1973 in film

Highest-grossing films

United States and Canada

The top ten 1973 released films by box office gross in the United States and Canada are as follows:

Highest-grossing films of 1973 (United States and Canada)
RankTitleStudioDomestic gross
1. The Sting Universal $156,000,000[1]
2. The Exorcist Warner Bros. $128,000,000[2]
3. American Graffiti Universal $96,300,000[3]
4. Papillon Allied Artists Pictures $53,267,000[4]
5. The Way We Were Columbia $45,000,000[5]
6. Magnum Force Warner Bros. $39,768,000[6]
7. Last Tango in Paris United Artists $36,144,000[7]
8. Live and Let Die $35,377,836[8]
9. Robin Hood Disney $32,056,467[9]
10. Paper Moon Paramount $30,933,743[10]

Outside North America

The highest-grossing 1973 films in countries outside of North America.

India Bobby R. K. Films US$14,210,000 [nb 1]
Italy Malicious Paramount Pictures 11,756,327 admissions [13]
Soviet Union The Headless Horseman Lenfilm 64,900,000 admissions [14]
United Kingdom Live and Let Die Eon Productions 9,000,000 admissions [15]

Worldwide gross revenue

The following table lists known worldwide gross revenue figures for several high-grossing films that originally released in 1973. Note that this list is incomplete and is therefore not representative of the highest-grossing films worldwide in 1973. The worldwide revenue for The Sting, for example is not known. This list also includes gross revenue from later re-releases.

TitleWorldwide grossCountryRef
The Exorcist $441,306,145[nb 2] United States [16]
Live and Let Die $161,800,000 United Kingdom [17]
American Graffiti $140,000,000 United States [18]
Enter the Dragon $90,000,000 Hong Kong
United States
Bobby $39,000,000 India [20][21]



Academy Awards:

Best Picture: The StingBill/Phillips-Hill, Zanuck/Brown, Universal
Best Director: George Roy HillThe Sting
Best Actor: Jack LemmonSave the Tiger
Best Actress: Glenda JacksonA Touch of Class
Best Supporting Actor: John HousemanThe Paper Chase
Best Supporting Actress: Tatum O'NealPaper Moon
Best Foreign Language Film: Day for Night (La Nuit américaine), directed by François Truffaut, France

Golden Globe Awards:

Best Picture: The Exorcist
Best Actor: Al PacinoSerpico
Best Actress: Marsha MasonCinderella Liberty
Comedy or Musical:
Best Picture: American Graffiti
Best Actor: George SegalA Touch of Class
Best Actress: Glenda JacksonA Touch of Class
Best Supporting Actor: John HousemanThe Paper Chase
Best Supporting Actress: Linda BlairThe Exorcist
Best Director: William FriedkinThe Exorcist
Best Foreign Language Film: The Pedestrian (Der Fußgänger), W. Germany

Palme d'Or (Cannes Film Festival):

The Hireling, directed by Alan Bridges, United Kingdom
Scarecrow, directed by Jerry Schatzberg, United States

Golden Bear (Berlin Film Festival):

Ashani Sanket (Distant Thunder), directed by Satyajit Ray, India

Notable films released in 1973

United States unless stated

























1973 film releases

United States unless stated






Notable deaths

MonthDateNameAgeCountryProfessionNotable films
January 2Franciska Gaal68HungaryActress, Singer
15Coleman Francis53USActor, Director
19Max Adrian69Northern IrelandActor
24J. Carrol Naish77USActor
26Edward G. Robinson79RomaniaActor
29Ludwig Stossel89AustriaActor
31Jack MacGowran54IrelandActor
February 13David Bauer55USActor
15Tim Holt54USActor
15Wally Cox48USActor
22Katina Paxinou72GreeceActress
24Art Smith73USActor
28Cecil Kellaway82South AfricaActor
March 5Rupert Crosse45USActor
10Robert Siodmak72GermanyDirector
13Melville Cooper76EnglandActor
16Carl Benton Reid79USActor
19Lauritz Melchior82USSinger
22Kane Richmond66USActor
23Ken Maynard77USActor
26Noël Coward73EnglandActor, Songwriter
April 11Ted de Corsia69USActor
12Arthur Freed78USSongwriter, Producer
14Minna Gombell80USActress
20Robert Armstrong82USActor
21Merian C. Cooper79USDirector, Producer, Screenwriter
21Ursula Jeans73UKActress
26Irene Ryan70USActress
May 4Charles Grayson69USScreenwriter
6Myrna Fahey40USActress
10Jack E. Leonard63USActor, Comedian
11Lex Barker54USActor
12Frances Marion84USScreenwriter
21Vaughn Monroe61USSinger, Actor
29P. Ramlee44MalaysiaActor, Director
June 5Max Terhune87USActor
10William Inge60USScreenwriter, Playwright
16Louise Latimer60USActress
18Roger Delgado55EnglandActor
23Fay Holden79EnglandActress
25Lars Tvinde86NorwayActor
26Ernest Truex83USActor
July 2Betty Grable56USActress
2George Macready73USActor
6Joe E. Brown80USActor
7Veronica Lake50USActress
11Robert Ryan63USActor
12Lon Chaney, Jr.67USActor
18Jack Hawkins62EnglandActor
20Bruce Lee32USActor
30Guy Middleton65EnglandActor
August 2Jean-Pierre Melville55FranceDirector
5Warren Duff69USProducer, Screenwriter
10Douglas Kennedy57USActor
11Peggie Castle45USActress
16Veda Ann Borg58USActress
17Eve Miller50USActress
22Louise Huff77USActress
30Michael Dunn38USActor, Singer
31John Ford79USDirector
September 13Betty Field60USActress
21Diana Sands39USActress
26Anna Magnani65ItalyActress
28Norma Crane44USActress
October 6Sidney Blackmer78USActor
6Dennis Price58UKActor
16Cleo Moore48USActress
18Crane Wilbur86USScreenwriter, Director
27Allan Lane64USActor
November 13Lila Lee72USActress
20Viola Lawrence78USFilm Editor
23Claire Dodd64USActress
23Constance Talmadge75USActress
23Sessue Hayakawa84JapanActor
23Adele Buffington73USScreenwriter
25Laurence Harvey45LithuaniaActor
December 4Michael O'Shea67USActor
12Ranald MacDougall58USScreenwriter, Director
20Bobby Darin37USActor, Singer
26Steven Geray69UkraineActor
26William Haines73USActor
31A. Edward Sutherland78EnglandDirector



  1. ₹11 crore;[11] ₹7.742 per US dollar in 1973[12]
  2. Includes gross revenue from re-releases


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