1974 Japanese House of Councillors election

House of Councillors elections were held in Japan on 7 July 1974,[1] electing half the seats in the House. The Liberal Democratic Party won the most seats.

1974 Japanese House of Councillors election

July 7, 1974

126 (of the 252) seats in the House of Councillors
127 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Kakuei Tanaka Tomomi Narita Yoshikatsu Takeiri
Party Liberal Democratic Socialist Komeito
Seats after 126 62 24
Seat change 11 4 2
Popular vote 23,332,773 7,990,457 6,360,419
Percentage 44.3% 15.2% 12.1%
Swing 0.2% 6.1% 2.0%

  Fourth party Fifth party
Leader Sanzō Nosaka Kasuga Ikkō
Party Communist Democratic Socialist
Seats after 20 10
Seat change 10 3
Popular vote 4,931,650 3,114,895
Percentage 9.4% 5.9%
Swing 1.3% 0.2%

President of the House of Councillors before election

Yasoichi Mori
Liberal Democratic

President of the House of Councillors-designate

Kazuo Maeda
Liberal Democratic

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Party Constituency National Total
Votes % Seats Votes % Seats
Liberal Democratic Party21,132,37239.54323,332,77344.31962
Japan Socialist Party13,907,86526.0187,990,45715.21028
Japanese Communist Party6,428,91912.054,931,6509.4813
Democratic Socialist Party2,353,3974.413,114,8955.945
Other parties332,7160.6174,3460.101
Invalid/blank votes-----
Source: Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications


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