1932 VFL Grand Final

The 1932 VFL Grand Final was an Australian rules football game contested between the Richmond Football Club and Carlton Football Club, held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in Melbourne on 1 October 1932. It was the 36th annual Grand Final of the Victorian Football League, staged to determine the premiers for the 1932 VFL season. The match, attended by 69,724 spectators, was won by Richmond by a margin of 9 points. Richmond were competing in their fifth Grand Final in six years, and after losing the previous four, finally claimed their third premiership victory.

1932 VFL Grand Final


12.11 (83) 13.14 (92)
1 2 3 4
CAR 2.3 (15) 5.6 (36) 7.11 (53) 12.11 (83)
RIC 3.3 (21) 7.9 (51) 8.12 (60) 13.14 (92)
Date1 October 1932
StadiumMelbourne Cricket Ground
 1931 VFL Grand Final 1933 


Richmond3.37.98.1213.14 (92)
Carlton2.35.67.1112.11 (83)


B: Martin Bolger Maurie Sheahan Kevin O'Neill
HB: Jack Baggott Joe Murdoch Basil McCormack
C: Stan Judkins Eric Zschech Alan Geddes
HF: Jack Twyford Gordon Strang Jack Titus
F: Fred Heifner Doug Strang Maurie Hunter
Foll: Percy Bentley (c) Thomas O'Halloran Ray Martin
Res: Jack Anderson
Coach: 'Checker' Hughes
B: Jim Crowe Frank Gill Charlie Street
HB: Eric Huxtable Gordon Mackie Fred Gilby
C: Joe Kelly Colin Martyn (c) Leo Opray
HF: Keith Shea Alf Egan Mickey Crisp
F: Horrie Bullen Harry Vallence Ron Cooper
Foll: Charlie Davey Maurie Johnson Ansell Clarke
Res: Jack Young
Coach: Dan Minogue




  • D.Strang 4
  • Titus 2
  • Anderson 1
  • Bentley 1
  • Heifner 1
  • Hunter 1
  • Martin 1
  • O'Halloran 1
  • G.Strang 1


  • Vallence 5
  • Bullen 2
  • Clarke 2
  • Shea 2
  • Crisp 1


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