1975 NHL Amateur Draft

The 1975 NHL Amateur Draft was held at the NHL office in Montreal, Quebec. The two-time defending Stanley Cup champion Philadelphia Flyers made the most noise at the draft, trading Bill Clement, Don McLean, and the 18th overall pick to the Washington Capitals for the number one overall selection, which they used to select Mel Bridgman. Later in round nine the Flyers became the first NHL team to select a Soviet-born and trained player in the Amateur Draft, selecting Latvian Viktor Khatulev 160th overall.[1]

1975 NHL Amateur Draft
General information
Date(s)June 3, 1975
LocationMontreal, Quebec
First selection Mel Bridgman
Selected by: Philadelphia Flyers

Selections by round

Below are listed the selections in the 1975 NHL Amateur Draft.

= NHL All-Star Team = NHL All-Star[2] = NHL All-Star[2] and NHL All-Star Team

Round one

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
1Mel BridgmanCentre CanadaPhiladelphia FlyersVictoria Cougars (WCHL)
2Barry DeanLeft Wing CanadaKansas City ScoutsMedicine Hat Tigers (WCHL)
3Ralph KlassenForward CanadaCalifornia Golden SealsSaskatoon Blades (WCHL)
4Bryan MaxwellDefence CanadaMinnesota North StarsMedicine Hat Tigers (WCHL)
5Rick LapointeDefence CanadaDetroit Red WingsVictoria Cougars (WCHL)
6Don AshbyCentre CanadaToronto Maple LeafsCalgary Centennials (WCHL)
7Greg VaydikForward CanadaChicago Black HawksMedicine Hat Tigers (WCHL)
8Richard MulhernDefence CanadaAtlanta FlamesSherbrooke Castors (QMJHL)
9Robin SadlerDefence CanadaMontreal CanadiensEdmonton Oil Kings (WCHL)
10Rick BlightRight Wing CanadaVancouver CanucksBrandon Wheat Kings (WCHL)
11Pat PriceDefence CanadaNew York IslandersVancouver Blazers (WHA)
12Wayne DillonCentre CanadaNew York RangersToronto Toros (WHA)
13Gordon LaxtonGoaltender CanadaPittsburgh PenguinsNew Westminster Bruins (WCHL)
14Doug HalwardDefence CanadaBoston BruinsPeterborough Petes (OHJML)
15Pierre MondouForward CanadaMontreal CanadiensMontreal Bleu Blanc Rouge (QMJHL)
16Tim YoungForward CanadaLos Angeles KingsOttawa 67's (OHJML)
17Bob SauveGoaltender CanadaBuffalo SabresLaval National (QMJHL)
18Alex ForsythForward CanadaWashington CapitalsKingston Canadians (OHJML)
Reference: "1975 NHL Amateur Draft hockeydraftcentral.com". Archived from the original on 22 January 2009. Retrieved 23 December 2008.

Round two

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
19Peter ScamurraDefence United StatesWashington CapitalsPeterborough Petes (OMJHL)
20Don CairnsLeft Wing CanadaKansas City ScoutsVictoria Cougars (WCHL)
21Dennis MarukCentre CanadaCalifornia Golden SealsLondon Knights (OMJHL)
22Brian EngblomDefence CanadaMontreal CanadiensUniversity of Wisconsin (WCHA)
23Jerry RollinsDefence CanadaDetroit Red WingsWinnipeg Clubs (WCHL)
24Doug JarvisCentre CanadaToronto Maple LeafsPeterborough Petes (OMJHL)
25Danny ArndtLeft Wing CanadaChicago Black HawksSaskatoon Blades (WCHL)
26Rick BownessRight Wing CanadaAtlanta FlamesMontreal Blue Blanc Rouge (QMJHL)
27Ed StaniowskiGoaltender CanadaSt. Louis BluesRegina Pats (WCHL)
28Brad GassoffLeft Wing CanadaVancouver CanucksKamloops Chiefs (WCHL)
29Dave SalvianLeft Wing CanadaNew York IslandersSt. Catharines Black Hawks (OMJHL)
30Doug SoetaertGoaltender CanadaNew York RangersEdmonton Oil Kings (WCHL)
31Russ AndersonDefence United StatesPittsburgh PenguinsUniversity of Minnesota (WCHA)
32Barry SmithCentre CanadaBoston BruinsNew Westminster Bruins (WCHL)
33Terry BucykRight Wing CanadaLos Angeles KingsLethbridge Broncos (WCHL)
34Kelly GreenbankRight Wing CanadaMontreal CanadiensWinnipeg Clubs (WCHL)
35Ken BreitenbachDefence CanadaBuffalo SabresSt. Catharines Black Hawks (OMJHL)
36Jamie MastersDefence CanadaSt. Louis BluesOttawa 67's (OMJHL)
Reference: "1975 NHL Amateur Draft hockeydraftcentral.com". Retrieved 23 December 2008.

