1963 Scotch Cup

The 1963 Scotch Cup was the fifth edition of the Scotch Cup and was held from March 13–15 in Perth, Scotland at the Perth Ice Rink. Canada won take out the title after winning five of their six matches with the only loss being against the United States in draw 1.

1963 Scotch Cup
Host cityPerth, Scotland
ArenaPerth Ice Rink
DatesMarch 13–15, 1963
Winner Canada
Curling clubRegina CC
Regina, Saskatchewan
SkipErnie Richardson
ThirdArnold Richardson
SecondGarnet Richardson
LeadMel Perry
Finalist Scotland
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 Canada  Scotland  Sweden  United States
Regina CC, Regina, Saskatchewan

Skip: Ernie Richardson
Third: Arnold Richardson
Second: Garnet Richardson
Lead: Mel Perry

Kilgraston & Moncrieffe CC, Perth

Skip: Chuck Hay
Third: John Bryden
Second: Alan Glen
Lead: Jimmy Hamilton

Åredalens CK, Åre

Skip: John-Allan Månsson
Third: Curt Jonsson
Second: Gustav Larsson
Lead: Magnus Berge
Alternate: Sven A. Eklund

Detroit CC, Detroit, Michigan

Skip: Mike Slyziuk
Third: Nelson Brown
Second: Ernie Slyziuk
Lead: Walter Hubchick


Country Skip W L
 CanadaErnie Richardson51
 ScotlandChuck Hay33
 United StatesMike Slyziuk33
 SwedenJohn-Allan Månsson15


Draw 1

Team Final
 United States (Slyziuk) 7
 Canada (Richardson) 6
Team Final
 Scotland (Hay) 15
 Sweden (Månsson) 4

Draw 2

Team Final
 United States (Slyziuk) 9
 Scotland (Hay) 7
Team Final
 Canada (Richardson) 22
 Sweden (Månsson) 4

Draw 3

Team Final
 Canada (Richardson) 8
 Scotland (Hay) 7
Team Final
 United States (Slyziuk) 18
 Sweden (Månsson) 3

Draw 4

Team Final
 Canada (Richardson) 14
 Sweden (Månsson) 8
Team Final
 Scotland (Hay) 10
 United States (Slyziuk) 8

Draw 5

Team Final
 Canada (Richardson) 13
 United States (Slyziuk) 6
Team Final
 Scotland (Hay) 19
 Sweden (Månsson) 5

Draw 6

Team Final
 Canada (Richardson) 11
 Scotland (Hay) 6
Team Final
 Sweden (Månsson) 10
 United States (Slyziuk) 6
1963 Scotch Cup

5th title


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