1958 United States Senate election in North Dakota

The 1958 U.S. Senate election in North Dakota was held November 4, 1958. The incumbent, Republican and former Non-Partisan League (NPL) Senator William Langer, was re-elected to a fourth term, defeating North Dakota Democratic NPL Party (Dem-NPL) candidate Raymond G. Vendsel. [1]

United States Senate election in North Dakota, 1958

November 4, 1958
Nominee William Langer Raymond Vendsel
Party Republican Democratic-NPL
Popular vote 117,070 84,892
Percentage 57.21% 41.49%

U.S. Senate election results map.
Red denotes those won by Langer.
Blue denotes counties won by Vendsel.

U.S. Senator before election

William Langer

Elected U.S. Senator

William Langer

Only Langer filed as a Republican, and the endorsed Democratic-NPL candidate was Raymond G. Vendsel. Langer and Vendsel won the primary elections for their respective parties.

Two independent candidates, Arthur C. Townley and Custer Solem, also filed before the deadline but had minimal impact on the outcome of the election, totaling less than 3,000 votes combined. Townley was known as the creator of the National Non-Partisan League, and had previously sought North Dakota's other senate seat in 1956. This was the last time North Dakota's class 1 seat was won by a Republican until 2018.

Election results

1958 United States Senate election, North Dakota
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Republican William Langer (incumbent) 117,070 57.21
Democratic Raymond G. Vendsel 84,892 41.49
Independent Arthur C. Townley 1,700 0.83
Independent Custer Solem 973 0.48
Turnout 204,635

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