1953 College World Series

The 1953 College World Series was the seventh NCAA-sanctioned baseball tournament that determined a national champion. The tournament was held as the conclusion of the 1953 NCAA baseball season and was played at Johnny Rosenblatt Stadium in Omaha, NE from June 11 to June 16. The tournament's champion was Michigan, coached by Ray Fisher. The Most Outstanding Player was J. L. Smith of Texas.[1]

1953 NCAA I
Baseball Tournament
Finals site
ChampionsMichigan (1st title)
Runner-upTexas (4th CWS Appearance)
Winning coachRay Fisher (1st title)

The tournament consisted of no preliminary round of play as teams were selected directly into the College World Series. From 1954 to the present, teams compete in the NCAA Division I Baseball Tournament preliminary round(s), to determine the eight teams that will play in the College World Series.[2]


SchoolConferenceRecord (Conference)Head CoachCWS AppearancesCWS Best FinishCWS RecordBerth
Boston College11–3 (n/a)John Temple0
(last: none)
none0–0District I
Colorado State[lower-alpha 1]n/a15–4 (n/a)Pete Butler1
(last: 1952)
0–2District VII
DukeSouthern21–8 (9–5)Ace Parker1
(last: 1952)
1–2District III
HoustonMVC15–9 (6–2)Lovette Hill0
(last: none)
none0–0District V
Lafayetten/a17–4–3 (n/a)Charlie Gelbert0
(last: none)
none0–0District II
MichiganBig 1017–8 (10–3)Ray Fisher0
(last: none)
none0–0District IV
StanfordCIBA28–13–2 (10–6)Everett Dean0
(last: none)
none0–0District VIII
TexasSWC21–5 (12–3)Bibb Falk3
(last: 1952)
(1949, 1950)
9–3District VI



  First Round     Second Round     Third Round
  Winner's Bracket
  Texas 2  
  Duke 1    
      Texas 7  
      Lafayette 2    
  Lafayette 6          
  Colorado State 2        
      Texas 5
      Michigan 12
  Boston College 4        
  Houston 1          
      Boston College 3    
      Michigan 6  
  Michigan 4    
  Stanford 0  
  Loser's Bracket
  Duke 3  
  Colorado State 2     Boston College 711
    Duke 6
  Houston 6  
  Stanford 7     Lafayette 4
    Stanford 3
  Semifinals     Finals     if needed
  Re-ordered Semi-finals
  Michigan 4       Michigan 7
  Texas 6           Texas 5
      Texas 13    
      Lafayette 3  
  Boston College 1    
  Lafayette 211  

Game results

June 11Game 1Texas2–1Duke
Game 2Boston College4–1Houston
Game 3Lafayette6–2Colorado State
Game 4Michigan4–0Stanford
June 12Game 5Duke3–2Colorado StateColorado State eliminated
Game 6Stanford7–6HoustonHouston eliminated
Game 7Michigan6–2Boston College
Game 8Texas7–3Lafayette
June 13Game 9Boston College7–6 (11)DukeDuke eliminated
Game 10Lafayette4–3StanfordStanford eliminated
Game 11Michigan12–5Texas
June 14Game 12Lafayette2–1 (11)Boston CollegeBoston College eliminated
Game 13Texas6–4Michigan
June 15Game 14Texas13–3LafayetteLafayette eliminated
June 16FinalMichigan7–5TexasMichigan wins CWS

Notable players


  1. Colorado State College is currently known as the University of Northern Colorado. Not to be confused with Colorado State University, then known as Colorado A&M.


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