46
 Quebec Carole Topp 46
 Northwest Territories/ Yukon/ Donna Alexander 28


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