Round three

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
37Al CameronDefence CanadaDetroit Red WingsNew Westminster Bruins (WCHL)
38Neil LysengRight Wing CanadaKansas City ScoutsKamloops Chiefs (WCHL)
39John TweedleCentre CanadaCalifornia Golden SealsLake Superior State University (CCHA)
40Paul HarrisonGoaltender CanadaMinnesota North StarsOshawa Generals (OMJHL)
41Alex PirusRight Wing CanadaMinnesota North StarsUniversity of Notre Dame (WCHA)
42Bruce BoudreauCentre CanadaToronto Maple LeafsToronto Marlboros (OMJHL)
43Mike O'ConnellDefence United StatesChicago Black HawksKingston Canadians (OMJHL)
44Terry MartinLeft Wing CanadaBuffalo SabresLondon Knights (OMJHL)
45Blair DavidsonDefence CanadaDetroit Red WingsFlin Flon Bombers (WCHL)
46Norm LaPointeGoaltender CanadaVancouver CanucksTrois-Rivières Draveurs (QMJHL)
47Joe FortunatoLeft Wing CanadaNew York IslandersKitchener Rangers (OMJHL)
48Greg HickeyLeft Wing CanadaNew York RangersHamilton Fincups (OMJHL)
49Paul BaxterDefence CanadaPittsburgh PenguinsCleveland Crusaders (WHA)
50Clark HamiltonLeft Wing CanadaDetroit Red WingsUniversity of Notre Dame (WCHA)
51Paul WoodsCentre CanadaMontreal CanadiensSault Ste. Marie Greyhounds (OMJHL)
52Pat HughesRight Wing CanadaMontreal CanadiensUniversity of Michigan (WCHA)
53Gary McAdamRight Wing CanadaBuffalo SabresSt. Catharines Black Hawks (OMJHL)
54Bob RitchieLeft Wing CanadaPhiladelphia FlyersSorel Eperviers (QMJHL)
Reference: "1975 NHL Amateur Draft hockeydraftcentral.com". Retrieved 23 December 2008.

Round four

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
55Blair MacKaseyDefence CanadaWashington CapitalsMontreal Bleu Blanc Rouge (QMJHL)
56Ron DelormeCentre CanadaKansas City ScoutsLethbridge Broncos (WCHL)
57Greg SmithDefence CanadaCalifornia Golden SealsColorado College (WCHA)
58Steve JensenLeft Wing United StatesMinnesota North StarsMichigan Technological University (WCHA)
59Mike WirachowskyDefence CanadaDetroit Red WingsRegina Pats (WCHL)
60Rick AdduonoCentre CanadaBoston BruinsSt. Catharines Black Hawks (OMJHL)
61Pierre GirouxCentre CanadaChicago Black HawksHull Festivals (QMJHL)
62Dale RossCentre CanadaAtlanta FlamesOttawa 67's (OMJHL)
63Rick BourbonnaisRight Wing CanadaSt. Louis BluesOttawa 67's (OMJHL)
64Glen RichardsonLeft Wing CanadaVancouver CanucksHamilton Fincups (OMJHL)
65Andre LepageGoaltender CanadaNew York IslandersMontreal Bleu Blanc Rouge (QMJHL)
66Bill CheropitaGoaltender CanadaNew York RangersSt. Catharines Black Hawks (OMJHL)
67Stu YoungerLeft Wing CanadaPittsburgh PenguinsMichigan Technological University (WCHA)
68Denis DaigleLeft Wing CanadaBoston BruinsMontreal Bleu Blanc Rouge (QMJHL)
69Andre LeducDefence CanadaLos Angeles KingsSherbrooke Castors (QMJHL)
70Dave GormanRight Wing CanadaMontreal CanadiensPhoenix Roadrunners (WHA)
71Greg NeeldRight Wing CanadaBuffalo SabresCalgary Centennials (WCHL)
72Rick St. CroixGoaltender CanadaPhiladelphia FlyersOshawa Generals (OMJHL)
Reference: "1975 NHL Amateur Draft hockeydraftcentral.com". Retrieved 23 December 2008.

