1972 NHL Amateur Draft

The 1972 NHL Amateur Draft was held at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal, Quebec.

1972 NHL Amateur Draft
General information
Date(s)June 8, 1972
LocationMontreal, Quebec
First selection Billy Harris
Selected by: New York Islanders

Selections by round

Below are listed the selections in the 1972 NHL Amateur Draft. The expansion Islanders won the first pick by a coin toss between themselves and the Flames.

= NHL All-Star[1] = NHL All-Star[1] and NHL All-Star Team = Hall of Famers

Round one

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
1Billy HarrisRight Wing CanadaNew York IslandersToronto Marlboros (OHL)
2Jacques RichardLeft Wing CanadaAtlanta FlamesQuebec Remparts (QMJHL)
3Don LeverCentre CanadaVancouver CanucksNiagara Falls Flyers (OMJHL)
4Steve ShuttLeft Wing CanadaMontreal CanadiensToronto Marlboros (OMJHL)
5Jim SchoenfeldDefence CanadaBuffalo SabresNiagara Falls Flyers (OMJHL)
6Michel LarocqueGoaltender CanadaMontreal CanadiensOttawa 67's (OMJHL)
7Bill BarberLeft Wing CanadaPhiladelphia FlyersKitchener Rangers (OMJHL)
8Dave GardnerCentre CanadaMontreal CanadiensToronto Marlboros (OMJHL)
9Wayne MerrickCentre CanadaSt. Louis BluesOttawa 67's (OMJHL)
10Al BlanchardLeft Wing CanadaNew York RangersKitchener Rangers (OMJHL)
11George FergusonCentre CanadaToronto Maple LeafsToronto Marlboros (OMJHL)
12Jerry ByersLeft Wing CanadaMinnesota North StarsKitchener Rangers (OMJHL)
13Phil RussellDefence CanadaChicago Black HawksEdmonton Oil Kings (WCHL)
14John Van BoxmeerDefence CanadaMontreal CanadiensGuelph CMC's (SOJHL)
15Bob MacMillanCentre CanadaNew York RangersSt. Catharines Black Hawks (OMJHL)
16Mike BloomLeft Wing CanadaBoston BruinsSt. Catharines Black Hawks (OMJHL)
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Round two

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
17Lorne HenningCentre CanadaNew York IslandersNew Westminster Bruins (WCHL)
18Dwight BialowasDefence CanadaAtlanta FlamesRegina Pats (WCHL)
19Bryan McSheffreyRight Wing CanadaVancouver CanucksOttawa 67's OMJHL)
20Don KozakRight Wing CanadaLos Angeles KingsEdmonton Oil Kings (WCHL)
21Larry SacharukDefence CanadaNew York RangersSaskatoon Blades (WCHL)
22Tom CassidyCentre CanadaCalifornia Golden SealsKitchener Rangers (OMJHL)
23Tom BladonDefence CanadaPhiladelphia FlyersEdmonton Oil Kings (WCHL)
24Jack LynchDefence CanadaPittsburgh PenguinsOshawa Generals (OMJHL)
25Larry CarriereDefence CanadaBuffalo SabresLoyola College (CIAU)
26Pierre GuiteLeft Wing CanadaDetroit Red WingsUniversity of Pennsylvania (ECAC)
27Randy OsburnLeft Wing CanadaToronto Maple LeafsLondon Knights (OMJHL)
28Stan WeirCentre CanadaCalifornia Golden SealsMedicine Hat Tigers (WCHL)
29Brian OgilvieCentre CanadaChicago Black HawksEdmonton Oil Kings (WCHL)
30Bernie LukowichRight Wing CanadaPittsburgh PenguinsNew Westminster Bruins (WCHL)
31Rene VillemureLeft Wing CanadaNew York RangersShawinigan Dynamos (QMJHL)
32Wayne ElderDefence CanadaBoston BruinsLondon Knights (OMJHL)
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Round three

