1924 Brownlow Medal

The 1924 Brownlow Medal was the inaugural year the award was presented to the player adjudged the fairest and best player during the Victorian Football League (VFL) home and away season.[2] Edward 'Carji' Greeves of the Geelong Football Club won the medal by polling seven votes during the 1924 VFL season.

1924 Brownlow Medal
Date17 September[1]
LocationVFL Headquarters
WinnerEdward 'Carji' Greeves(Geelong)
7 votes

Voting system

The voting system used in the 1924 Brownlow Medal was as follows:[2]

  • The field umpire awarded one vote to who he adjudged was the best player on the field.
  • The player that finished with the most votes would be awarded the 1924 Brownlow Medal.
  • In the event of a tie, the players with the most votes would both receive a replica of the medal.


A player would be deemed ineligible for the award if the player was reported in any match (including finals), found guilty and suspended.[2]


Leading vote-getters

The following list shows the leading vote-getters for the 1924 Brownlow Medal.[3] Edward 'Carji' Greeves was the winner, with George Shorten and Bert Chadwick runners-up.

1stEdward Greeves, Jr. (Geelong)7
=2ndGeorge Shorten (Essendon)
Bert Chadwick (Melbourne)
4thDoug Hayes (Richmond)4
=5thPaddy O'Brien (Carlton)3
Jack Moriarty (Fitzroy)
Arthur Pink (Geelong)
Mark Tandy (South Melbourne)
=9thMaurie Beasy (Carlton)2
Norm Beckton (Essendon)
Les Bryant (Fitzroy)
Jim Spain (Richmond)
Colin Watson (St Kilda)
Wels Eicke (St Kilda)
Jack O'Connell (South Melbourne)
Roy Cazaly (South Melbourne)

Greeves' outstanding season is further outlined by the fact that he is one of the youngest players to win the award, aged just 20 years 312 days at the time.[4]

Greeves' seven best on grounds in just fourteen games played[5] is another amazing statistic. With vote inflation included (where 1 vote in 1924 equals 3 votes), Greeves is one of the most consistent vote-getters of all time with an average of 0.81 votes per game throughout his 10-season career.[6]

Team totals

The following list shows the teams whose players polled the most votes.[7] Geelong topped the list with 11 votes, 7 of them made up by 'Carji' Greeves.

= 2ndRichmond
5thSouth Melbourne8
= 7thSt Kilda

The team that polled the most votes, Geelong, missed the 1924 VFL finals by two games, finishing 5th.[8]

Leading vote-getters by team

The following list shows the players who topped their team for the most votes polled.[3]

CarltonPaddy O'Brien3
CollingwoodSyd Coventry
Reg Baker
Joe Poulter
Charlie Tyson
Gordon Coventry
EssendonGeorge Shorten6
FitzroyJack Moriarty3
GeelongEdward 'Carji' Greeves7
MelbourneBert Chadwick6
RichmondDoug Hayes4
South MelbourneMark Tandy3
St KildaColin Watson
Wels Eicke


The Brownlow Medal was presented to the player at League Headquarters, without the fanfare, glitz and glamour of the award today.[9]


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