1961 NCAA University Division Baseball Tournament

The 1961 NCAA University Division Baseball Tournament was played at the end of the 1961 NCAA University Division baseball season to determine the national champion of college baseball. The tournament concluded with eight teams competing in the College World Series, a double-elimination tournament in its fifteenth year. Eight regional districts sent representatives to the College World Series with preliminary rounds within each district serving to determine each representative. These events would later become known as regionals. Each district had its own format for selecting teams, resulting in 25 teams participating in the tournament at the conclusion of their regular season, and in some cases, after a conference tournament.[1] The College World Series was held in Omaha, NE from June 9 to June 14. The fifteenth tournament's champion was Southern California, coached by Rod Dedeaux. The Most Outstanding Player was Littleton Fowler of runner-up Oklahoma State.

1961 NCAA University Division
Baseball Tournament
Finals site
ChampionsSouthern California (3rd title)
Runner-upOklahoma State (5th CWS Appearance)
Winning coachRod Dedeaux (3rd title)


District 1

Games played at Springfield, Massachusetts.

  First Round Semi-Finals Finals
Boston College 11  
Springfield 8  
  Boston College 4  
  Connecticut 1  
Connecticut 15
Colby 1  
  Boston College 2 14
  Connecticut 3 4
Springfield 9  
Colby 2  
  Connecticut 3
  Springfield 1  

District 2

Games played at Syracuse, New York.

Semifinals Finals
St. John's 10
Villanova 4
Syracuse 12
St. John's 5
Syracuse 2
Delaware 0

District 3

Games played at Gastonia, North Carolina.

  First round Semifinals Finals
  Duke 7  
  Florida State 2  
Florida State 3
West Virginia 1  
  Duke 7
  West Virginia 3
  Florida State 3
  West Virginia 4  

District 4

Games played at Ann Arbor, Michigan.

  First round Semifinals Finals
Western Michigan 3  
Detroit 1  
  Western Michigan 8  
  Cincinnati 1  
Cincinnati 3*
Michigan 1*  
  Western Michigan 4
  Michigan 3†
Detroit 3*  
Michigan 6*  
  Cincinnati 1
  Michigan 2  

* Indicates game required 10 innings.Indicates game required 14 innings.

District 5

Games played at Stillwater, Oklahoma.

   Oklahoma State 10 11
   Northern Iowa 0 8

District 6

Games played at Austin, Texas.

   Texas 8 5
   Arizona 2 4

District 7

Games played at Laramie, Wyoming.

  First round Semifinals Finals
  Air Force 10  
  Wyoming 12  
Wyoming 3
Colorado State 2  
  Wyoming 12 1
  Colorado State 16 12
  Air Force 6
  Colorado State 10  

District 8

Games played at Los Angeles, California.

   Southern California 4 4 10
   Fresno State 1 6 6

Games played at Pullman, Washington.

   Southern California 13 10
   Washington State 6 4

College World Series


SchoolConferenceRecord (Conference)Head CoachCWS AppearancesCWS Best FinishCWS Record
Boston College16–4 (n/a)Ed Peligrini2
(last: 1960)
Colorado State[lower-alpha 1]28–6 (n/a)Pete Butler7
(last: 1960)
DukeACC15–9 (11–3)Ace Parker2
(last: 1953)
(1952, 1953)
Oklahoma StateBig 824–1 (18–1)Toby Greene4
(last: 1960)
Syracuse16–3 (n/a)Ted Kleinhans0
(last: none)
TexasSWC22–4–2 (11–3)Bibb Falk5
(last: 1957)
(1949, 1950)
Southern CaliforniaCIBA31–7 (12–4)Rod Dedeaux6
(last: 1960)
(1948, 1958)
Western MichiganMAC18–6 (11–0)Charlie Maher4
(last: 1959)



  First Round     Second Round     Third Round
  Winner's Bracket
  Oklahoma State 3  
  Duke 2    
      Oklahoma State 12  
      Syracuse 9    
  Syracuse 12          
  Colorado State 5        
      Oklahoma State 2
      Southern California 4
  Boston College 3        
  Western Michigan 2          
      Boston College 3    
      Southern California 10  
  Southern California 8    
  Texas 6  
  Loser's Bracket
  Duke 15  
  Colorado State 3     Boston College 410
    Duke 3
  Western Michigan 8  
  Texas 2     Syracuse 6
    Western Michigan 0
  Semifinals     Finals     if needed
  Re-ordered Semi-finals
  Oklahoma State 8          
  Syracuse 0              
      Oklahoma State 0    
      Southern California 1  
  Southern California 4    
  Boston College 3  

Game results

June 9Game 1Oklahoma State3–2Duke
June 10Game 2Syracuse12–5Colorado State
Game 3Boston College3–2Western Michigan
Game 4Southern California8–6Texas
June 11Game 5Duke15–3Colorado StateColorado State eliminated
Game 6Western Michigan8–2TexasTexas eliminated
Game 7Oklahoma State12–9Syracuse
Game 8Southern California10–3Boston College
June 12Game 9Boston College4–3 (10 innings)DukeDuke eliminated
Game 10Syracuse6–0Western MichiganWestern Michigan eliminated
Game 11Southern California4–2Oklahoma State
June 13Game 12Oklahoma State8–0SyracuseSyracuse eliminated
Game 13Southern California4–3Boston CollegeBoston College eliminated
June 14FinalSouthern California1–0Oklahoma StateSouthern California wins CWS

All-Tournament Team

The following players were members of the All-Tournament Team.

PitcherLittleton FowlerSophomoreOklahoma State
Larry HankhammerSeniorUSC
Jim WithersSeniorUSC
CatcherLarry HimesJuniorUSC
First basemanWilliam RyanJuniorUSC
Second basemanBruce AndrewSeniorOklahoma State
Third basemanDave SaretteSeniorSyracuse
ShortstopDon WallaceJuniorOklahoma State
OutfielderDon DavisSophomoreDuke
Art ErsepkeSeniorUSC
Bill TombSophomoreWestern Michigan

Notable players


  1. Colorado State College is currently known as the University of Northern Colorado. Not to be confused with Colorado State University, then known as Colorado A&M.


  1. "NCAA Men's College World Series Records" (PDF). NCAA. 2009. p. 192. Retrieved April 3, 2014.
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