1974 NHL Expansion Draft

The 1974 NHL Expansion Draft was held on June 12, 1974. The draft took place to fill the rosters of the league's two expansion teams for the 1974–75 season, the Kansas City Scouts and the Washington Capitals.

1974 NHL Expansion Draft
General information
Date(s)June 12, 1974
Expansion teamsKansas City Scouts
Washington Capitals


Draft results

# Player Drafted from Drafted by
1.Michel Plasse (G)Montreal CanadiensKansas City Scouts
2.Ron Low (G)Toronto Maple LeafsWashington Capitals
3.Peter McDuffe (G)New York RangersKansas City Scouts
4.Michel Belhumeur (G)Philadelphia FlyersWashington Capitals
5.Simon Nolet (RW)Philadelphia FlyersKansas City Scouts
6.Dave Kryskow (F)Chicago Black HawksWashington Capitals
7.Butch Deadmarsh (LW)Atlanta FlamesKansas City Scouts
8.Yvon Labre (D)Pittsburgh PenguinsWashington Capitals
9.Brent Hughes (D)Detroit Red WingsKansas City Scouts
10.Pete Laframboise (LW)California Golden SealsWashington Capitals
11.Paul Terbenche (D)Buffalo SabresKansas City Scouts
12.Bob Gryp (F)Boston BruinsWashington Capitals
13.Gary Coalter (C)California Golden SealsKansas City Scouts
14.Gord Smith (D)Los Angeles KingsWashington Capitals
15.Gary Croteau (LW)California Golden SealsKansas City Scouts
16.Steve Atkinson (RW)Buffalo SabresWashington Capitals
17.Randy Rota (LW)Los Angeles KingsKansas City Scouts
18.Bruce Cowick (F)Philadelphia FlyersWashington Capitals
19.Lynn Powis (C)Chicago Black HawksKansas City Scouts
20.Denis Dupere (LW)Toronto Maple LeafsWashington Capitals
21.John Wright (W)St. Louis BluesKansas City Scouts
22.Joe Lundrigan (D)Toronto Maple LeafsWashington Capitals
23.Ted Snell (RW)Pittsburgh PenguinsKansas City Scouts
24.Randy Wyrozub (C)Buffalo SabresWashington Capitals
25.Chris Evans (W)Detroit Red WingsKansas City Scouts
26.Mike Bloom (C)Boston BruinsWashington Capitals
27.Bryan Lefley (D)New York IslandersKansas City Scouts
28.Gord Brooks (RW)St. Louis BluesWashington Capitals
29.Robin Burns (LW)Pittsburgh PenguinsKansas City Scouts
30.Bob Collyard (C)St. Louis BluesWashington Capitals
31.Tom Peluso (W)Chicago Black HawksKansas City Scouts
32.Bill Mikkelson (D)New York IslandersWashington Capitals
33.Kerry Ketter (D)Atlanta FlamesKansas City Scouts
34.Ron Anderson (RW)Boston BruinsWashington Capitals
35.Norm Dube (W)Los Angeles KingsKansas City Scouts
36.Mike Lampman (LW)Vancouver CanucksWashington Capitals
37.Richard Lemieux (C)Vancouver CanucksKansas City Scouts
38.Lew Morrison (RW)Atlanta FlamesWashington Capitals
39.Dave Hudson (C)Vancouver CanucksKansas City Scouts
40.Steve West (C)Minnesota North StarsWashington Capitals
41.Ken Murray (D)Detroit Red WingsKansas City Scouts
42.Larry Bolonchuk (D)Vancouver CanucksWashington Capitals
43.Dennis Patterson (D)Minnesota North StarsKansas City Scouts
44.Murray Anderson (D)Minnesota North StarsWashington Capitals
45.Ed Gilbert (C)Montreal CanadiensKansas City Scouts
46.Larry Fullan (LW)Montreal CanadiensWashington Capitals
47.Doug Horbul (W)New York RangersKansas City Scouts
48.Jack Egers (RW)New York RangersWashington Capitals

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