1927 in television

The year 1927 in television involved some significant events. Below is a list of television-related events during 1927.

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Global television events

January07Philo Farnsworth applies for an image dissector tube patent, which used caesium to produce images electronically.
April07Bell Telephone Company transmits a speech by U.S. Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover 320 kilometers over telephone lines, which becomes the first successful long distance demonstration of television. Experimental station 3XN in Whippany, New Jersey is used to transmit 1,575 kHz video and 1,450 kHz radio. The system uses a flying-spot scanner, and is seen on Nipkow disc receivers with two-inch, 50-line images, and on a two-foot neon tube display. It was developed by Herbert E. Ives and Frank Gray. Edna Mae Horner, an operator at the Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Company, assisted the transmission and became the first woman on television; she helped guests in Washington, D.C., exchange greetings with the audience in New York . Throughout the presentation, viewers in New York could see and hear Edna .
May 23The first demonstration of television before a large audience. Nearly 600 members of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers and the Institute of Radio Engineers view the demonstration at the Bell Telephone Building in New York City.
24John Logie Baird transmits a television signal from London to Glasgow by telephone line.
September 07Philo Farnsworth achieves an experimental electronic television image, of a straight line, at his laboratory at 202 Green Street in San Francisco.[1]
20John Logie Baird demonstrates the first ever system for recording television. His Phonovision VideoDisc apparatus records 30-line television pictures and sound on conventional 78 rpm gramophone records.


January 3William BoyettU.S. actor (Adam-12) (died 2004)
January 17Eartha KittU.S. actress and singer (died 2008)
January 27Jerry HaynesU.S. actor ("Mr Peppermint") (died 2011)
February 15Carlos RomeroU.S. actor (died 2007)
Harvey KormanU.S. actor and comedian (The Carol Burnett Show) (died 2008)
March 31William DanielsU.S. actor (Knight Rider, St. Elsewhere, Boy Meets World)
April 1Peter CundallAustralian horticulturist and presenter (Gardening Australia)
May 4Terry ScottEnglish actor and comedian (died 1994)
May 5Pat CarrollU.S. actress
May 11Bernard FoxWelsh-U.S. actor (Hogan's Heroes, Bewitched) (died 2016)
May 22Michael ConstantineU.S. actor (Room 222)
May 30Clint WalkerU.S. actor and singer (Cheyenne) (died 2018)
June 7Mária KráľovičováSlovak actress (Do videnia, Lucienne!)
June 27Cino TortorellaItalian presenter (Zecchino d'Oro) (died 2017)
July 4Neil SimonU.S. writer, playwright, and author (Your Show of Shows, The Phil Silvers Show, The Odd Couple) (died 2018)
July 7Doc SeverinsenU.S. bandleader (The Tonight Show)
August 30Bill DailyU.S. actor and comedian (I Dream of Jeannie, The Bob Newhart Show) (died 2018)
September 16Peter FalkU.S. actor (Columbo) (died 2010)
October 1Tom BosleyU.S. actor (Happy Days, Murder, She Wrote) (died 2011)
October 14Roger MooreEnglish actor (The Saint) (died 2017)
November 3Peggy McCayU.S. actress (Days of Our Lives) (died 2018)
November 20Estelle ParsonsU.S. actress (Roseanne)
November 28Chuck MitchellU.S. actor (died 1992)
November 30Robert GuillaumeU.S. actor (Soap, Benson, Sports Night) (died 2017)


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