1968 Turkish Senate election

Turkey held senate elections on 2 June 1968.[1] In this election 53 members of the senate were elected.(50 members for 1/3 of the senate and 3 empty seats) [2]

Party Party leader Vote total Vote percentage Seats
Justice Party (AP)Süleyman Demirel1.656.802 %49,9 %38
Republican People's Party (CHP)İsmet İnönü899.44427,1 %13
Reliance Party (GP)Turhan Feyzioğlu284,2348.9%1
Nation PartyOsman Bölükbaşı200,7376.0 %1
Workers Party (TİP)Mehmet Ali Aybar157,0624.7 %
Republican Nation Villagers' Party (CKMP)Alparslan Türkeş66,2322.0 %
Independents58,3171.9 %


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