1970 European Aquatics Championships

The 1970 European Aquatics Championships were held in Barcelona, Spain from 5 to 13 September 1970. Titles were contested in swimming, diving and water polo (men). The swimming program was significantly expanded. Both men and women competed in the 200 m freestyle, 100 m breaststroke and 200 individual medley for the first time. Furthermore, in the men's swimming program the 100 m butterfly was introduced and the 100 m backstroke was re-introduced after having been absent for the last two championships. In the women's swimming program, the 800 m freestyle, 200 m backstroke and 200 m butterfly were introduced.

Medal table

  *   Host nation (Spain)

1 East Germany169934
2 Soviet Union64818
3 West Germany46414
4 Sweden3227
5 Hungary2305
6 Italy1225
7 France1203
8 Czechoslovakia1001
9 Yugoslavia0314
10 Spain*0224
11 Netherlands0123
12 Great Britain0044
Totals (12 nations)343434102

Medal summary


Men's events
Event Gold Silver Bronze
3 m springboard  Franco Cagnotto (ITA)555.21  Klaus Dibiasi (ITA)534.72  Vladimir Vasin (URS)529.80
10 m platform  Lothar Matthes (GDR)454.74  Klaus Dibiasi (ITA)444.18  Franco Cagnotto (ITA)435.36
Women's events
Event Gold Silver Bronze
3 m springboard  Heidi Becker (GDR)420.63  Marina Janicke (GDR)407.22  Tamara Safonova (URS)405.60
10 m platform  Milena Duchková (TCH)336.33  Marina Janicke (GDR)329.85  Sylvia Fiedler (GDR)322.26


Men's events

Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 m freestyle  Michel Rousseau (FRA)52.9  Roland Matthes (GDR)53.5  Georgiy Kulikov (URS)53.7
200 m freestyle  Hans Fassnacht (FRG)1:55.2  Gunnar Larsson (SWE)1:55.7  Georgiy Kulikov (URS)1:56.6
400 m freestyle  Gunnar Larsson (SWE)4:02.6  Hans Fassnacht (FRG)4:03.0  Santiago Esteva (ESP)4:08.3
1500 m freestyle  Hans Fassnacht (FRG)16:19.9  Werner Lampe (FRG)16:25.6  Santiago Esteva (ESP)16:35.7
100 m backstroke  Roland Matthes (GDR)58.9  Santiago Esteva (ESP)59.9  Bob Schoutsen (NED)1:00.4
200 m backstroke  Roland Matthes (GDR)2:08.8  Santiago Esteva (ESP)2:09.7  Volker Werner (GDR)2:11.5
100 m breaststroke  Nikolay Pankin (URS)1:06.8  Roger-Philippe Menu (FRA)1:07.8  Rolf Klees (FRG)1:08.1
200 m breaststroke  Klaus Katzur (GDR)2:26.0  Nikolay Pankin (URS)2:26.1  Walter Kusch (FRG)2:28.2
100 m butterfly  Hans Lampe (FRG)57.5  Udo Poser (GDR)57.9  Vladimir Nemshilov (URS)58.0
200 m butterfly  Udo Poser (GDR)2:08.0  Folkert Meeuw (FRG)2:08.2  Hartmut Flöckner (GDR)2:09.6
200 m individual medley  Gunnar Larsson (SWE)2:09.3  Matthias Pechmann (GDR)2:13.6  Hans Ljungberg (SWE)2:14.3
400 m individual medley  Gunnar Larsson (SWE)4:36.2  Hans Fassnacht (FRG)4:36.9  Matthias Pechmann (GDR)4:40.6
4×100 m freestyle relay  Soviet Union
Vladimir Bure
Viktor Mazanov
Georgiy Kulikov
Leonid Ilyichev
3:32.3  West Germany
Gerhard Schiller
Rainer Jacob
Folkert Meeuw
Hans Fassnacht
3:34.1  East Germany
Roland Matthes
Lutz Unger
Frank Seebald
Udo Poser
4×200 m freestyle relay  West Germany
Werner Lampe
Olaf von Schilling
Folkert Meeuw
Hans Fassnacht
7:49.5  Soviet Union
Georgiy Kulikov
Ahmed Anarbayev
Aleksandr Samsonov
Vladimir Bure
7:52.8  East Germany
Lutz Unger
Wilfried Hartung
Roland Matthes
Udo Poser
4×100 m medley relay  East Germany
Roland Matthes
Klaus Katzur
Udo Poser
Lutz Unger
3:54.4  France
Jean-Paul Berjeau
Roger-Philippe Menu
Alain Mosconi
Michel Rousseau
3:57.6  Soviet Union
Viktor Krasko
Nikolay Pankin
Vladimir Nemshilov
Leonid Ilyichev

