1976 American Soccer League

Statistics of American Soccer League II in season 1976.

American Soccer League
-1976 Season-
ChampionsLos Angeles Skyhawks
PremiersLos Angeles Skyhawks
Top goalscorerJim Hinch (13)
José Neto

League standings

Scoring system is as follows: Teams are awarded five points for a win and two points for a draw. Teams earn a bonus point for each goal scored up to three.
G = games played, W = wins, D = draws, L = losses, GF = goal for, GA = goals against, BP = bonus points, PTS = points

Eastern Division GWDLGFGABPPTS
New York Apollo21103829252985
Rhode Island Oceaneers2193931233182
#Chicago Cats20103725222480
#Cleveland Cobras2084827322680
Connecticut Yankees21901235403075
New Jersey Americans21641126382563
Los Angeles Skyhawks211362411535112
Tacoma Tides21106540233193
*Utah Golden Spikers/Pioneers20103728222884
Oakland Buccaneers18621029392559
Sacramento Spirits21431425522551

#Chicago Cats were declared by ASL commissioner Bob Cousy to have forfeited an unplayed, season-ending match against Cleveland. The forfeit leveled the two teams with 80 points. At the same time Commissioner Cousy controversially gave the final playoff spot to Cleveland, even though Chicago held the first two tiebreakers; wins and goal-differential.[1][2][3]

*Golden Spikers expelled from league during the season and replaced by Pioneers franchise.[4]



  Division semifinals     Division finals     ASL Championship
        W1 Los Angeles Skyhawks 2  
  W2 Tacoma Tides 2     W2 Tacoma Tides 1    
  W3 Utah Pioneers 1         W1 Los Angeles Skyhawks 2
      E1 New York Apollo 1
        E1 New York Apollo 2    
  E2 Rhode Island Oceaneers 2     E2 Rhode Island Oceaneers 1  
  E3 Cleveland Cobras 1  

Division semifinals

August 19 Tacoma Tides 2–1 Utah Pioneers Cheney Stadium • Att. ???

August 20 Rhode Island Oceaneers 2–1 Cleveland Cobras Pierce Memorial Field • Att. ???

Division finals

August 21 New York Apollo 2–1 Rhode Island Oceaneers Hofstra Stadium • Att. ???

August 21 Los Angeles Skyhawks 2–1(OT) Tacoma Tides Birmingham Stadium • Att. 7,778

Championship final

Los Angeles Skyhawks (CA)2–1New York Apollo (NY)
Alty McKenzie  (1st Half)'
Jimmy Hinch  70' (Rolland)
Ane Mihailovich  83' (pen.)
Report Danny Doran  38'
Attendance: 9,379
Referee: (USA)


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