Round five

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
73Craig CrawfordRight Wing CanadaWashington CapitalsToronto Marlboros (OMJHL)
74Terry McDonaldDefence CanadaKansas City ScoutsKamloops Chiefs (WCHL)
75Doug YoungDefence CanadaCalifornia Golden SealsMichigan Technological University (WCHA)
76Dave NorrisLeft Wing CanadaMinnesota North StarsHamilton Fincups (OMJHL)
77Mike WongCentre United StatesDetroit Red WingsMontreal Bleu Blanc Rouge (QMJHL)
78Ted LongDefence CanadaToronto Maple LeafsHamilton Fincups (OMJHL)
79Bob HoffmeyerDefence CanadaChicago Black HawksSaskatoon Blades (WCHL)
80Willi PlettRight Wing CanadaAtlanta FlamesSt. Catharines Black Hawks (OMJHL)
81Jim GustafsonCentre CanadaSt. Louis BluesVictoria Cougars (WCHL)
82Doug MurrayLeft Wing CanadaVancouver CanucksBrandon Wheat Kings (WCHL)
83Denny McLeanLeft Wing CanadaNew York IslandersCalgary Centennials (WCHL)
84Larry HurasDefence CanadaNew York RangersKitchener Rangers (OMJHL)
85Kim ClacksonDefence CanadaPittsburgh PenguinsVictoria Cougars (WCHL)
86Stan JonathanLeft Wing CanadaBoston BruinsPeterborough Petes (OMJHL)
87Dave MigliaDefence CanadaLos Angeles KingsTrois-Rivières Draveurs (QMJHL)
88Jim TurkiewiczDefence CanadaMontreal CanadiensToronto Marlboros (WHA)
89Don EdwardsGoaltender CanadaBuffalo SabresKitchener Rangers (OMJHL)
90Gary MorrisonRight Wing United StatesPhiladelphia FlyersUniversity of Michigan (WCHA)
Reference: "1975 NHL Amateur Draft hockeydraftcentral.com". Retrieved 23 December 2008.

Round six

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
91Roger SwansonGoaltender CanadaWashington CapitalsFlin Flon Bombers (WCHL)
92Eric SandersonLeft Wing CanadaKansas City ScoutsVictoria Cougars (WCHL)
93Larry HendrickGoaltender CanadaCalifornia Golden SealsCalgary Centennials (WCHL)
94Greg ClauseRight Wing CanadaMinnesota North StarsHamilton Fincups (OMJHL)
95Mike HaraznyDefence CanadaDetroit Red WingsRegina Pats (WCHL)
96Kevin CampbellDefence CanadaToronto Maple LeafsSt. Lawrence University (ECAC)
97Tom UlsethRight Wing United StatesChicago Black HawksUniversity of Wisconsin (WCHA)
98Paul HeaverDefence CanadaAtlanta FlamesOshawa Generals (OMJHL)
99Jack BrownschidleDefence United StatesSt. Louis BluesUniversity of Notre Dame (WCHA)
100Bob WatsonRight Wing CanadaVancouver CanucksFlin Flon Bombers (WCHL)
101Mike SleepRight Wing CanadaNew York IslandersNew Westminster Bruins (WCHL)
102Randy KochLeft Wing United StatesNew York RangersUniversity of Vermont (ECAC)
103Peter MorrisLeft Wing CanadaPittsburgh PenguinsVictoria Cougars (WCHL)
104Matti HagmanCentre FinlandBoston BruinsHIFK (Finland)
105Bob RussellCentre CanadaLos Angeles KingsSudbury Wolves (OMJHL)
106Michel LachanceDefence CanadaMontreal CanadiensMontreal Bleu Blanc Rouge (QMJHL)
107Jim MinorLeft Wing CanadaBuffalo SabresRegina Pats (WCHL)
108Paul HolmgrenRight Wing United StatesPhiladelphia FlyersUniversity of Minnesota (WCHA)
Reference: "1975 NHL Amateur Draft hockeydraftcentral.com". Retrieved 23 December 2008.

