1957 in Australia

The following lists events that happened during 1957 in Australia.

1957 in Australia
Governor-GeneralWilliam Slim
Prime ministerRobert Menzies


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  • 19 January – The last edition of The Argus newspaper is published.
  • 29 July – At Bega, New South Wales, Senior Constable Kenneth Desmond Coussens (31), his wife Elizabeth (34) and 7-month old son Bruce were instantly killed by a bomb placed on their home's veranda. The house was demolished by the explosion at about 2 AM. 8 year-old Roger McCampbell, Coussens step-son, survived. A six-gallon metal cream container filled with 240 sticks of gelignite, stolen from a mine, was placed there by Myron Bertram Kelly. Coussens dealt with Kelly regarding traffic offences and issued him several traffic fines. Kelly appears to have become angered because Coussens issued further fines and defect notices regarding Kelly’s tractor and rotary hoe. On 6 December 1957 Justice McClemens sentenced Kelly to life imprisonment for the 3 murders.[1]
  • 15 September – Hobart has its wettest day on record with 156.2 millimetres as a result of a slow-moving low pressure system redeveloping over the Tasman Sea[2]
  • 3 October – Australian National Airways (ANA) is merged with Ansett to form Ansett-ANA.
  • Slim Dusty wins his first gold record for A Pub With No Beer.

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The CSIRO develop radar and microwave navigation systems for aircraft.

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