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
33Bob NystromRight Wing CanadaNew York IslandersCalgary Centennials (WCHL)
34Jean LemieuxDefence CanadaAtlanta FlamesSherbrooke Castors (QMJHL)
35Paul RaymerLeft Wing CanadaVancouver CanucksPeterborough Petes (OMJHL)
36Dave HutchisonDefence CanadaLos Angeles KingsLondon Knights (OMJHL)
37Jim McMastersDefence CanadaBuffalo SabresCalgary Centennials (WCHL)
38Paul ShakesDefence CanadaCalifornia Golden SealsSt. Catharines Black Hawks (OMJHL)
39Jim WatsonDefence CanadaPhiladelphia FlyersCalgary Centennials (WCHL)
40Denis HerronGoaltender CanadaPittsburgh PenguinsTrois-Rivières Draveurs (QMJHL)
41Jean HamelDefence CanadaSt. Louis BluesDrummondville Rangers (QMJHL)
42Bob KriegerCentre United StatesDetroit Red WingsUniversity of Denver (WCHA)
43Denis DeslauriersDefence CanadaToronto Maple LeafsShawinigan Dynamos (QMJHL)
44Terry RyanCentre CanadaMinnesota North StarsHamilton Red Wings (OMJHL)
45Mike VeisorGoaltender CanadaChicago Black HawksPeterborough Petes (OMJHL)
46Ed GilbertCentre CanadaMontreal CanadiensHamilton Red Wings (OMJHL)
47Gerry TeepleCentre CanadaNew York RangersCornwall Royals (QMJHL)
48Michel BoudreauCentre CanadaBoston BruinsLaval National (QMJHL)
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Round four

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
49Ron SmithDefence CanadaNew York IslandersCornwall Royals (QMJHL)
50Don MartineauRight Wing CanadaAtlanta FlamesNew Westminster Bruins (WCHL)
51Ron HomenukeRight Wing CanadaVancouver CanucksCalgary Centennials (WCHL)
52John DobieDefence CanadaLos Angeles KingsRegina Pats (WCHL)
53Rychard CampeauDefence CanadaBuffalo SabresSorel Eperviers (QMJHL)
54Claude St. SauveurLeft Wing CanadaCalifornia Golden SealsSherbrooke Castors (QMJHL)
55Al MacAdamRight Wing CanadaPhiladelphia FlyersCharlottetown Royals (MaJHL)
56Ron LalondeCentre CanadaPittsburgh PenguinsPeterborough Petes (OMJHL)
57Murray MyersRight Wing CanadaSt. Louis BluesSaskatoon Blades (WCHL)
58Danny GruenLeft Wing CanadaDetroit Red WingsThunder Bay Vulcans (TBJHL)
59Brian BowlesDefence CanadaToronto Maple LeafsCornwall Royals (QMJHL)
60Tom ThomsonDefence CanadaMinnesota North StarsToronto Marlboros (OMJHL)
61Tom PelusoLeft Wing United StatesChicago Black HawksUniversity of Denver (WCHA)
62Dave ElenbaasGoaltender CanadaMontreal CanadiensCornell University (ECAC)
63Doug HorbulLeft Wing CanadaNew York RangersCalgary Centennials (WCHL)
64Les JacksonLeft Wing CanadaBoston BruinsNew Westminster Bruins (WCHL)
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Round five

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
65Richard GrenierCentre CanadaNew York IslandersVerdun Eperviers (QMJHL)
66Bill NyropDefence United StatesMontreal CanadiensUniversity of Notre Dame (WCHA)
67Larry BolonchukDefence CanadaVancouver CanucksWinnipeg Jets (WCHL)
68Bernie GermainGoaltender CanadaLos Angeles KingsRegina Pats (WCHL)
69Gilles GrattonGoaltender CanadaBuffalo SabresOshawa Generals (OMJHL)
70Tim JacobsDefence CanadaCalifornia Golden SealsSt. Catharines Black Hawks (OMJHL)
71Daryl FedorakGoaltender CanadaPhiladelphia FlyersVictoria Cougars (WCHL)
72Brian WalkerCentre CanadaPittsburgh PenguinsCalgary Centennials (WCHL)
73Dave JohnsonLeft Wing CanadaSt. Louis BluesCornwall Royals (QMJHL)
74Dennis JohnsonLeft Wing United StatesDetroit Red WingsUniversity of North Dakota (WCHA)
75Michel PlanteLeft Wing CanadaToronto Maple LeafsDrummondville Rangers (QMJHL)
76Chris AhrensDefence United StatesMinnesota North StarsKitchener Rangers (OMJHL)
77Rejean GirouxRight Wing CanadaChicago Black HawksQuebec Remparts (QMJHL)
78Jean-Paul MartinCentre CanadaAtlanta FlamesShawinigan Dynamos (QMJHL)
79Marty GatemanDefence CanadaNew York RangersHamilton Red Wings (OMJHL)
80Brian CoatesLeft Wing CanadaBoston BruinsBrandon Wheat Kings (WCHL)
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Round six

