1929 in film


The days of the silent film are numbered. A mad scramble to provide synchronized sound is on.

Top-grossing films

RankTitleStudioWorldwide rentals
1. The Broadway Melody MGM $4,366,000[4]
2. Gold Diggers of Broadway Warner Bros. $3,967,000[5]
3. Sunny Side Up Fox Film $3,200,000[6]
4. The Desert Song Warner Bros. $3,022,000[5]
5. The Cock-Eyed World Fox Film $2,600,000[6]
6. The Hollywood Revue of 1929 MGM $2,421,000[4]
7. On with the Show! Warner Bros. $2,415,000[5]
8. Rio Rita RKO $2,400,000[7]
9. Say It with Songs Warner Bros. $2,266,000[5]
10. Sally $2,198,000[5]

Academy Awards

The 2nd Academy Awards honored the best films released between August 1, 1928, and July 31, 1929. They took place on April 3, 1930, at an awards banquet in the Cocoanut Grove of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles.

Most nominations: In Old Arizona (Fox Film Corporation) – 5

Most awards – no film won more than 1 award

Note: Prior to 1933, awards were not based on calendar years. Best Picture, Actress and Director went to 1930 films.

Notable films released in 1929

United States unless stated otherwise.


Short film series

Animated short film series



Film debuts


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