1907 North Tyrone by-election

The North Tyrone by-election of 1907 was held on 8 March 1907. The by-election was held due to the incumbent Liberal MP, William Huston Dodd, being appointed as a Judge of the High Court of Justice in Ireland 1907-24.[1] It was narrowly won by the Liberal candidate Redmond Barry in a very high turnout.[2]

1907 North Tyrone by-election

8 March 1907
Candidate Barry Henry
Party Liberal Irish Unionist
Popular vote 3,013 3,006
Percentage 50.1 49.9

MP before election

William Huston Dodd

Subsequent MP

Redmond Barry


Tyrone North by-election, 1907
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Liberal Redmond Barry 3,013 50.1
Irish Unionist Denis Henry 3,006 49.9
Majority 7 0.2
Turnout 6,230 96.6
Liberal hold Swing


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