Women's events

Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 m freestyle  Gabriele Wetzko (GDR)59.6  Mirjana Šegrt (YUG)1:00.8  Alexandra Jackson (GBR)1:00.8
200 m freestyle  Gabriele Wetzko (GDR)2:08.2  Mirjana Šegrt (YUG)2:11.9  Yvonne Nieber (GDR)2:12.8
400 m freestyle  Elke Sehmisch (GDR)4:32.9  Gunilla Jonsson (SWE)4:36.8  Karin Tülling (GDR)4:38.0
800 m freestyle  Karin Neugebauer (GDR)9:29.1  Linda de Boer (NED)9:35.7  Novella Calligaris (ITA)9:38.8
100 m backstroke  Tinatin Lekveishvili (URS)1:07.8  Andrea Gyarmati (HUN)1:07.9  Cobie Buter (NED)1:08.5
200 m backstroke  Andrea Gyarmati (HUN)2:25.5  Barbara Hofmeister (GDR)2:26.6  Tinatin Lekveishvili (URS)2:27.1
100 m breaststroke  Galina Stepanova-Prozumenshchikova (URS)1:15.6  Uta Frommater (FRG)1:16.9  Alla Grebennikova (URS)1:16.9
200 m breaststroke  Galina Stepanova-Prozumenshchikova (URS)2:40.7  Alla Grebennikova (URS)2:43.5  Dorothy Harrison (GBR)2:45.6
100 m butterfly  Andrea Gyarmati (HUN)1:05.0  Helga Lindner (GDR)1:05.6  Edeltraut Koch (FRG)1:05.8
200 m butterfly  Helga Lindner (GDR)2:20.2  Mirjana Šegrt (YUG)2:24.5  Evelyn Stolze (GDR)2:25.6
200 m individual medley  Martina Grunert (GDR)2:26.6  Evelyn Stolze (GDR)2:29.3  Shelagh Ratcliffe (GBR)2:29.6
400 m individual medley  Evelyn Stolze (GDR)5:07.0  Brigitte Schuchardt (GDR)5:18.3  Shelagh Ratcliffe (GBR)5:19.6
4×100 m freestyle relay  East Germany
Gabriele Wetzko
Iris Komar
Elke Sehmisch
Sabine Schulze
4:00.8  Hungary
Andrea Gyarmati
Judit Turóczy
Edit Kovács
Magdolna Patoh
4:02.7  Sweden
Elisabeth Berglund
Eva Andersson
Anita Zarnowiecki
Gunilla Jonsson
4×100 m medley relay  East Germany
Barbara Hofmeister
Brigitte Schuchardt
Helga Lindner
Gabriele Wetzko
4:30.1  Soviet Union
Tinatin Lekveishvili
Galina Stepanova-Prozumenshchikova
Valentina Tutayeva
Tatyana Zolotnitskaya
4:31.3  West Germany
Angelika Kraus
Uta Frommater
Heike Nagel
Heidemarie Reineck

Water polo

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's competition  Soviet Union  Hungary  Yugoslavia

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