Round seven

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
109Clark JantzieLeft Wing CanadaWashington CapitalsUniversity of Alberta (CIAU)
110Bill OleschukGoaltender CanadaKansas City ScoutsSaskatoon Blades (WCHL)
111Rick ShinskeCentre CanadaCalifornia Golden SealsNew Westminster Bruins (WCHL)
112Francois RobertDefence CanadaMinnesota North StarsSherbrooke Castors (QMJHL)
113Jean-Luc PhaneufCentre CanadaDetroit Red WingsMontreal Bleu Blanc Rouge (QMJHL)
114Mario RouillardRight Wing CanadaToronto Maple LeafsTrois-Rivières Draveurs (QMJHL)
115Ted BulleyLeft Wing CanadaChicago Black HawksHull Festivals (QMJHL)
116Dale McMullinLeft Wing CanadaAtlanta FlamesBrandon Wheat Kings (WCHL)
117Doug LindskogLeft Wing CanadaSt. Louis BluesUniversity of Michigan (WCHA)
118Brian ShmyrCentre CanadaVancouver CanucksNew Westminster Bruins (WCHL)
119Richie HansenCentre United StatesNew York IslandersSudbury Wolves (OMJHL)
120Claude LaroseLeft Wing CanadaNew York RangersSherbrooke Castors (QMJHL)
121Mike WillCentre CanadaPittsburgh PenguinsEdmonton Oil Kings (WCHL)
122Gary CarrGoaltender CanadaBoston BruinsToronto Marlboros (OMJHL)
123Dave FaulknerCentre CanadaLos Angeles KingsRegina Pats (WCHL)
124Tim BurkeDefence United StatesMontreal CanadiensUniversity of New Hampshire (ECAC)
125Grant RoweDefence CanadaBuffalo SabresOttawa 67's (OMJHL)
126Dana DeckerLeft Wing United StatesPhiladelphia FlyersMichigan Technological University (WCHA)
Reference: "1975 NHL Amateur Draft hockeydraftcentral.com". Retrieved 23 December 2008.

Round eight

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
127Mike FryiaLeft Wing CanadaWashington CapitalsPeterborough Petes (OMJHL)
128Joe BakerDefence United StatesKansas City ScoutsUniversity of Minnesota (WCHA)
129Doug SchoenfeldDefence CanadaCalifornia Golden SealsCambridge Hornets (OSAHA)
130Dean MageeLeft Wing CanadaMinnesota North StarsColorado College (WCHA)
131Steve CarlsonCentre United StatesDetroit Red WingsJohnstown Jets (NAHL)
132Ron WilsonDefence United States/
Toronto Maple LeafsProvidence College (ECAC)
133Paul JensenDefence United StatesChicago Black HawksMichigan Technological University (WCHA)
134Rick PicheDefence CanadaAtlanta FlamesBrandon Wheat Kings (WCHL)
135Dick LambyDefence United StatesSt. Louis BluesSalem State University (ECAC)
136Allan FleckLeft Wing CanadaVancouver CanucksNew Westminster Bruins (WCHL)
137Bob SunderlandDefence United StatesNew York IslandersBoston University (ECAC)
138Bill HamiltonCentre CanadaNew York RangersSt. Catharines Black Hawks (OMJHL)
139Tapio LevoDefence FinlandPittsburgh PenguinsÄssät (Finland)
140Bo BerglundLeft Wing SwedenBoston BruinsModo AIK (Sweden)
141Bill ReberRight Wing United StatesLos Angeles KingsUniversity of Vermont (ECAC)
142Craig NorwichDefence United StatesMontreal CanadiensUniversity of Wisconsin (WCHA)
143Alec TideyRight Wing CanadaBuffalo SabresLethbridge Broncos (WCHL)
Reference: "1975 NHL Amateur Draft hockeydraftcentral.com". Retrieved 23 December 2008.

