1926 Brownlow Medal

The 1926 Brownlow Medal was the third year the award was presented to the player adjudged the fairest and best player during the Victorian Football League (VFL) home and away season.[1] Ivor Warne-Smith of the Melbourne Football Club won the medal by polling nine votes during the 1926 VFL season.[2]

1926 Brownlow Medal
WinnerIvor Warne-Smith (Melbourne)
9 votes

Leading votegetters

1stIvor Warne-Smith (Melbourne)9
=2ndEdward Greeves (Geelong)5
Bob Johnson (Melbourne)
Allan Geddes (Richmond)
=5thReg Baker (Collingwood)4
Garnet Campbell (Essendon)
Bill Adams (Fitzroy)
Dave Walsh (North Melbourne)
Keith Millar (Richmond)
=10thAlex Duncan (Carlton)3
Syd Coventry (Collingwood)
Leo Dwyer (North Melbourne)


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