1968 African Cup of Champions Clubs

The African Cup of Champions Clubs 1968 was the 4th edition of the annual international club football competition held in the CAF region (Africa), the African Cup of Champions Clubs. It determined that year's club champion of association football in Africa.

1968 African Cup of Champions Clubs
Tournament details
DatesApril 1968 – 30 March 1969
Teams20 (from 1 confederation)
Final positions
Champions TP Englebert (2nd title)
Runners-up Étoile Filante (Lomé)
Tournament statistics
Matches played30
Goals scored102 (3.4 per match)
Top scorer(s) Pierre Kalala (7 goals)

The tournament was played by 20 teams and used a knock-out format with ties played home and away. TP Englebert from Congo-Kinshasa won the final, and became CAF club champion for the second time in a row for the first time this makes the record holders for the number of titles won.

Preliminary round

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Etoile du Congo w/o1 Mighty Blackpool
FAR Rabat w/o1 Augustinians FC
Police (Mogadishu) w/o1 Cosmopolitans FC
Secteur 6 2–4 US Ouagadougou 1–1 1–3

1 Mighty Blackpool, Augustinians FC and Cosmopolitans FC all withdrew.

First round

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Abaluhya United 4–2 Saint-George SA 1–1 3–1
Africa Sports 6–41 TP Englebert 2–0 4–4
Etoile du Congo 4–6 Oryx Douala 1–2 3–4
FAR Rabat 3–0 Foyer France 2–0 1–0
Mighty Barrolle 1–2 Conakry II 1–2 dq2
Police (Mogadishu) 2–4 Al-Mourada 1–1 1–3
Stationery Stores 4–43 Cape Coast Dwarfs 3–2 1–2
US Ouagadougou 1–6 Étoile Filante (Lomé) 1–4 0–2

1 Africa Sports were ejected from the competition for fielding three ineligible players.
2 Mighty Barolle were disqualified after Liberia was suspended by FIFA.
3 Stationery Stores won after drawing of lots.


Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Abaluhya United 4–3 Al-Mourada 3–0 1–3
Étoile Filante (Lomé) 3–0 Conakry II 3–01 n/p1
FAR Rabat 2–22 Stationery Stores 1–0 1–2
TP Englebert 5–0 Oryx Douala 3–0 2–0

1 The 1st leg was abandoned at 3-0 in 72' when Conakry II walked off to protest the officiating and withdrew from the tournament. The 2nd leg was scratched.
2 A replay was played in Dakar by agreement, with FAR Rabat winning by drawing of lots after the replay finished 22 when extra time expired.


Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Abaluhya United 2–4 Étoile Filante (Lomé) 2–0 0–4
TP Englebert 4–2 FAR Rabat 1–1 3–1


TP Englebert won 6–4 on aggregate.


1968 African Cup of Champions Clubs

TP Englebert
Second Title

Top scorers

The top scorers from the 1968 African Cup of Champions Clubs are as follows:

Rank Name Team Goals
1 Pierre Kalala TP Englebert 7
2 Kamunda Tshinabu TP Englebert 5
3 Joe Kadenge Abaluhya United 3
John Nyawanga Abaluhya United 3
Driss Bamous FAR Rabat 3
6 André Kalonzo TP Englebert 2
... Nyembo "Toyota" TP Englebert 2
John Ambani Abaluhya United 2
Moulay Driss Cherika FAR Rabat 2
Désiré Ananou Étoile Filante 2
Docteur Kaolo Étoile Filante 2
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