18th Genie Awards

The 18th Genie Awards were held on 14 December 1997,[1] to honour the best Canadian films of 1997.

18th Genie Awards
Best PictureThe Sweet Hereafter

Nominees and winners

The Genie Award winner in each category is shown in bold text.[1][2]

Motion Picture Direction
Actor in a leading role Actress in a leading role
Actor in a supporting role Actress in a supporting role
Best Feature Length Documentary Best Short Documentary
Best Live Action Short Drama Best Animated Short
Art Direction/Production Design Cinematography
Costume Design Editing
Overall Sound Sound Editing
  • Daniel Pellerin, Keith Elliott, Peter Kelly and Ross Redfern, The Sweet Hereafter
  • Luc Boudrias, Don Cohen, Jo Caron and Bruno Ruffolo, Karmina
  • Dominique Chartrand, Jo Caron and Hans Peter Strobl, The Countess of Baton Rouge (La Comtesse de Bâton Rouge)
  • Peter Harper, Philippe Espantoso and Georges Hannan, The Hanging Garden
  • Hans Peter Strobl, Daniel Bisson, Jo Caron and Marcel Chouinard, The Seat of the Soul (Le siège de l'âme)
  • Steve Munro, Sue Conley, Goro Koyama, Andy Malcolm and David Drainie Taylor, The Sweet Hereafter
  • Louis Dupire, Diane Boucher, Martin Pinsonnault, Monique Vézina and Alice Wright, Karmina
  • Marcel Pothier, Mathieu Beaudin, Jérôme Décarie, Guy Pelletier and Myriam Poirier, The Countess of Baton Rouge (La Comtesse de Bâton Rouge)
  • Myriam Poirier, Mathieu Beaudin, Jérôme Décarie and Jacques Plante, The Seat of the Soul (Le siège de l'âme)
  • Marcel Pothier, Guy Francoeur, Antoine Morin, Viateur Paiement and Myriam Poirier, The Haven (La Conciergerie)
Achievement in Music: Original Score Achievement in Music: Original Song
Screenplay Special awards


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