Round nine

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
144Jim OfrimCentre CanadaWashington CapitalsUniversity of Alberta (CIAU)
145Scott WilliamsLeft Wing CanadaKansas City ScoutsFlin Flon Bombers (WCHL)
146Jim WeaverGoaltender CanadaCalifornia Golden SealsKingston Canadians (OMJHL)
147Terry AngelRight Wing CanadaMinnesota North StarsOshawa Generals (OMJHL)
148Gary VaughanRight Wing CanadaDetroit Red WingsMedicine Hat Tigers (WCHL)
149Paul EvansLeft Wing CanadaToronto Maple LeafsPeterborough Petes(OMJHL)
150Nick SanzaGoaltender CanadaAtlanta FlamesSherbrooke Castors (QMJHL)
151David McNabGoaltender Canada/
 United States
St. Louis BluesUniversity of Wisconsin (WCHA)
152Bob McNeiceDefence CanadaVancouver CanucksNew Westminster Bruins (WCHL)
153Dan BlairRight Wing CanadaNew York IslandersOttawa 67's (OMJHL)
154Bud StefanskiCentre CanadaNew York RangersOshawa 67's (OMJHL)
155Byron ShuttLeft Wing CanadaPittsburgh PenguinsBowling Green University (CCHA)
156Joe RandoDefence United StatesBoston BruinsUniversity of New Hampshire (ECAC)
157Sean SullivanDefence CanadaLos Angeles KingsHamilton Fincups (OMJHL)
158Paul ClarkeDefence CanadaMontreal CanadiensUniversity of Notre Dame (WCHA)
159Andy WhitbyRight Wing CanadaBuffalo SabresOshawa Generals (OMJHL)
160Viktors HatulevsLeft Wing Soviet UnionPhiladelphia FlyersRiga Dynamo (USSR)
Reference: "1975 NHL Amateur Draft hockeydraftcentral.com". Retrieved 23 December 2008.

Round ten

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
161Mal ZingerRight Wing CanadaWashington CapitalsKamloops Chiefs (WCHL)
162Greg AgarRight Wing CanadaCalifornia Golden SealsMerritt Centennials (BCJHL)
163Michel BlaisDefence CanadaMinnesota North StarsKingston Canadians (OMJHL)
164Jean ThibodeauCentre CanadaDetroit Red WingsShawinigan Dynamos (QMJHL)
165Jean LatendresseDefence CanadaToronto Maple LeafsShawinigan Dynamos (QMJHL)
166Paul CrowleyRight Wing CanadaToronto Maple LeafsSudbury Wolves (OMJHL)
167Brian O'ConnellGoaltender CanadaAtlanta FlamesSaint Louis University (CCHA)
168Joey GirardinDefence CanadaNew York IslandersWinnipeg Clubs (WCHL)
169Daniel BeaulieuLeft Wing CanadaNew York RangersQuebec Remparts (QMJHL)
170Frank SaliveGoaltender CanadaPittsburgh PenguinsPeterborough Petes (OMJHL)
171Kevin NugentRight Wing United StatesBoston BruinsUniversity of Notre Dame (WCHA)
172Brian PetrovekGoaltender United StatesLos Angeles KingsHarvard University (ECAC)
173Bob FerriterCentre United StatesMontreal CanadiensBoston College (ECAC)
174Len MoherGoaltender United StatesBuffalo SabresUniversity of Notre Dame (WCHA)
175Duffy SmithDefence CanadaPhiladelphia FlyersBowling Green University (CCHA)
Reference: "1975 NHL Amateur Draft hockeydraftcentral.com". Retrieved 23 December 2008.

Round eleven

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
176Dave HansonDefence United StatesDetroit Red WingsColorado College (WCHA)
177Earl SargentRight Wing United StatesMinnesota North StarsFargo Sugar Kings (MWJHL)
178Rob LarsonDefence United StatesDetroit Red WingsUniversity of Minnesota (WCHA)
179Dan D'AlviseCentre CanadaToronto Maple LeafsRoyal York Rangers (OPJHL)
180Jack LaineRight Wing CanadaToronto Maple LeafsBowling Green University (CCHA)
181Joe AugustineDefence United StatesAtlanta FlamesAustin Mavericks (MWJHL)
182Sidney VeyseyCentre CanadaVancouver CanucksSherbrooke Castors (QMJHL)
183Geoff GreenRight Wing CanadaNew York IslandersSudbury Wolves (OMJHL)
184John McMorrowCentre United StatesNew York RangersProvidence College (ECAC)
185John GlynneDefence United StatesPittsburgh PenguinsUniversity of Vermont (ECAC)
186Tom GoddardRight Wing United StatesLos Angeles KingsUniversity of North Dakota (WCHA)
187Dave BellCentre CanadaMontreal CanadiensHarvard University (ECAC)
Reference: "1975 NHL Amateur Draft hockeydraftcentral.com". Retrieved 23 December 2008.

