1958 in television

The year 1958 in television involved some significant events. Below is a list of television-related events during 1958.

List of years in television (table)
In radio


Television shows

Series on air in 1958


Ending this year

Date Show Debut
April 28 Adventures of Superman 1952
May 31 The Polly Bergen Show 1957
June 7 The Life of Riley 1953
June 26 Climax! 1954
September 6 Club Oasis 1957
September 15 The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show 1950
September 25 Sergeant Preston of the Yukon 1955
October 1 Kraft Television Theater 1947
Unknown Hey, Jeannie! 1958


January 1 Renn Woods Actress (Roots)
January 4 Matt Frewer Actor (Max Headroom)
January 20 Lorenzo Lamas Actor (Falcon Crest)
January 25 Dinah Manoff Actress & director (Soap, Empty Nest)
January 26 Ellen DeGeneres Actress & talk show host (Ellen)
January 27 Susanna Thompson Actress (Once and Again)
January 29 Judy Norton Taylor Actress (The Waltons)
January 30 Brett Butler Actress (Grace Under Fire)
February 16 Lisa Loring Actress (The Addams Family)
Ice-T Actor & rapper (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit)
February 19 Leslie David Baker Actor (The Office)
February 21 Jack Coleman Actor (Dynasty, Heroes)
February 25 Mark Moses Actor (Desperate Housewives, Mad Men)
February 26 Greg Germann Actor (Ally McBeal)
March 3 Miranda Richardson Actress
March 4 Patricia Heaton Actress (Everybody Loves Raymond, The Middle)
March 10 Sharon Stone Actress
March 17 Christian Clemenson Actor (CSI: Miami, Boston Legal)
March 19 Fred Stoller Actor & comedian (Everybody Loves Raymond)
March 21 Gary Oldman Actor & filmmaker
Brad Hall Actor (Saturday Night Live, The Single Guy, Watching Ellie)
Sabrina Le Beauf Actress (The Cosby Show)
March 25 James McDaniel Actor (NYPD Blue)
March 27 Michael O'Leary Actor & screenwriter (Guiding Light)
March 30 Maurice LaMarche Voice actor (The Brain on Animaniacs)
April 2 Amelia Marshall Soap opera actress
April 3 Alec Baldwin Actor (30 Rock)
April 4 Constance Shulman Actress (Doug, Orange is the New Black)
April 14 John D'Aquino Actor (seaQuest DSV, Cory in the House)
April 28 Nancy Lee Grahn Actress (Santa Barbara, General Hospital)
April 29 Eve Plumb Actress (The Brady Bunch)
Michelle Pfeiffer Actress
May 23 Drew Carey Actor, comedian, game show host (The Price Is Right)
May 26 Margaret Colin Actress (As the World Turns, Gossip Girl)
May 30 Ted McGinley Actor (Married... with Children, Hope & Faith)
May 31 Roma Maffia Actress (Profiler)
June 8 Keenan Ivory Wayans Actor & comedian (In Living Color)
June 12 Rebecca Holden Actress & singer
June 22 Bruce Campbell Actor (Burn Notice) & director
June 27 Robert Newman Actor
July 6 Jennifer Saunders Actress & comedian (Absolutely Fabulous)
July 8 Kevin Bacon Actor
July 30 Richard Burgi Actor (The Sentinel, Desperate Housewives)
August 6 Ira Angustain Actor (The White Shadow)
August 9 Amanda Bearse Actress (Married... with Children)
August 16 Angela Bassett Actress
Madonna Singer & actress
August 18 Madeleine Stowe Actress (Revenge)
August 22 Colm Feore American-Canadian actor (24, House of Cards)
August 25 Christian LeBlanc Actor (The Young and the Restless)
August 29 Michael Jackson Singer and actor (died 2009)
September 11 Roxann Dawson Actress (Star Trek: Voyager)
Scott Patterson Actor (Gilmore Girls)
September 19 Kevin Hooks Actor & director (The White Shadow)
September 21 Penny Smith TV presenter
Johnny Hardwick Voice actor (King of the Hill)
September 24 Kevin Sorbo Actor (Hercules: The Legendary Journeys)
October 9 Michael Paré Actor
October 20 Eric Scott Actor (The Waltons)
November 1 Rachel Ticotin Actress (Ohara, Skin, Law & Order: LA)
November 5 Robert Patrick Actor (The X-Files, Scorpion)
November 12 Megan Mullally Actress & singer (Will & Grace, Bob's Burgers)
Nick Stellino Chef, author and TV presenter
November 16 Marg Helgenberger Actress (Ryan's Hope, China Beach, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation)
November 18 Oscar Nunez Cuban-American actor (The Office)
November 19 Terrence C. Carson Singer and actor (Living Single, Star Wars: The Clone Wars)
November 22 Jamie Lee Curtis Actress (Anything But Love)
December 1 Charlene Tilton Actress (Dallas)
December 10 John J. York US soap actor
December 12 Sheree J. Wilson Actress (Dallas, Walker, Texas Ranger)
December 13 Clark Brandon Actor (The Fitzpatricks, Mr. Merlin)
December 25 Cheryl Chase Voice actress (Angelica Pickles on Rugrats)
December 27 Barbara Crampton Actress (Days of Our Lives)
December 31 Bebe Neuwirth Actress, singer and dancer (Cheers, Frasier)


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