1934 Argentine legislative election


Party Votes % Seats +/-
National Democratic Party410,88328.860+2
Socialist Party264,29418.543New
Radical Civic Union194,79413.62New
Democratic Progressive Party127,1778.912-2
Unified Radical Civic Union35,8642.540
Liberal Party24,2641.74-1
Anti-personalist Radical Civic Union19,6301.416-1
Popular Party19,3451.420
Provincial Defence Party10,1590.71-1
Blocist Radical Civic Union7,8590.61-1
Independent Socialist Party5180.06-5
Radical Civic Union Talcahuano32,0812.2New
Radical Civic Union Avenida de Mayo26,7671.9New
Radical Civic Union Buenos Aires24,7501.7New
Concentración Obrera18,9651.3New
Public Health Party17,2311.2New
Independent Party14,1031.0New
Federalist Lencinist Radical Civic Union12,0320.8New
National Agrarian Union9,9350.7New
Lencinist Radical Civic Union8,7560.6New
National Democratic Anti-Government Party8,5770.6New
Traditionalist Radical Civic Union8,2360.6New
Impersonal Radical Civic Union7,8410.5New
Radical Civic Union Buenos Aires Province5,7530.4
Socialist Federation4,9490.3
Radical Civic Union Paso4,7620.3
Reorganising Blocist Board Radical Civic Union4,5600.3
Radical Nationalist Party1,7520.1
Liberator Party1,6850.1
National Public Health Party1,4710.1
Workers and Peasants List1,1050.1
Radical Civic Union Charcas1,0950.1
Sports Union1,0270.1
Rail and Industrial Independents7970.1
Argentine Nationalist Party5110.0
Intransigent Regional Union130.0
Vacant seats3
Invalid/blank votes126,095
Source: Nohlen


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