Round twelve

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
188Ken HollandGoaltender CanadaToronto Maple LeafsMedicine Hat Tigers (WCHL)
189Bob BarnesDefence CanadaToronto Maple LeafsHamilton Fincups (OMJHL)
190Gilles CloutierGoaltender CanadaMinnesota North StarsShawinigan Dynamos (QMJHL)
191Gary BurnsLeft Wing United StatesToronto Maple LeafsUniversity of New Hampshire (ECAC)
192Torbjorn NilssonRight Wing SwedenAtlanta FlamesSkelleftea (Sweden)
193Jim MontgomeryCentre CanadaToronto Maple LeafsHull Festivals (QMJHL)
194Kari MakkonenRight Wing FinlandNew York IslandersPori (Finland)
195Tom McNamaraGoaltender United StatesNew York RangersUniversity ofVermont (ECAC)
196Lex HudsonDefence CanadaPittsburgh PenguinsUniversity of Denver (WCHA)
197Mario ViensGoaltender CanadaLos Angeles KingsCornwall Royals (QMJHL)
198Carl JacksonGoaltender CanadaMontreal CanadiensUniversity of Pennsylvania (ECAC)
Reference: "1975 NHL Amateur Draft hockeydraftcentral.com". Retrieved 23 December 2008.

Round thirteen

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
199Rick MartinRight Wing CanadaToronto Maple LeafsLondon Knights (OMJHL)
200Steve RobertsDefence United StatesNew York RangersProvidence College (ECAC)
201Paul DionneDefence CanadaNew York RangersPrinceton University (ECAC)
202Dan TsubouchiRight Wing CanadaPittsburgh PenguinsSaint Louis University (CCHA)
203Chuck CarpenterCentre United StatesLos Angeles KingsYale University (ECAC)
204Michel BriseboisCentre CanadaMontreal CanadiensSherbrooke Castors (QMJHL)
Reference: "1975 NHL Amateur Draft hockeydraftcentral.com". Retrieved 23 December 2008.

Round fourteen

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
205Cecil LuckernLeft Wing United StatesNew York RangersUniversity of New Hampshire (ECAC)
206Brano StankovskyLeft Wing United StatesPittsburgh PenguinsFargo Sugar Kings (MWJHL)
207Bob FishLeft Wing United StatesLos Angeles KingsFargo Sugar Kings (MWJHL)
208Roger BourqueDefence CanadaMontreal CanadiensUniversity of Notre Dame (WCHA)
Reference: "1975 NHL Amateur Draft hockeydraftcentral.com". Retrieved 23 December 2008.

Round fifteen

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
209John CorriveauRight Wing United StatesNew York RangersUniversity of New Hampshire (ECAC)
210Dave TaylorRight Wing CanadaLos Angeles KingsClarkson University (ECAC)
211Jim LundquistDefence United StatesMontreal CanadiensBrown University (ECAC)
Reference: "1975 NHL Amateur Draft hockeydraftcentral.com". Retrieved 23 December 2008.

Round sixteen

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
212Tom FunkeLeft Wing United StatesNew York RangersFargo Sugar Kings (MWJHL)
213Bob ShawDefence CanadaLos Angeles KingsClarkson University (ECAC)
214Don MadsonCentre United StatesMontreal CanadiensFargo Sugar Kings (MWJHL)
Reference: "1975 NHL Amateur Draft hockeydraftcentral.com". Retrieved 23 December 2008.

Round seventeen

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
215Bob BainDefence CanadaMontreal CanadiensUniversity of New Hampshire (ECAC)
Reference: "1975 NHL Amateur Draft hockeydraftcentral.com". Retrieved 23 December 2008.

Round eighteen

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
216Gary GillLeft Wing CanadaAtlanta FlamesSault Ste. Marie Greyhounds (OMJHL)
217Kelly SecordRight Wing CanadaPittsburgh PenguinsNew Westminster Bruins (WCHL)
Reference: "1975 NHL Amateur Draft hockeydraftcentral.com". Retrieved 23 December 2008.
= NHL All-Star[2] = NHL All-Star[2] and NHL All-Star Team

Draftees based on nationality

Rank Country Amount
North America212
1 Canada167
2 United States45
3 Finland3
4 Sweden2
5 Soviet Union1

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  2. Players are identified as an All-Star if they were selected for the All-Star game at any time in their career.
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