1904 Argentine presidential election

The Argentine presidential election of 1904 was held on 12 June to choose the president of Argentina. Manuel Quintana was elected president.

1904 Argentine general election

12 June 1904

300 members of the Electoral College
151 votes needed to win
Nominee Manuel Quintana José Evaristo Uriburu
Party National Autonomist Party Partido Republicano
Home state Buenos Aires City Salta
Running mate José Figueroa Alcorta Guillermo Udaondo
Electoral vote 240 34
States carried 14 1
Percentage 81.4% 11.5%

President before election

Julio Argentino Roca
National Autonomist Party

Elected President

Manuel Quintana
National Autonomist Party


Riding high after another term of prosperity and important diplomatic accomplishments such as the May 1902 Pact with neighboring Chile over a border dispute and Foreign Minister Luis Drago's settlement of imminent war between the German Empire and Venezuela, President Roca enlisted Congressman Manuel Quintana as the PAN standard bearer. Within the PAN itself, some dissent was evident over Roca's dominance. These voices rallied behind former Presidents Carlos Pellegrini (as an Autonomist) and José Evaristo Uriburu (as a Republican). The UCR maintained its boycott, and the aging Quintana was selected by the electoral college on 12 June 1904.

The year's legislative elections were more historically significant than the headline presidential selection: the Buenos Aires district of La Boca elected Alfredo Palacios, the first Socialist Congressman in the western hemisphere.[1]


Argentine Republic
Population 5,716,000
Voters 143,000
Turnout 2.5%
Presidential Candidates Party Electoral Votes
Manuel Quintana National Autonomist Party 240
José Evaristo Uriburu Partido Republicano 34
Marco Aurelio Avellaneda National Autonomist Party 14
Mauricio Pastor Daract 6
Carlos Pellegrini National Autonomist Party 1
Total voters 295
Did not vote 5
Total 300
Vice Presidential Candidates Party Electoral Votes
José Figueroa Alcorta National Autonomist Party 257
Guillermo Udaondo National Civic Union 12
Luis María Drago National Autonomist Party 11
Juan José Romero Radical Civic Union 6
Francisco Uriburu National Autonomist Party 5
Joaquín V. González National Autonomist Party 1
Benjamín Victorica National Autonomist Party 1
Carlos Pellegrini National Autonomist Party 1
Benito Villanueva National Autonomist Party 1
Total voters 295
Did not vote 5
Total 300

Results by Province

Province President Vice President
QuintanaJ. E. UriburuAvellanedaDaractPellegriniAlcortaUdaondoDragoRomeroF. UriburuGonzálezVictoricaPellegriniVillanueva
Buenos Aires City1812131211211
Buenos Aires6060
Entre Ríos22211
La Rioja88
San Juan1091
San Luis1010
Santa Fe2828
Santiago del Estero12113


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