18th National Film Awards

The 18th National Film Awards were held in Chennai, India in November 1971 by the Indian Ministry of Information and Broadcasting for Indian films released in 1970.[1][2] The awards were presented by then Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi.

18th National Film Awards
18th National Film Awards
Awarded forBest of Indian cinema in 1970
Awarded byIndira Gandhi
(Prime Minister of India)
Presented byMinistry of Information and Broadcasting
Official websitedff.nic.in
Best Feature FilmSamskara
Dadasaheb Phalke AwardB. N. Sircar
Most awards  Dastak
  Mera Naam Joker
  Pratidwandi (3)


The award winners were chosen by four juries, one each for the Bombay, Calcutta and Madras regions and a central jury for all India. For the 18th National Film Awards the central jury was headed by Justice G. D. Khosla.[1][2]


Awards were given to feature films and non-feature films.

The top national award in each category was the President's Gold Medal and, at the regional level, the President's Silver Medal.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Award Awardee(s) Awarded As Cash Prize
Dadasaheb Phalke Award B. N. Sircar Producer 11,000, a shawl and a plaque

Feature films

The Kannada film Samskara won the President's Gold Medal for the All India Best Feature Film. Three award each went to the Hindi films, Dastak and Mera Naam Joker, and to the Bengali film Pratidwandi.[1][2]

All India Award

Award recipients:[1][2]

Award Film Language Awardee(s) Cash Prize
Best Feature Film Samskara Kannada Producer: T. Pattabhirami Reddy Gold Medal and 40,000
Director: T. Pattabhirami Reddy
Second Best Feature Film Pratidwandi Bengali Producer: Nepal Dutta 15,000 and a medal
Producer: Asim Dutta
Director: Satyajit Ray 5,000 and a plaque
Best Feature Film on National Integration Thurakkatha Vaathil Malayalam Producer: A. Raghunath 30,000 and a medal
Director: P. Bhaskaran 10,000 and a plaque
Best Actor (Bharat Award) Dastak Hindi Sanjeev Kumar A figurine
Best Actress (Urvashi Award) Dastak Hindi Rehana Sultan A figurine
Best Child Artist Mera Naam Joker Hindi Rishi Kapoor A plaque
Best Direction Pratidwandi Bengali Satyajit Ray 5,000 and a plaque
Best Music Direction Dastak Hindi Madan Mohan 5,000 and a plaque
Best Male Playback Singer Nishi Padma
(For the song "Ja Khushi Ora Bole")
Bengali Manna Dey A plaque
Mera Naam Joker
(For the song "Ae Bhai Zara Dekh Ke Chalo")
Best Female Playback Singer Nishi Padma
(For the song "Ore Sakol Sona Molin Holo")
Bengali Sandhya Mukherjee A plaque
Jay Jayanti
(For the song "Amader Chhuti Chhuti")
Best Screenplay Pratidwandi Bengali Satyajit Ray 5,000 and a plaque
Best Cinematography (Black and White) Uski Roti Hindi K. K. Mahajan 5,000 and a plaque
Best Cinematography (Color) Mera Naam Joker Hindi Radhu Karmakar 5,000 and a plaque

Regional Award

The awards were given to the best films made in the regional languages of India. For feature films in Assamese, English, Gujarati, Kashmiri, Oriya and Punjabi language, the resident's Silver Medal for Best Feature Film was not given. The producer and director of the film were awarded with 5,000 and a Silver medal, respectively.[1][2]

Award Film Awardee(s)
Producer Director
Best Feature Film in Bengali Malyadan Producer: Ajoy Kar Director: Ajoy Kar
Producer: Bimal Dey
Best Feature Film in Hindi Anand Producer: Hrishikesh Mukherjee Hrishikesh Mukherjee
Producer: N.C. Sippy
Best Feature Film in Kannada Naguva Hoovu R. N. Sudarshan R. N. Krishna Prasad
Best Feature Film in Malayalam Ezhuthatha Katha Jai Maruthy Pictures A. B. Raj
Best Feature Film in Marathi Mumbaicha Jawai Tushar Pradhan Raja Thakur
Best Feature Film in Tamil Raman Ethanai Ramanadi P. Madhavan P. Madhavan
Best Feature Film in Telugu Desamante Manushuloyi Producer: K. M. K. Naidu C. S. Rao
Producer: G. K. Naidu

Non-Feature films

The award recipients were:[1][2]

Short films

Name of Award Name of Film Language Awardee(s) Awards
Best Film on Social Documentation Latest English Producer: M/s. Film-O-Pub 5,000 and a medal
Director: Biplab Ray Chaudhari 2,000 and a plaque

Awards not given

The following awards not given:[1][2]


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