1972 American Soccer League

Statistics of American Soccer League II in season 1972.

American Soccer League
-1972 Season-
ChampionsCincinnati Comets
PremiersNew York Greeks
Top goalscorerCharles Duccilli (5)
Nelson Brizuela
Josip Ognjanac
George Pulita
John Kostakis
Longest unbeaten runNew York Greeks (10)

League standings

Northern Conference GWDLGFGAPTS
New York Greeks1082031718
Boston Astros10433261911
Connecticut Wildcats10505111510
New Jersey Brewers1041521199
Southern Conference[1] GWDLGFGAPTS
Philadelphia Spartans10631251215
Delaware Wings10514151611
Baltimore Stars1013610335
Washington Cavaliers100194221
Midwest ConferenceGWDLGFGAPTS
Cincinnati Comets861119713
Cleveland Stars860223106
Detroit Mustangs822413286
Pittsburgh Canons821511185
St. Louis Frogs820613164
*Chicago Americans???????

*Chicago Americans played only a few games


First round

August 19 Philadelphia Spartans 1–0 Boston Astros Northeast High School • Att. ???

August 20 New York Greeks 1–0 Delaware Wings Metropolitan Oval • Att. ???

Eastern playoff

September 4 New York Greeks 2–0 (AET) Philadelphia Spartans Metropolitan Oval • Att. ???

Championship final

Cincinnati Comets (OH)2–1New York Greeks (NY)
Valdemar  3:45' (Brizuela)
Charley Roberts  53:45' (Aguirre)
Report John Navronatis  5:10' (Nanos)


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