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
81Derek BlackLeft Wing CanadaNew York IslandersCalgary Centennials (WCHA)
82Frank BlumGoaltender CanadaAtlanta FlamesSarnia Legionnaires (WOJHL)
83Dave McLellandGoaltender CanadaVancouver CanucksBrandon Wheat Kings (WCHA)
84Mike UsitaloLeft Wing United StatesLos Angeles KingsMichigan Technological University (WCHA)
85Peter McNabCentre Canada/
 United States
Buffalo SabresUniversity of Denver (WCHA)
86Jacques LefebvreGoaltender CanadaCalifornia Golden SealsShawnigan Dynamos (QMJHL)
87David HastingGoaltender CanadaPhiladelphia FlyersCharlottetown Royals (MaJHL)
88Jeff AblettLeft Wing CanadaPittsburgh PenguinsMedicine Hat Tigers (WCHL)
89Tom SimpsonRight Wing CanadaSt. Louis BluesOshawa Generals (OMJHL)
90Bill MillerDefence CanadaDetroit Red WingsMedicine Hat Tigers (WCHL)
91Dave ShardlowLeft Wing CanadaToronto Maple LeafsFlin Flon Bombers (WCHL)
92Steve WestCentre CanadaMinnesota North StarsOshawa Generals (OMJHL)
93Rob PalmerCentre United StatesChicago Black HawksUniversity of Denver (WCHA)
94D'Arcy RyanCentre CanadaMontreal CanadiensYale University (ECAC)
95Ken IrelandCentre CanadaNew York RangersNew Westminster Bruins (WCHL)
96Peter GawRight Wing CanadaBoston BruinsOttawa 67's (OMJHL)
Reference: "1972 NHL Amateur Draft hockeydraftcentral.com". Retrieved 18 December 2008.

Round seven

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
97Richard BrodeurGoaltender CanadaNew York IslandersCornwall Royals (QMJHL)
98Scott SmithLeft Wing CanadaAtlanta FlamesRegina Pats (WCHL)
99Danny GloorCentre CanadaVancouver CanucksPeterborough Petes (OMJHL)
100Glen TonerLeft Wing CanadaLos Angeles KingsRegina Pats (WCHL)
101Don McLaughlinLeft Wing CanadaNew York IslandersBrandon Wheat Kings (WCHL)
102Mike AmodeoDefence CanadaCalifornia Golden SealsOshawa Generals (OMJHL)
103Serge BeaudoinDefence CanadaPhiladelphia FlyersTrois-Rivières Draveurs (QMJHL)
104D'Arcy KeatingDefence CanadaPittsburgh PenguinsUniversity of Notre Dame (WCHA)
105Brian CoughlinDefence CanadaSt. Louis BluesVerdun Maple Leafs (QMJHL)
106Glen SeperichGoaltender CanadaDetroit Red WingsKitchener Rangers (OMJHL)
107Monte MironDefence CanadaToronto Maple LeafsClarkson University (ECAC)
108Chris MeloffDefence CanadaMinnesota North StarsKitchener Rangers (OMJHL)
109Terry SmithCentre CanadaChicago Black HawksEdmonton Oil Kings (WCHL)
110Yves ArchambaultGoaltender CanadaMontreal CanadiensSorel Éperviers (QMJHL)
111Jeff HuntLeft Wing CanadaNew York RangersWinnipeg Jets (WCHL)
112Gordie ClarkRight Wing CanadaBoston BruinsUniversity of New Hampshire (ECAC)
Reference: "1972 NHL Amateur Draft hockeydraftcentral.com". Retrieved 18 December 2008.

