1969 Cannes Film Festival

The 22nd Cannes Film Festival was held from 8 to 23 May 1969. At this festival a new non-competitive section called "Directors' Fortnight" is added, in response to the cancellation of the 1968 festival.[4]

1969 Cannes Film Festival
Official poster of the 22nd Cannes Film Festival[1]
Opening filmSweet Charity
LocationCannes, France
AwardsPalme d'Or (If....)[2]
No. of films26 (In Competition)[3]
6 (Out of Competition)
14 (Short Film)
Festival date8 May 1969 (1969-05-08) – 23 May 1969 (1969-05-23)

The Grand Prix du Festival International du Film went to the If.... by Lindsay Anderson.[2] The festival opened with Sweet Charity, directed by Bob Fosse.[5]


The following people were appointed as the Jury of the 1969 film competition:[6]

Feature films

Short films

  • Charles Duvanel (Switzerland)
  • Mihnea Gheorghiu (Romania)
  • Claude Soulé (France) (CST official)

Official selection

In competition - Feature film

The following feature films competed for the Grand Prix du Festival International du Film:[3]

Films out of competition

The following films were selected to be screened out of competition:[3]

Short film competition

The following short films competed for the Grand Prix International du Festival:[3]

  • Le Ballet des Jacungos by Jean Manzon
  • Cîntecele Renasterii by Mirel Ilieşiu
  • Goldframe by Raoul Servais
  • L'Homme aux chats by Henri Glaeser
  • Moc osudu by Jiří Brdečka
  • Niebieska kula by Miroslaw Kijowicz
  • La Pince à ongles by Jean-Claude Carrière
  • Red Arrows (film)|Red Arrows by John Edwards
  • Short Seven by Jonne Severijn
  • Su sambene non est aba by Luigi Gonzo & Manfredo Manfredi
  • Toccata by Herman van der Horst
  • El Triunfo de la muerte by José María Gutiérrez
  • Das Verräterische Herz by Paul Anczykowski
  • World of Man by Albert Fischer & Michael Collyer

Parallel sections

International Critics' Week

The following feature films were screened for the 8th International Critics' Week (8e Semaine de la Critique):[7]

Directors' Fortnight

The following films were screened for the 1969 Directors' Fortnight (Quinzaine des Réalizateurs):[8]

Short films
  • 5/7/35 by Jean Mazeas (France)
  • Adrien s’éloigne by Claude Guillemot (France)
  • Arrabal by Jacques Poitrenaud (France)
  • Athènes, ville sourire by Lambros Liaropoulos (Greece)
  • Black Movie by Adrian (filmmaker) (France)
  • Chinese Chekers by Stephen Dwoskin (Great Britain)
  • Einer Mädchenhaut by Klaus Schönherr (France)
  • Erin Ereinté by Jean-Paul Aubert (France)
  • Flash-Parc by Frank Cassenti (France)
  • Fuses by Carolee Schneemann (United States)
  • Galaxie by Gregory Markopoulos (France)
  • Gedanken beim Befühlen by Klaus Schönherr (France)
  • Hemingway by Fausto Canel (Cuba)
  • Jeanne et la moto by Diourka Medveczky (France)
  • Journal de séjour a Marseille by C. Lindenmeyer, Gérard Levy-Clerc (France)
  • La page dévoilée by Jim Hodgetts et Mike Marshall (France)
  • La poursuite impitoyable by J.J. Schakmundes, R. Guillon (France)
  • Le mariage de Clovis by Daniel Duval (France)
  • Le Sursitaire by Serge Huet (France)
  • Les Stabiles by Christian Lara (France)
  • Libi by Otto Muehl (France)
  • Marie et le Curé by Diourka Medveczky (France)
  • Miss Paris et le Majordome by Georges Dumoulin (France)
  • Monsieur Jean-Claude Vaucherin by Pascal Aubier (France)
  • N.O.T.H.I.N.G. by Paul Sharits (France)
  • Naissant by Stephen Dwoskin (Great Britain)
  • On the Every Day of the Eyes of Death by Robert Beavers (France)
  • Paris des Négritudes by Jean Schmidt (France)
  • Permanence by Busioc Ionesco (Romania)
  • Que s’est-il passé en Mai? by Jean-Pierre Savignac (France)
  • Rohfilm by G. Hein (France)
  • S. Macht am Sonntag-Nachmittag keinen Film by Dieter Meier (France)
  • Scenes from Under Childhood by Stan Brakhage (France)
  • Souvenir de la nuit du 4 by Patrice Gauthier, Henry Lange (France)
  • Speak by John Latham (Great Britain)
  • The Mysteries by Gregory Markopoulos (France)
  • Twice A Man by Gregory Markopoulos (France)
  • Untebrochene Flugverbindungen by Dieter Meier (France)
  • Versucht mit Synth. Ton by Kurt Kren (France)
  • Winged Dialogue by Robert Beavers (France)


Official awards

The following films and people received the 1969 Official selection awards:[2]

Short films

Independent awards


Commission Supérieure Technique[2]


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