1956 Quebec general election

The 1956 Quebec general election was held on June 20, 1956 to elect members of the Legislative Assembly of Quebec, Canada. The incumbent Union Nationale, led by Maurice Duplessis, won re-election, defeating the Quebec Liberal Party, led by Georges-Émile Lapalme.[1]

This was the fifth and final time (and the fourth in a row) that Duplessis led his party to a general election victory. No party has since been able to win more than three elections in a row. Duplessis died in office in 1959.

It was Lapalme's second (and final) loss in a row as Liberal leader. The Liberals did not manage to improve on their performance in the previous 1952 election.


Party Party leader # of
Seats Popular Vote
1952 Elected % Change # % % Change
Union Nationale Maurice Duplessis   68 72 +5.9%   51.80% +1.3%
Liberal Georges-Émile Lapalme   23 20 -13.0%   44.87% -0.9%
     Other   1 1 -   3.33% -0.4%
Total   92 93 +1.1%   100%  
Vote share
Union Nationale

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