Round eight

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
113Derek KuntzLeft Wing CanadaNew York IslandersMedicine Hat Tigers (WCHL)
114Dave MurphyCentre CanadaAtlanta FlamesHamilton Red Wings (OMJHL)
115Dennis McCordDefence CanadaVancouver CanucksLondon Knights (OMJHL)
116Scott MacPhailRight Wing CanadaMinnesota North StarsMontreal Junior Canadiens (OMJHL)
117Rene LevasseurDefence CanadaNew York IslandersShawinigan Dynamos (QMJHL)
118Brent MeekeDefence CanadaCalifornia Golden SealsNiagara Falls Flyers (OMJHL)
119Pat RussellRight Wing CanadaPhiladelphia FlyersVancouver Nats (WCHL)
120Yves BergeronRight Wing CanadaPittsburgh PenguinsShawinigan Dynamos (QMJHL)
121Gary WinchesterCentre CanadaSt. Louis BluesUniversity of Wisconsin (WCHA)
122Mike FordDefence CanadaDetroit Red WingsBrandon Wheat Kings (WCHL)
123Peter WilliamsDefence CanadaToronto Maple LeafsUniversity of Prince Edward Island (CIAU)
124Bob LundeenDefence United StatesMinnesota North StarsUniversity of Wisconsin (WCHA)
125Billy ReayRight Wing CanadaChicago Black HawksUniversity of Wisconsin (WCHA)
126Graham ParsonsGoaltender CanadaMontreal CanadiensRed Deer Rustlers (AJHL)
127Yvon BlaisDefence CanadaNew York RangersCornwall Royals (QMJHL)
128Roy CarmichaelDefence CanadaBoston BruinsNew Westminster Bruins (WCHL)
Reference: "1972 NHL Amateur Draft hockeydraftcentral.com". Retrieved 18 December 2008.

Round nine

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
129Yvon RolandoRight Wing CanadaNew York IslandersDrummondville Rangers (QMJHL)
130Pierre RoyDefence CanadaAtlanta FlamesQuebec Remparts (QMJHL)
131Steve StoneRight Wing CanadaVancouver CanucksNiagara Falls Flyers (OMJHL)
132Jean LamarreRight Wing CanadaAtlanta FlamesQuebec Remparts (QMJHL)
133Bill EnnosRight Wing CanadaNew York IslandersVancouver Nats (WCHL)
134Denis MelocheCentre CanadaCalifornia Golden SealsDrummondville Rangers (QMJHL)
135Ray BoutinGoaltender CanadaPhiladelphia FlyersSorel Eperviers (QMJHL)
136Jay BabcockLeft Wing CanadaPittsburgh PenguinsLondon Knights (OMJHL)
137Pierre ArchambaultDefence CanadaNew York RangersSaint-Jérôme Alouettes (QMJHL)
138George KuzmiczDefence CanadaDetroit Red WingsCornell University (ECAC)
139Pat BoutetteCentre CanadaToronto Maple LeafsUniversity of Minnesota Duluth (WCHA)
140Glen MikkelsonRight Wing CanadaMinnesota North StarsBrandon Wheat Kings (WCHL)
141Gary DonaldsonRight Wing CanadaChicago Black HawksVictoria Cougars (WCHL)
142Eddie BumbaccoLeft Wing CanadaMontreal CanadiensUniversity of Notre Dame (WCHA)
143Garry SchofieldDefence United StatesToronto Maple LeafsClarkson University (ECAC)
Reference: "1972 NHL Amateur Draft hockeydraftcentral.com". Retrieved 18 December 2008.

Round ten

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
144Garry HowattLeft Wing CanadaNew York IslandersFlin Flon Bombers (WCHL)
145Steve LyonDefence CanadaMinnesota North StarsPeterborough Petes (OMJHL)
146Rene LambertRight Wing CanadaNew York IslandersSt. Jerome Alouettes (QMJHL)
147Juri KudrasovsCentre CanadaMinnesota North StarsKitchener Rangers (OMJHL)
148Marcel ComeauCentre CanadaMinnesota North StarsEdmonton Oil Kings (WCHL)
149Don AtchisonGoaltender CanadaPittsburgh PenguinsSaskatoon Blades (WCHL)
150Dave ArundelDefence United StatesDetroit Red WingsUniversity of Wisconsin (WCHA)
151Fred RiggallRight Wing CanadaMontreal CanadiensDartmouth College (ECAC)
Reference: "1972 NHL Amateur Draft hockeydraftcentral.com". Retrieved 18 December 2008.

Round eleven

Pick #PlayerPositionNationalityNHL teamCollege/junior/club team
152Ron LeBlancRight Wing CanadaMontreal CanadiensUniversité de Moncton (CIAU)
Reference: "1972 NHL Amateur Draft hockeydraftcentral.com". Retrieved 18 December 2008.
= NHL All-Star[1] = NHL All-Star[1] and NHL All-Star Team = Hall of Famers

Draftees based on nationality

Rank Country Number
1 Canada142
2 United States10

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  1. Players are identified as an All-Star if they were selected for the All-Star game at any time in their career.
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