1962 in Australia

The following lists events that happened during 1962 in Australia.

1962 in Australia
MonarchyElizabeth II
Governor-GeneralWilliam Sidney
Prime ministerRobert Menzies
ElectionsSA, NSW, WA


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  • 16 July – An education strike in Goulburn, New South Wales, where, in response to a demand for the installation of three extra toilets at a local Catholic Primary School, the local community closed down these schools and sent the children to the Government schools. The Catholic Church declared they had no money to install the extra toilets. Nearly 1,000 children turned up to be enrolled locally and the state schools were unable to accommodate them. In 1963, Menzies made State aid for science blocks part of his party's platform in response to the public debate engendered by the Goulburn strike.
  • 15 August – The Red Sales aerobatic team, flying Vampire jets, crashes in practice, killing six people.[1]
  • 28 September – Paddington tram depot fire: One fifth of the Brisbane tram fleet is destroyed when the Paddington tram depot is burnt down in suspicious circumstances. 65 trams are destroyed.

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  • 17 January – Frank Hurley (born 1885), film maker and photographer
  • 3 December – Mary Gilmore (born 1865), poet and journalist

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  1. Disaster struck RAAF aerobatic team, Royal Australian Air Force Air Power Development Centre.
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